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  1. Does anyone think that the initial conditions of big were were a net zero energy event, \Delta U(gravitational potential) + Energy (big bang) = 0.
  2. If the neuro"science" community cared about humanity, they would make a public announcement saying they don't know what the Hell a soul is, don't know how to make humanity happy, and turn that job back over to religious leaders, psychics, and those who understand human nature and the nature of consciousness.
  3. Is that it? So what can I do with this "valuable" knowledge from the highly esteemed scientific community whom we are supposed to emulate and look to for a vision of the future?
  4. So what do you think is the nature of consciousness?
  5. We're still not talking about consciousness or what it is. This thread is about consciousness. Experience and intuition are major parts of it. So your argument about "valid claims" is silly.
  6. I'm starting to understand what it's like to live in a dictatorship. Can't really say what I want to say without offending the administrators, breaking the rules or referring to a topic that is closed by the administrators. I can't use certain words unless I have mastery of the topic. It's like walking on egg shells in this forum. The truly wondrous things that other people express to me, they warm my heart about what reality is really like. I'm starting to understand what our forefathers were probably dealing with. Yes, I support freedom of speech.
  7. The topic is about: life and consciousness (what is consciousness). What are we allowed to say about consciousness that is within the rules of this forum?
  8. Your communication is a little fuzzy. I can't quite make it out. It sounds like you're claiming the right to disparage someone's profound experience to satisfy.... Can you please clarify. Why would you want to?
  9. The r vector is a radius vector of the pre photon that is described with the wave function above as [latex] r = ct [/latex].
  10. Did I mention that when pre-photons are emitted from points A and B, their momentum states will eventually mix. It's the quantum momentum states that are key to the acceleration of gravity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momentum_operator The plane wave solution to the Schrodinger equation is, [latex] \psi = e^{\frac {i}{\hbar}(\vec {p} . \vec{r} - Et)} [/latex] The momentum operator is [latex]\vec {p} = -i \hbar \vec{ \nabla} [/latex]
  11. Where? Look at the picture of the photon. I call them pre-photons instead of virtual photons. Do you see where it says "wavelength"? That's a ruler. In 3D, It creates the geometry of space-time. Do you see where it says frequency? Well that's a clock. Since they're built into the same object, a pre-photon, then together, they are a mechanism of spacetime. They are literally tied to [latex] c = \lambda \nu [/latex]. If it was part of a quantum system, lets say an infinite potential well of length L, it would be quantized as shown in the figure below. The pre-photon is a place to put energy, a particle, momentum. So if there is a charge near by, the pre-photon has a place to put electromagnetic energy, and consequently could interact with the charge like a virtual photon. Just looking at the pictures makes one think that a quantum system could contain n pre-photons. They are not a conserved quantity, so it's not a problem. Spacetime is made out of clocks and rulers. Those clocks and rulers are the phase of the pre-photon(s) that fill all space will wavelength states (in 3 dimensions), which is 3D geometry, and frequency states. A pre-photon doesn't have a particular frequency or energy. It obeys [latex] E = h\nu [/latex]. It has all of the available frequency states, and lays down those states at the speed of light in all directions of 3D. Only standard model particles can carry charge. Only particle creation/annihilation processes can create standard model particles. Particle + anti-particle --> hv. In quantum field theory, there is a field for every kind of particle. There is an electron field, quark field, gluon field, every kind of particle. I don't know how a pre-photon becomes an electron field, etc.
  12. Certainly the purpose of life is to experience how profound the world is. It would be a better life if we could have a profound thought without someone disparaging it for fun.
  13. Do people piss in the wind? met·a·phys·ics /ˌmedəˈfiziks/ plural 1. the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space: "they would regard the question of the initial conditions for the universe as belonging to the realm of metaphysics or religion" You think physics will refute first principles of things including substance, cause, time and space? I think in 500 years, people like Eise will have to grudgingly live with metaphysics as being highly integrated into technology.
  14. The connection between spacetime geometry and quantum states is there. The minimum requirement for spacetime geometry to exist is that a clock and a ruler must exist for every inertial frame; but those clocks have to the be tied to the invariant speed of light. A photon (both virtual and real) has wavelength and frequency in the relationship [latex] c = \lambda \nu [/latex]. It looks like this. What do you notice exists within the photon? Electromagnetism. [\latex] c^2 \mu \epsilont = 1 [latex]. If there was a potential energy made of electron charge, it would cause photons (both real and virtual) to interact with it because photons have electromagnetic fields. In many cases, the solution to the Schrodinger equation has a potential energy term that is often made of charges. The solution is the wave function which I have often stated (without a mathematical derivation) is describing a virtual photon. I had to start with an "event" in spacetime and talk about the spacetime interval (many inertial frames whose rulers and clocks are invariant to the speed of light); then I had to make a logical argument that any event would have to update the rest of the universe at the speed of light. I don't know what it is that has both properties of virtual photons and spacetime geometry, so I called it a pre-photon. Graviton?
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