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  1. I was told that the strong force holds atoms together. So I was wondering, does the week force hold quantum particles together?
  2. My point exactly. The universe is expanding into a field of infinit possibilities. I've seen scientists on youtube explain that every possibility exists in the universe. And others say that every possibility exists in the multi verse. If every possibility exists then what is the differnce between imagination and reality? If you imagine it, it is there and at least some part of the conciensness of your being is/was there. I can't see a feild of infinit possibilities being anything else but an expansion of possibilities continually expanding at a compound rate. If the energy of thought disapeared all things would disapear with it from the relative perspevtive of the living. The energy of thought must have always exited and the perception of nothing was realized from a more original consciesness.
  3. I like this to. The problem with it is that one might incur an infinit amount possible outcomes, from one instant of time to the next. I could expect to be on the beach in one instant and the moon the next. I've tried LOL!!! it just doesn't work. The past and present are at the very least a momentum that narrow down logical position and possibility. Like pi dividing out, there is always a next and predictable number and an absolute truth of historical events.
  4. I think this causes the e/m bubbles at the edge of our solar system and exists around all large gravitaional systems: As light curves around a large body of gravitation, a small percentage of that light should wind up scattered as a field, or "photon cloud". This field should extend from the straight line of an observers position, to the edge of the curve. The lite light density, scattered over a large distances, probably form huge e/magnetic "Bubbles" on the edge of large mass objects like solar systems and galaxies. I guess the scattered photons would meet their curved partner photons at the same time and place, on the otherside, thus defining the very edge of the time frame distortion. I wonder if these "Bubbles" are strong enough to influence e/m activity occuring on the sun?
  5. Are there credible theorys out there that suggest that lightning /or some percentage thereof/ is the result of cosmic rays cruzing through the atmosphere? I've read that a bolt of lightning can produce anti matter in high altitudes. It seems reasonable to me that it should take no more energy than this to create matter, like maybe hydrogen from energy. Of course the hydrogen would probably explode from the heat. I guess the waste byproduct of hydrogen would have to be left behind.
  6. Many scientists and physicist believe that everything came from nothing. I'd like to propose a view of nothing came from everything. The true statement may help determine what the universe is expanding into. If nothing existed before the universe than it seems intuitive that the universe is expanding into that nothing. If, everything existed before the universe then we are expanding into a realm of infinitly expanding possibilities. If we look around the universe we should be able to find evidence and physical representations, of everything and nothing. In Math we have a zero. It is the mathmatical representation of nothing, but relative to the equation it is something. A black hole in space is the physical representation of nothing, but relative to everything else it is something. If the universe is infinite, we might compare it to number pi. And there should also be a physical representation of this also. We say that energy cannot be created or destroyed. But what energy could be considered as everything? Only the energy of thought can produce an infinite amount of possibilities. How could everything have existed before the universe? Dreams have no expression of logic or time. Just imaginations out of control, that for most of us quickly vanish from memory upon waking up. We can drink a cup of coffee, and we can imagine drinking a cup of coffee, and the only difference is in the energy. The energies that make up the real cup are vibrating very slow compared to the virtual cup.
  7. It apears "now" is relative to everyones own position and individual consciousness, and that time is real but perhaps not in and of itself a physical phenominon. It seems more of an attribute of physical existance than anything else.
  8. I've heard that the bigger the star the shorter it's life span. so, how big would a star have to be live a single instant in time?
  9. I love this subject. Go back in time and you'll be a child, forward and you'll be old. The only way I can think of to actually travel into the past (or future) like in the movies is to dream yourself there. Ofcourse your physical body wont be able to follow you, but it might be possible to occupy and live in the one of your dream state.
  10. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/10/long-lost-world-of-active-supermassive-black-holes-found.html http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/10/the-first-monstrous-objects-of-the-early-universe.html and this one is seems quite intersting in regards to this subject. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2IuZZH/www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/10/image-of-the-day-birth-throes-of-a-galaxy.html
  11. Are there any theorys as to the origins of galactic black holes? Could it have been an explosion of a super duperly humungus and ancient super nova?
  12. Heh, you got me there doc. Surley it takes a lot of energy to bend space/time into a hole. To inhale a huge star should also release a lot of energy. If the sun can be thought of, in some respect, an extreme particle accelerator. And to think that we build particle accelerators in an attempt to to reproduce conditions sililar to those that caused the big bang. Then one might deduce that a galactic black hole must be the ultimate particle accelerator. I don't think it's a far stretch of the imagination to think that conditions may well exist, in some proximaty of the event horizon, of these strange things that may well produce quarks, electrons, gas, and perhaps even dust, water, and microbial forms of life. It wouldn't surprise me if we learned in the near future that all the mass and energy in galaxies came from their galactic black holes.
  13. Is it possible, or are there any theories that might suggest that the gas and dust surrounding large black holes might have been created by the matrix of energy fluxuations, accelerations, and particle collisions surrounding the event horizon of the black hole. Instead of being left over from the Nova, or past "meals" of the entity?
  14. How about: The current presentation of entropy, momentum, position, and thought (for living organizms) as is relative to all things of similar attribute/s.
  15. I like a model that has strings evolving (or decaying if you like) into loops that evolve into membranes that decay into charge that decays into time that decays into relativity and that all particles evolve from the overlapping of, or existence of, these energy spectrums and the relative accelerations of their infinite expansion planes. Ofcourse the model is insanely wierd and wacky like me
  16. So the present only exists in the mind and relative field of a conscience interpretor. But in a filed of consience interpreters there is an expansion, and therefore an arrow of time. What the math seems to suggest is that all knowledge already exists, and that every possible event has already happened. There is a present state of knowledge. If you were in a coma for the last ten years you'd have a lot of knew things to deal with including a body that's ten years older. an arrow like spectrum of time seems to exist between absolute zero degrees and the speed of light. Would science agree with this last statement?
  17. As an artist of thought, (nonscientist lol), I would say that in order for an outside e/m force to affect your thoughts and perceptions there would have to be some kind of harmonic expansion of the two fields. Everybodys algorythmic thought patterns are different. It might be that an outside e/m source could act as a "bridging" agent between your present thoughts and resinating thoughts and perceptions of a past entity. You don't have to be dead to be a ghost. Sometimes I'll hear my mothers voice inside and start thinking about her. It's amazing how many times she calls shortly after this expereice. It happens so often that we talk and laugh about later. I've heard that indians in the South Western United States had a name the region heavily laden with iron deposites that ment voice of God or something like that. Some believe that the heavy iron deposites electro magnetically attract the e/m field of the ionashere and caused them to here voices and experience paranormal activities. As far as physical objects moving around, Some believe that the physical world around us is an apparition of our thoughts and expectations. Everything we call "ordianary matter" consist of varying degrees of electromagnetic force as a major componant. Most think of these people as quacks but a glance at history shows them in good company.
  18. The only way I can think of to describe the present time is this: The instant position of your thought and body of awareness. How does science describe the present time.
  19. further thoughts on the model: Gamma ray "echoes" of electron to positron conversions should probably more resemble a cloud like struture of energy rather than a ray, or beam of energy. Also: Positrons near the event horizon may accelerate into gravitrons. This threshold should produce an exotic particle as of yet undiscovered. This particles wave function may well divide our space time dimenson from others that many believe to exist.
  20. Further thought experiments on expansion plane theory reveal certain predictions that cannot be ignored if the theory is correct. If the theory is correct than light is a fluxuation of the positive and negative energy planes. The theory is based on positive energy existing on a plane that is expanding faster than negative energy. (according to the theory, they are acually different "octives" of the same energy). Since the positive energy plane is faster than the negative energy plane, and light (thus the speed of light), require both energies the positive energy particles that exist without negative energy should be faster than light. (positive energy is an "octive" lower than gravity). Therefore one must conclude that if the theory is correct than: Gravitrons, quarks, and neutrinos should be able to move faster than light. Evidence of the theory being correct will predict that: As matter accelerates into a black hole, the protons and electrons will seperate. When the acceleration rate of the electron passes it's infinite plane expansion rate, it will transform into a positron and leave a short gamma ray "echoe" behind. The black hole jet should be found to contain mostly particles and plasma containing high degrees of a positive charge. Cosmic rays containing mostly quarks and protons. While the event horizon plane, of a black hole will contain "products" formed from high speed electron colllisions and high energy states resulting from electron to positron conversions and collisions. A high energy "cloud" should surround every single medium to large black hole as a result. Small black holes should produce rings of electons expanding outward after feeding while medium black holes should be found to produce rings of neutrinos and/or possibly gravatrons expanding outward. oops, I ment to post this in the speculations forum, Guess it'll wind up there soon enough. lol
  21. my philisophical yet slightly scientific point of view: Massless particles exist inside of infinite fields. The interactions between these fields is relativity. An infinite field requires infinite exansion at an infinite rate. Pie is the infinite number, but when you divide it, you get the same string of numbers. If the positive field originated first than it will always be expanding slightly faster than the negative field The speed of light is the velocity between these two expanding fields. Therefore these two fields are relative to each other via, the speed of light. I wish I could think of an experiment to prove or disprove the theory. Or predict something as yet unknown.
  22. both links, very interseting. I have a feeling we'll be seeing and speculating on this subject for quite some time.
  23. Well, just how do you propose that the author of this quote is both the father and the son of David, without traveling through time?
  24. Let's assume that the test results are found to be true. My personal opion and intuition most certainly think so. Not withstanding, there is a very real possibility of the news reports and the experiments to turn out true, and that neutrinos are faster than light. I started this thread to find out what might change in our present understanding and to find out if there are credible models of this worth checking out. I was hoping to hear something like: "As it turns out the Higgs boson is thought to be the relative particle of a neutrino field in some models" or something intelligent
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