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  1. Credits to user "rolnor" who helped me with the synthesis on the other forum. And I see now, I was stupid, Friedel-Crafts can be used only with aromatic ring, right? That's the one important detail I forget...
  2. Yes, you're right. I was trying to figure it out for few hours and no idea that used exactly 6 steps didn't come to my mind, only with 2 or 5. I needed badly to finish this synthesis, so I asked here and there hoping for someone solving this task. Didn't mean to present someone's work as mine, but I didn't think it was important to mention it. That's it. Thanks.
  3. I got an idea about a whole different way of constructing this synthesis. Do you think this way is possible? Thanks a lot!
  4. I started with Friedel-Crafts reaction using propanoyl chloride and AlCl3, with cyclopentylpropane-1-one as a product of the first step. Then I thought about reduction of the ketone using NaBH4 and MeOH resulting into 1-cyclopentylpropane-1-ol (that's the second step). As the third step using TsCl and pyridine to create (1-chloropropyl)cyclopentane. The problem is that everything that comes to my mind uses only 5 steps, not 6 I need.
  5. Hello there! Can anyone please tell me how to theoretically synthetize 1-cyclopentylpropan-1-amine from cyclopentene in exactly 6 steps (no more, no less steps)? Thank you for all your answers!
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