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  1. Oh how I hate when institutions teach students to draw bonds as dots. What do you think? Most of your description was fine, but your parts about how the octet rule is not satisfied needs to be re-looked at. Count the electrons (dots) around the C and O. What do you know about formal charge and Lewis structures? What charge would the C and O have in that picture? Is that good or bad?
  2. After an extended visit to purgatory, it has become clear that petrushka googol has no intention of posting anything except bizarre nonsense. Staff have therefore made the decision to enforce a permanent ban.
  3. I assume that this is referring to a Lewis structure you have not shown here? Could you possibly post a picture of it so I can understand if your answer is correct? I would note that you have said in your answer that the C had a lone pair and 3 bonds, yet only 7 electrons around it - this would not be true based on your description (2 electrons per bond and 2 per lone pair = 8). I would also be careful of your use of the term, "need." Yes, the oxygen and carbon atoms do require that many in this instance so as to minimise formal charge, but don't forget that they can have more or less than those numbers (except carbon, which cannot have more). Consider carbanions, for example, or oxoniums. The hand-drawn Lewis structure given underneath the answer is fine.
  4. There are plenty, but it depends a bit on what exactly you need, why you need it, and who you are / who you are affiliated with.
  5. It would be made considerably easier if it weren't almost entirely up to the states to fund and coordinate preventative measures (in Aus, anyway). Years ago, in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria in 2009, there was a huge shortfall identified in the way that we manage land and fuel load that contributed to the severity of the fires at the time. Almost nothing has changed, and the states simply don't have the resources to do what needs to be done on the scale required. Given the magnitude of these fires, and given that it's only going to get worse, I can't see any good reason why there shouldn't be more federal funding made available for this. If they can spend close to $30million detaining four people on Christmas Island for the singular purpose of showing how cruel they can be, they can surely spare something towards being better prepared for bushfires. It would also be helpful if our current government hadn't of cut funding to the fire and rescue services, and ignored the urgent requests of former fire and safety chiefs earlier this year to discuss the lack of preparedness for the current fire season.
  6. There are several ways by which dendrimers can be employed in drug discovery platforms. I believe the OP is referring to encapsulation, which is a common strategy used, for example, in overcoming permeability issues that one might encounter with gram negative bacteria. I am not familiar with the landscape, but if dendritic formulations aren’t commercially available yet it is because they are still in development, or they are no longer being pursued for whatever reason. As mentioned, it generally takes many years and a lot of money and research and more money before a drug or a new formulation makes it to market.
  7. ! Moderator Note Knock it off. This isn’t the place for making weird accusations to other members. Stick to the topic and try to stay a little more objective. While we’re at it, and though I appreciate that these subjects can be a little charged, I would further recommend you use more caution with your language. Recall that we have rules that prohibit members using this site as a platform for making slurs against a group or groups of people. Comparing gender to the very disparate issue of obesity in addition to some of your other “jokes” is very close to crossing the line, if it hasn’t already. Others have made some thoughtful contributions around the science of the topic, and I would suggest sticking to that line of discussion or simply leaving it alone.
  8. As with all things, it's all on her terms. Those beaks hurt!
  9. No cats here, but I do happen to have my own brand of winged keyboard nuisance. (She looks peacefully asleep here, but she will destroy you if you try to disturb her.)
  10. What are your thoughts? You will need to make some attempt at this and outline exactly where you are stuck before help is given.
  11. I understand English is not your first language, but I cannot understand your question. Could you reword it? Are you asking if THF can deprotonate resorcinol?
  12. With proper training. Is this not an option?
  13. Still 60. I haven't changed it yet / the issue that brought about the 30 minute suggestion got resolved and we decided it was fine (I think?).
  14. ! Moderator Note It would be much appreciated if you could switch to using Latex. Those giant images make your posts difficult to read. We have a thread available if you require help in using it, and you are welcome to make use of the Sand Box to test things out.
  15. Andrew26 has been permanently banned after a particularly abusive post, as well as sock puppetry.
  16. ! Moderator Note I reckon we're done here.
  17. You will have to show some attempt at answering this yourself. What have you learnt so far that might apply to the question?
  18. ! Moderator Note No. If you wish to present your "theory" then you must do so (succinctly) in the body of your post, and you must post it in Speculations.
  19. ! Moderator Note This thread offers exactly nothing to discuss. If you want to present your own ideas, fine, but you have to actually articulate them. This is closed.
  20. ! Moderator Note I am sorry, but we do not dispense medical advice here. Please seek the help of a professional familiar with her case.
  21. ! Moderator Note Just an FYI, the OP of this thread has been identified as a spam bot. Feel free to continue discussion, but don’t expect them to contribute.
  22. ! Moderator Note That is up to you. You will need to post your proofs for this to not get shut down. Failure to do so will result in this thread being closed. Kindly do not respond to this mod note further within the thread. If you have questions, please PM staff. FTR, I did hide one of your posts as it was OT and in response to a post I had already removed. Everything you have posted in this thread is still here.
  23. ! Moderator Note Which unfortunately for you runs counter to the purpose (and rules) of this particular sub-forum. You must provide some sort of testable model, as well as evidence / proof. If you cannot do this, your thread here will be short lived. ! Moderator Note This too is insufficient. You are the person proposing new ideas, and so you are the person who must show them to be reasonable and backed by evidence. Rules 1 of this section: You may also wish to take a look at these two threads:
  24. ! Moderator Note If you wish to discuss it, please open your own thread in the Speculations section. Do not hijack other threads.
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