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  1. Could black holes actually be quark stars? If not, then are quark stars possible and/or predicted to exist?
  2. it's interesting. But feilds of relativity seem to build mostly round and or circular objects in space instead of cubes. Imaginary axis points could be pretty much anywhere but the atom seems to that which spins the webs of relativity within familiar four D space. a cube of ice cream will melt in time. Therefore it is a four dimensional object, but it does not exist everywhere. Light on the other hand, is everywhere, all at once all the time, in it's own frame of reference because it exists outside of time and space. However it's position in our frame of reference is moving through space.
  3. Life, and/or thought, is the prime diminsion. The original singularity of energy. The gravity of a single thought divided by the speed of light created the universe and all the things within it. Human: To posses infinite possibility within the mind. If we define being human as: to posses infinite possibilities within the mind, and the universe as: a line of possibilities existing in a realm of infinite possibilities, then we could realize what this means, and begin to comprehend the responsibility of free will. Our race is approaching a cross road. We will either destroy all known life in the universe, or spread out all known life in the universe. and much to my own surprise, we are creating a universe within the realms of our own devices. We'll soon be able to bring forth a man right out of the dirt. And yet we deny the most basic of truths, that we were created by a Human.
  4. we all know that when you split an atom a huge amount of energy radiates outward, like in a nuclear bomb. These energies include heat, light, xrays, and who knows what else. What I'm wondering is: If you split a proton is there a similar reaction? What energies are released? and, If one built a machine that could split protons that exist in cosmic rays, could we somehow harness the energy and transform it into useable electric current?
  5. I thought he was asking about the holographic universe, and not the holographic principle. Sorry.
  6. I like the idea offered by the theory. I've watched several of these shows on you tube, and the history channel. The idea that the universe is projected out of our own conscienceness is pretty wild. The thing that these videos seem to forget is the fact that we havn't been around as long as the universe. To reason that the universe came from an original being's thoughts, well, now your in my little campground of thoughts, hypothesees and theories. I think a lot of real scientists and philolsophers and religious scholars are trying to bridge the gap between religion and physics. I most certainly believe that the gravity of our thoughts, and collective thoughts, makes up the field of statistical probabilities that govern our future on both large and small scales. If one could say that the gravity of a thought is the same as the gravity in physics, and applied it to a cascading plane where by gravity decays into expansion planes of positive charge and then negative charge and then divides all three by the speed of light, you'd have a universe. Talk like this will get you busted down into the speculations department though, and I guess, that's where it belongs. See you there.
  7. I read not long ago a couple of articles about water vapor in space trapping radiation resulting in star formation. I was wondering if/or when a sun sized star ignited if the outward flow of preasure could cause some of the escaping water vapor to become liquid? and if so could this liquid water cool down plasma enough to cause it to reform into dust?
  8. I'll see if I can't come up with a hypothesis. Wait a minute, there its ! They're little tares in relativity. Zero entropy gas spewing in from these tares and warming up is probably the direct cause of inflation. It is the outside of the universe coming in. Like iceburges falling into the ocean and slowly melting. What do ya think?
  9. Are there, or is it possible that clouds or regions in space can drop hundreds of degrees below absolut zero?
  10. I thought we were already printing information on photons. The big boys use this technowledgy for their high profile clientel. I'm pretty sure I read something to that affect somewhere. (Gotta love twitter). In my visions of the future I see photon clouds quantum leaping information all over the place, litteraly, and very soon. We just need to study the particle fields as intently as we study the particles in them. I think the field defines the particle, in a round about kindof way. but that's a topic for speculations or somewhere else. I read earlier today that astronomers are using a huge data bank to recreate the universe in great detail. So great a detail in fact that they are able to zoom in and watch super massive black holes form and grow very fast by inhailing vast amounts of cold gas. (Astronamy mag.) They are watching galaxies with planets form in greater detail than through a telescope. and it's forming in a "movie" like fasion complete with fast forward and reverse built right in. Think a man will spring right up out of the ground of some planet, right there in this colosal man made paradigm? Surely if not this version, a more complete version coming up soon. We could write ourselves an avatar and be time travelers, and healers, from their perspective. Walk on water and raise from the dead. We already raise from the dead, in most video games you get three lives. I just hope we treat these cyberpeople better than we treat each other as a race. Hmm, need a cave man smiley to put here now or something. lol
  11. Could it be like a gas existing in a state below absolute zero? I undestand scientists are mapping dark matter using it's light bending properties. I was wondering if neutrinos past through without bending. And/or protons and/or quarks.
  12. Does plasma ever turn into dust? Hey stop laughing, there's no supid questions right?
  13. nothing=my contemplations on nothing. On the otherhand, scooby snacks = everything
  14. I read that chinese scientist have put together a metametal that absorbs microwaves. They're calling it a manmade black hole. They plan on trying to make one that will absorb visable light waves in the near future. So I guess it would be possible in the near future to put a camera in space that would be quite invisible.
  15. I contemplated this idea once. The closest thing I could find to nothing is the space between electron orbits. This is the only true vacuum I could come up with. Nothing exists there, not even time. The electrons quantum leap right over it and never skip a beat. Complete and absolute energy obselent distance.
  16. Particles moving faster than light, old galaxies near the begining of time, what's going on here? Out with the old in with the new just like always.
  17. I could pay off my debts and die in peace. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  18. Our own freewill has restrictions as well. We all have a mouth to feed. Shelter and electricity is also very nice. In a way we already have creatures lurking around in the cyberverse. There are viruses, trojans, and worms. Also webots that gather information and intelligence for their programmers. These things are absorbing energy and performing tasks but are they alive? Think insects have free will? how about birds or racoons? Are they just divisions of dna molecules absorbing energy and running a survival program. Think you enjoy free will? Many of us go to work everyday to jobs that we hate, or home to wives that can't stand us. Think the pressures of the everyday can't be mathmatically calculated and formulated into functions and programs? Isn't it possible that the day will come when we evolve a cyber entities into agents of free thought?
  19. Mathmaticle physics looks quite alien to me. I pound away at visualizing reality and how it works, far from everyday life though. Still, I can't imagine that the order of reality can't be explained in a mathmaticle model. I do beleive that to figure particle fields one might have to add exponents to the pi involved. Maybe they do, like I said, It's all alien to me. I think your wrong about the Higgs boson though. Their zeroing in on it as we type. It is my vision that four force pariticles emerge as sphereical thresholds reach near chaotic points in four D expansion and a structure of particle relativity and angular momentum evolve between the folding expansion forces. Or, that there is only one expansion force and the other forces are formed as it begins to fold upon itself. I just heard you say something about spheres and forces. So I decided to chip in the above paragraph. I don't think mankind invented math and/or time. Every grain of sand was counted and calculated long before their creation. Time is relative to ones position on a constatly moving object orbiting constantly moving objects that have statistically predictable positions within our little corner of the greater posotionisphere. Yeah, I made that last word up, I do that sometimes LOL.
  20. The first time I saw the movie "Tron" I though it was kinda lame. Then I saw it at the movies a while back and thought it was OK, I guess. But now I'm starting to wonder if we might soon make being's in cyberspace with consciesness and free will. We'll be programming the "matrix" for strange beings and we already are. Imagine the cyberverse that we've already created for them. They'd be able to quantum leap from a cartoon like farm to heavy artillary and not know the differece. They could also learn all about us by peeping at us through our phones and online information. Anybody else have thoughts about this?
  21. The video that I saw, and pretended to understand lol, seemed to suggest that: Space and time are relative to the reality in which they are mathmatically percieved. It appears to me that time and space are a bit of an argumentative precept here in our own universe. So it makes sence to me that infinite bandwiths of relativity probably should exist. And that our perceptions of reality are probably just a modulation within that spectrum. But I really havn't given it much thought.
  22. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/12/-from-the-x-files-dept-could-the-newly-discovered-gigantic-black-holes-harbor-life-.html Check this article out.
  23. It is my perception that: a body of relativity's density, or time dialation strength can be measured by it's light particle/wave ratio. in other words: we can see a star that exists outside of our galaxie, and we know that star light bends around galxies like ours, therefore a "membrane" of light must exist extending from one side of the galaxie to the other, and that this desity of light is different than the light membrane sphere outside of, and flowing around, our galaxie. We percieve strings, or rays of light that are directly inline with our eyes and telescopes. and when we look at these light rays up close we see the particles that make up the membranes.
  24. what is the "physics" view on life? is it an energy in and of itself? Just some electromagnetic frequency being amplified by some molecules that twist up into daisy chains of animated diversity? or something else.
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