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  1. ! Moderator Note Art man, As I suggested in PM, your best course of action if you believe you are in danger is the police or any other people local to you who can help. I don’t think this exercise in paranoia is helping you, and it is not appropriate for this forum. Please seek whatever relevant help you deem necessary wherever you live. This thread is closed.
  2. ! Moderator Note I am closing this pending further review. Edit: staff have agreed that this thread has well and truly run its course. Discountbrains, this topic of conversation is now closed and you are not permitted to reintroduce it.
  3. Silent and squiggle have been banned as sock puppets of Art Man.
  4. I mean, citations are definitely needed here.
  5. ! Moderator Note Tautologies aren't exactly discussion-worthy topics. Thread closed.
  6. But your first attempt with 5 steps was wrong, and you still haven’t really shown that you understand why. That’s why it’s important. The person from the other forum won’t be in your exams to do them for you, so you need to understand how to get to the solution by yourself.
  7. By which you mean someone from another forum gave you the answer. Not exactly helpful as far as you learning how to do it yourself is concerned, but sure, looks fine. Did you happen to figure out why FC was a bad choice in your first attempt?
  8. You might want to rethink that first one and maybe have a look at what substrates you would generally perform FC reactions on. Could you draw a scheme out?
  9. Is this a homework question? Could you possibly share your own thoughts on where to start?
  10. I don't know where you're based, but there are a lot of suppliers you could try (MedChemExpress has a much better price https://www.medchemexpress.com/Ademetionine.html). I think your first port of call should be to speak to your school, since they will know more about where they can buy from and how much they're willing to spend. You should have an idea of exactly how much you will need also.
  11. If you can't purify the tablets, how would you hope to purify the reaction products? There is a lot that goes in to synthesis beyond throwing a couple of things together. Since this is a high school experiment and you don't sound like you have a lot of experience in this, I would suggest that synthesising the compound is not feasible for you and to look at other ways to procure it. Certainly, you could purchase it from a supplier like Sigma, but the prices are very high (did you look at them?), and you would need to check that your school is able to purchase from them. You could look at other suppliers (Sigma is frequently overpriced), but you may still run into a cost issue in addition to the time it takes to get to you. What are you using it for? Would the other constituents of the tablet or caplet actually be a problem? Edit: you could possibly synthesise it through fermentation, but this might be difficult (I'm not sure of the conditions or strains you would need), and you would still need to purify the products.
  12. Very curious to know by what metric you decided this.
  13. Have you checked the purity? Can you not purify them? I can't give you any cost estimate not knowing where you are or what you have access to. If this is for an assessment, I am also not going to come up with or find a synthetic protocol since this is presumably your job. Happy to advise on procedures you find, but honestly, I don't think it's your best option. You would firstly have to hope you have the reagents you need in stock or be able to order them in, which may or may not be viable depending on where you are and what sort of reagents you need. You also need to be in a lab capable of performing the reactions and subsequent purification steps, as well as the training or access to someone with the training to carry out the reactions. Not to mention the time it would take, assuming it even works the first time you attempt it (chemistry often doesn't). Based on the limited information you've given, I think this is wasted effort. You are better off trying to purify the stuff you already have if it is impure, although it may be a non-issue. Can I ask, is this for a high school project?
  14. Is it a chemistry project? If not, I wouldn't waste your time. You can buy it very cheaply. Edit: if it is a chemistry project, then you are most likely expected to figure out the synthesis yourself are you not?
  15. I assume you mean can it be synthesised? Presumably yes, but why would you want to?
  16. ! Moderator Note Enough. Stop dragging this thread off topic with your inane ramblings.
  17. ! Moderator Note Wulphstein, just a general warning to ask that you refrain from straying into content covered in closed threads.
  18. It doesn't really switch their charge, but you are correct that it is a bond that forms when one atom gives up its electrons to another. The compound that results from this is called a salt. For example, sodium chloride (table salt), which is otherwise written as NaCl. It forms when sodium gives up an electron to a chlorine, placing a positive charge on the sodium and a negative charge on the chloride ion (i.e. Na+ Cl-). Inorganic metal salts are generally continuous lattice structures consisting of repeating units of whatever the chemical formula is. I'm sure if you google salts or ionic bonds you will find lots of information.
  19. Could you describe to me how you would define an ionic bond? Do you know what a salt is? Could you give an example of a metal salt that you have in mind?
  20. Then I'm not entirely sure where your confusion is.
  21. Are you familiar with different forms of chemical bonds at all?
  22. ! Moderator Note I am closing this in the absence of any actual evidence to support the ideas presented. Wulphstein, I have explained to you ad nauseam what we want from you in this regard. For your own information, your continued failure to understand and comply with the directions given to you will see you lose posting privileges.
  23. ! Moderator Note HexHammer, not doing math is not a good enough excuse for ignoring criticism. It is also beyond me how you think you can be a pioneer in anything without having a solid understanding of the foundations of the area you claim to be a pioneer in. Since this thread appears to be going nowhere fast, I am closing it.
  24. ! Moderator Note Actually, I think you are by far the largest offender here. Your posts amount to little more than thinly veiled preaching, and I would ask for it to stop. We aren't interested in whatever testimonials you might have as they are entirely anecdotal and unverifiable. In short, they prove nothing and they aren't relevant. Do not respond to this mod note within the thread. If you take issue with this post, please report it or PM staff. I will be removing any more off topic posts.
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