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  1. ! Moderator Note This isn't your blog. Thread closed.
  2. I’ve explained why it’s false using easily verified science. As I and others have said, you lack a basic understanding of resistance. This isn’t a slight on you, but you would do well to perhaps spend more time researching the topic and educating yourself before you start accusing people who work in the area that they don’t know what they’re talking about.
  3. I mean, if England were up against South Africa, I would absolutely go for England and would gladly watch a NZ v England final. I am glad that Wales got through, though France played the better game and probably deserved it more from the 20 odd minutes I was able to watch of it.
  4. ! Moderator Note I am sorry that you are experiencing this and that your insurance is unhelpful. Unfortunately, we are not in the business of dispensing medical advice here and I will have to close this thread. Please don't do anything drastic without consulting your doctor(s).
  5. Citation needed. Because what you are suggesting is inherently unpredictable in its outcomes, more likely to be dangerous than helpful, and doesn't appear to have the foundation of good science to support it.
  6. I’m hoping NZ and Wales, because I’m from NZ and my citizenship would be immediately revoked if I said anything else, and I’m morally obligated to oppose the Springboks winning any game.
  7. Okay, several things. Cleaning doesn't remove everything. In the fungal world there are species that can colonise hospital surfaces and persist for up to 2 weeks without moisture, even after cleaning (see: Candida auris). Some strains make biofilms, which are resistant to disinfectants. Resistance to cleaning products may also be an acquired trait. Point being, you're not going to remove all of it and good luck stopping resistant strains from colonising patients just because they already have an infection from something else. Moreover, once you've cleared the infection of your susceptible strain, do you honestly think that the other pathogens hanging around won't infect? In reality, you've left them a lovely little niche ripe for abuse. And finally, resistance can be an acquired trait. This can happen during treatment. I'm going to switch back to fungi here because that's what I know, but there are cases where treatment with drugs that were initially effective stopped working before the course was finished because the fungi (Candida auris again) became resistant. I would seriously question any ethics board that let you test this in animals / humans.
  8. Not to mention the risk to people already highly susceptible towards infection or for whom antibiotics / antifungals are contraindicated.
  9. You're missing the point. If there are resistant strains about, and you are treating infection of the sensitive strain with antibiotics, the resistant strain will quickly outcompete the sensitive strains. I also mentioned that acquired resistance exists. My work is in antifungals, but bacteria are similar in the sense that populations that are not initially resistant can become resistant over time through exposure. As CharonY said, you don't appear to know much about resistance mechanisms and how it can spread. I would suggest reading up on it and then revisiting your idea to understand why it won't work, bioterrorism aspects notwithstanding.
  10. It is quite a serious factor, and one of the reasons why resistance is on the rise. One of the issues with your last statement is that you still plan to try and kill these microorganisms with antibiotics. This places selective pressure on the population such that the individuals more likely to survive and replicate are the ones that are resistant.
  11. You realise of course that resistance can be an acquired trait as well as an inherent one?
  12. ! Moderator Note There’s very little point in attempting an answer if your premise is flawed or unclear. You are required to support your claims. Please do so or this is going to be shut down.
  13. ! Moderator Note I'm not sure this really needs to continue. MigL, I would suggest a more appropriate avenue if you take issue with staff action in the future, such as PM'ing staff or reporting the post. Thread closed.
  14. ! Moderator Note Since this is mostly just confused ranting, I am closing this. Ville502, if you have something you wish to discuss please do so in a more appropriate manner that shows you have actually put some thought into your ideas. IOW, produce scientific arguments to back yourself and quit with the all-caps.
  15. Take inspiration from the potassium ion.
  16. ! Moderator Note I am closing this thread, if for no other reason than because I am sick of closing reports on it (but also because it’s complete and utter nonsense and doesn’t belong here).
  17. ! Moderator Note mistermack, I have moved this conversation into its own thread. In future, it would be much appreciated if you could stick to the topic outlined by the OP and not drive threads down other rabbit holes.
  18. ! Moderator Note This is not an appropriate outlet for this topic, this being a section dedicated to mainstream and accepted science / math. Conjurer, since you insist on arguing alternatives, this thread is closed. I would recommend you take the time to review the posts here and go away and review some basics.
  19. I assume you mean μM (micromolar) and not μm (micrometre)? To answer your question you need to understand the concept of moles / molarity, and related equations for converting between them and mass / volume. I would first suggest looking up what a mole is and how molar mass and molarity is calculated (if you aren’t already familiar).
  20. ! Moderator Note In the spirit of the other thread of yours on stalking, this too is closed.
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