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  1. I don't want to interupt any hot debates or anything, just wanted to give my latest definition of time within my own expanding model of things that are. ! Moderator Note This has been split, because to do this in someone else's existing thread is hijacking, i.e. an interruption of a discussion. Time: Dynamic position shifts within a three dimensional field of expansion. Expansion rate divided by the speed of light equals energy potintial. Energy potential exists as particles within the field and fields of slower expansions. The interactions and flow of these field particles, create the dynamic values of: entropy, gravity, and time. Entropy equals flow within the one dimensional plane Gravity equals flow within the two dimendional plane and Time equals flow in a three dimensional plane Physics is primarily the study of these five unitarial expansion planes and their interactions with each other within our own complex expansion plane: Positive, negative, gravity,strong, and weak forces and their relative "force fields" or expansion planes as I like to call them.
  2. For those considering my lateset theories and hypothesis I'd like to extend my latest model vision. First let me breif you on the model thus far: Time is the shifting position of the zero intersection within the x,y, and z plane within a nonsymetrical expanding field. This is a major componant of the theory. Another major componant states that: the universe is hologram made from rays of momentum/gravity extending out in two directions from the atom. The atom is a two dimensional disk that is tumbling in space/time via the electron, within it's rings of probability, seeking the positive energy within the ray. The ray is a time dialation projecting out of the two dimensional disk of the atom thanks to the proton travleing agaisnt it's own momentum at a velocity faster than the speed of light. Momentum is the result of vacuum energy annihilation. Space is a semiconductor made up of ejected momentum. ejected rays act like magnets in that there is a transfer of momentum energy when two rays touch head on. The center of the two projecting rays is displaced briefly for an instant of time. This causes the algorythems that defines molecules and bodies of mass and even structures that hold and transfer the position of galaxies in space. Got it? I didn't think so, but this is where it gets interesting. As the theory goes, The universe is made up of a complex system of several forces acting on each other. Every force is a wave within it's own infinite expansion plane. Through out the spectrum of infinite planes the speed of light is maintained but the force field expansion rate varies according to it's origin. The older the expansion plane the faster it's expansion. When a slower field merges with a faster field the faster field will particlize to maintain the speed of light in all fields. Therefore wether a force is a wave or a particle is relative the expansion rate of the viewing plane. Remeber, this is just a breifing, the actual model is slightly deeper but I'm excited to reveal the latest development of the model vision. In the first paragraph of the briefing I stated that time was the shifting of zero within the x,y, and z planes within an expanding plane, and then later that the universe was a hologram exending out of a two dimensional "film" we call the atom. If this is true than time is not a dimension but an attribute of three dimensional space. This got me to thinking. Compex expansion planes are made up of several unitary planes, and can contain several insances of varying planes. For instance a binary plane could consist of a negative wave mixed with positive particles. A trinary expansion plane could exist of negative, positive, particles within a gravitational expansion plane. If the negative particles are stripped off, than we wind up with a very different binary expansion plane. The slowest expansion plane will always be the wave and the faster will always be the particles. It takes three expansion planes to create an attribute of time. Therefore changes in unitary and binary planes must produce something else that exists within complex expansions. As the theory of cascading planes goes: The more complex a plane is the slower it's expansion rate within the spectrum. Here's the extension to the theory: Time is the changes that occur within a trinary plane Weight is the changes that occur within a binary plane Energy is the changes that occur within a unitary plane time regulates position/ relative to distance weight regulates field intensity/ power relative to other fields energy regulates field size/ entropy
  3. Perhaps gravitational force is a fluctuating force. Drawing energy in for fuel, and then pushing it out as waste. That is to say that: electrical vacuum energy is siphoned in, then converted to pure outward momentum via proton vibration. Kind of like a two cycle engine.
  4. Perhaps the big bang was the result of a few little bangs. Here's what I mean, Let's imagine that vacuum energy existed before the big bang. They don't call it vacuum energy for nothing. Now, let's imagine that vacuum energy is made up of postive and negative particles that exist within infinite positive and negative fields. These two fields have been expanding since their own Little bangs of creation. The positive plane is expanding faster than the negative pane. Within their own planes they are waves. The speed of light is maintained in each plane. Distance must give. The faster plane will particlize relative to the slower plane. This would allow both planes to expand for some amount of virtual time, until the strength of the natural attraction of positive and negative forces caused a fluctuation that slowed the negative plane down enough to particlize within it's own field. This occurance could possily cause a chain reaction that would almost completely annihilate the these two fields. Thus the big bang. The inihilation of the particles is seen as inflation on popular time frame graphs of the universe. Next we see the dark ages. As time moves on the positive and negative fields and field particles start expanding again. But this time their is a third and slightly slower infinite field of gravity. Gravity gives the possibility of more complex fields. The universe is a complex field of at least four forces all acting within themselves and within each other in various and every combination possible. The atom is the complex particle of the complex field that tells the story of this event over and over as instants of time. Our universes expansion rate is directly related to the amount of energy available for it to expand. The vacuum energy will someday reach a point of rexpansion and other big bangs will occur. Dark matter is probably the result of other big bangs that occured in the past. Globs and rings of dark age material disolving into what one might call "natural space" or "cooled expansion".
  5. I think we'll soon learn that dark matter and dark energy are the result of accelerated gravitational expansion fueled by the constant increase in vacuum energy as part of the natural cycle of universes.
  6. Maybe it's like asking whether or not an atom is energy or a particle? e=mc-square and we know that it is energy, but from our perspective it is a particle. What is the dividing factor? The speed of light seems to be the dividing factor between the field/particle ratio, which will vary according to the field expansion plane of the viewer or of the viewing instrument. My current view of realty is this: expansion rate divided by the speed of light equals energy potential. Energy potential is the particle, or the energy "left over" after the expansion of its given field. The boson is the particle of it's force field that governs the intensity and actions of it's force plane. My views are governed more by the particles of an artistic plane than a mathmaticle plane but they are related within the complex structre that exists within the hierarchy of planes.
  7. I don't know how serious I am but, I am seriously haunted by the model. If the model is correct the universe works very similar to a hologram. A lazor bounces off an image, and another intersects the bounced beam and records the image on a two dimensional film. Later you can project a lazor up through the film to see a three dimensional view of the image. To be able to touch that image you might want to use a ray of gravatons instead of photons. For the model to be time dynamic you might want the film to project the lazor in two directions so that they line up with the other relative intersections, and constantly find logical position. The film (the atom) tumbles to achieve a three diminsional perspective. Constant repositioning of center gives it a time dynamic and energy eccentric value, the fourth dimension. As far as I can imagine GR not only works in the model but is defined by the model as the time dialation of the proton's momentum against itself. Time dialation is the spay in the model that defines molecules and bodies of mass. The model goes much deeper but unless I hit the lottery so I can hire a magician and a physicist, it'll probably only exist inside and outside of my own mind.
  8. My latest epiphany explains gravity as a double repulsive force extending out as rays from a center point as defined by vaccum energy joining togither as a distance of polar equalization. This action converts into a linear vector exapansion force. Rays join together and collapse in a manner of time dialation frequency. intersecting rays create quantum particles as rays that collide head on create sprays of energy possible distance, (space time), particles until momentum equalizes and joins them togither as one ray. Joined rays extrude the repulsive energy and redefine the center of force eventually producing an inward flux momentum sphere matrix residing in a plane of gravitational expansion. or something like that.
  9. 4 dimensional geometry, cascading planes, and black holes first we must understand 4 dimensional geometry and math where one plus one is not always two. for instance, two humans given time and energy can produce a third individual human. two pieces of steel on the ocean floor can rust into a single piece. a circle has a begining and end in the form of puting a pencile down on the paper and lifting it on completion. within three dimensions you will see a density lap of the lead. During cognition of the event both ends are defined within the seemingly infinte plane of the paper. Is a red light really red? It depends on the color of lenz it is being viewed through. An electron is a particle when being viewed through gravity lenz. Take off the gravity glasses and it is a wave in it's own expansion field of negative energy. Matter is a particle within the electric/gravity field. One might call this field the present time expansion field. It's presence creates a hole through the hierarchy of the infinite field spectrum. each ring around the atom denotes a distinct and seperate expansion field. A black hole is the particle of the present time energy wave (E=MCsquared, the matter lenz) and it's relation to the history expansion field.
  10. b4 the bang, The acceleration of prehistory expansion fields like positive charge, negative charge, and a plan
  11. actually I've seen videos that claim that the brain resides in imagination and not the other way around.
  12. This plane of knowledge cannot yet particlize the concept.
  13. The holographic fractal model By mark beal Infinite fields require infinite expansion at an infinite velocity as it is relative to it's acceleration class within the fractal spectrum of infinite planes fluctuations between two infinite accelerating expansion planes of varying origin creates a time dynamic middle plane of spike and spin energy displacement the spike connect disconnect determines the present position and relative weight of the class entity relative particle spike crash rings tumble and spray the class relative distance that is it's class relative field of expansion Physics, knowledge, and individual conciseness, all work according to this fractal pattern of dynamic energy displacement Energy potential equals a field's expansion rate divided by the speed of light. The cosmilogical constant. The speed of light is always constant, but a fields expansion rate is relative to it's origin point within the infinite plane spectrum.
  14. Logical explanations not only grow legs but they also expand as questions get answered, puzzles become clear. As questions get answered more arise and in time things get complicated again. I think when wierd concepts, like relativity, become accepted and understood they become more and more elementry. It's a cycle of knowledge and understanding thresholds. Knowledge is a plane of expansion that is older than physics. It is inevitable that philosophy and physics will merge as our understanding becomes more and more complete. When we know everything we will be able to do anything. Does the knowledge exist to create a universe? Here we are
  15. Reality is elementry. Accerleration plane theory explains what an electron is. Reality is a gravitataional hologram. The fluctuations of one or two, of the two serperate one dimensional planes (The positive and negative charges of vacuum energy), particlized and started an anihalation storm. This produced a two diminsional rays of momenum I call Glazor beams. ( A lazor of gravitons instead of photons) . The momutum extends outward defining the center of the event horizon. This causes more fluctuations, thus a chain reaction that slows abruptly down to the speed of light when the hole in the younger and slower negative charge field can no longer anihalate the particles in the faster positive charge plane. Over laping gravitational beams join together as the excess energy sprays out as the whole event creates a semi-three dimensional space with electrical and momentum potential. The cooled momentum now exists as a ball of twisted and distorted structres of inward force and rays extending out from center. Collpased rays reform the image of the singularity. The anihalation of the vacuum energy and gravitational expansion is now regulated by the much larger inward force left over by the origianl event. Back to the subject matter now. The time dialation of the proton creates a spike of gractron energy. The same as the original gravitron beam. This spike punches a hole in the positive and negative acceleration planes. The negative energy produces a larger particle as it in a slower plane. To observe the positive energy of the proton you'd have to look through the negative acceleration plane. (and the time plane). Because we are litterally looking through different planes of acceleration. where the speed of light is constant. The positive energy gains an atmosphere of gravity as it passes through the negative field. The "space" that's inbetween the negative energy, that swirls out as the time dialation spike crashes is the electron. It is a the hole that was punched in the one dimensional electron plane. The very surface of now. Reality is a hologram but instead of proton lazors it is made of self initiating gravitron lazors, in a field of momentum and electro magnetic potential and disposition. Gravitron spikes cause secondary time dialatrion spikes when they line up. If they are strong enough to capture an electron molecule will form. If not, a time dialation of gravitational energy will form and then be released to travel paths of least resistance. This released energy forms bodies of mass within their states. The continuos release of this energy can disrupt or unify the mass body. An apple will rot and sometimes wood will petrify through a crystallization process. During the crystallization process the algorythems of the released time dialations polarize the gravton spikes. The constant release of time dialation energy causes disatnce radiation as a path of least resistance. This causes the constant expansion of space and the algorythems that define the positions of the galaxies. When you put two bar magnets together they will act as a single magnetic bar.. Gravitaioinal spikes act in a similar manner. Two outward forces pressing in on the center. This is why clouds of gas foating in space evetually move in towards each other instead of pushing each other away as one might expect two expanding forces to do.
  16. At ten to the minus thirty seven seconds gravity breaks free from the singularity. Next electromagnetic force breaks free and then the strong force and then the weak force and altogether this makes up the big bang according the stories that I've heard. The atom contains all of these forces as relative points in space time. Could the atom be a "little bang" happening at a much slower rate? Or perhaps they are just the inward points of reverberations of the original event?
  17. Let"s say me and you are sitting across the table from one another and the universe divides between us. Now your universe starts expanding a little faster than mine. Eventually I would watch you start to "pixleize" as the distance that your energy occupies would get farther and farther apart until all I'd be able to make out would be your energies existing and quantum leaping. Even though the speed of light would remain the same for both of us within our own planes of expansion. Now I don't think this is really possitble but it might help you to visualize my train of thought on this matter. Oh, I know I'm laughed at now then and seldom taken very seriously but I assure you that I am not a freak of nature by accident. Here's what I've been thinking about lately. Infinite fields require infinite expansion at an infinite velocity. Given an instant of time, an infinte field has a finite size and expansion rate relative to it's origin within it's own plane of acceleration. The electron field is a wave of energy. This plane existed before the time/space acceleration plane that we exist in. Therefore when we observe an electron we experiece a particle or pixle like action moving through the double slit. The insruments that we use to observe the electron are calibrated to the slower, time/space plane of expansion. Positve energy is probably slightly older than negative energy. The big bang was probably the result of these two enrgies interacting with each other. All it would take, is for the positively charged acceleration plane to fluctuate a little bit and the energy would particleize and slam into negative particles that would project a line of directional momentum force and a chain reaction of infinite proportion. Directional momentum is the begining of a two dimensional plane and the begining of space/time.
  18. They way I see it: The atom nuclei is is a two dimensional disk. It is a mirror of the singularity. All four forces are within the nucleous. Proton momentum traveling towards itself creates a velocity time dialation that breaks the two dimensional barrier, as space expands into the four comprehendable dimensions. The gravitron is the particle of four dimensional distance. The time dialation spins out of the center top and bottom until the momentum "cools" down to a velocity slower than the speed of light. At this point the momentum cloud dispersis out the nuclei's edge. The repeated action of this causes the nuclei to vibrate very fast. which causes rings and spikes of gravitron fields. The spikes declare logical relative position in space time. The electrons normally occupies the rings of momentum collapse as the nucli's border stretches and oscillates around the spike defined center. When this field spikes in the center the nuclei disk tumbles to meet it because it's negative charge is attracted to the postive charge whithin the gravitaional field. The electron doesn't traverse the distance because there is no distance. The distance is only relative to the time field but there is no distance in reality to traverse. Hear in the time realm, we make holograms that are made up of strings of light. We can see these objects but we cannot touch them. We bathe an object in lazor light and then take a picture of that light by reflecting another lazor off of the light and having it hit the film and then later we shoot a lazor up through the film to recreate the three D image. If we think of the atom as the film and the gravitational spikes as the lazor that takes picture and the rings as the present moment cross section we now have a reality that can be felt. We can also see and send sgnals through this new realtiy because the distance is made up of collapsed energy which only need be reactivated as the surge goes by like air transmitting a sound wave. If this is correct than quantum fields may give an illusion of a three dimensional field via nuclei tumble but in reality they are all two dimensional. Time/space exists as particles being manufactured by interactions between the subspace positive and negative fields.
  19. and is the frequency of a gravitron essentially the energy of a gravitron? Is a gravitron field the same as a momentum field? and doesn't gravitational time dialation occur within this gravity field? It seems to me that when gravitrons get excited the field expands, like in a super nova that spews gas and debris far away from the evernt horizon, A repulsive force. Then the gas eventually molds itself into new stars and planet via an inword force.
  20. By photon frequency you mean: the number of photons per a measurment of time existing in a ray of light?
  21. Why do we assume that all distance is capable of propagating a wave of energy or wave energy particles? yes. something like that. Outside the atom space time is almost seemless. Tears are mended by the same process that builds post atomic space, that is vacuum energy anihalations.
  22. Elecrons move from one orbit to another without traversing the distance inbetween. Is it possible that the distance inbetween lacks the property of momentum potential? Perhaps momentum potential space exists as fields in the subatomic realm. Lately I've been thinking that momentum poteneial space might be the by product of vacuum energy anihalation. This might give a "real time" space for electromagnetic charge to exist within, seprerating the electromagnetic energy particles of the quark from electromagnetic energy particles of the vacuum energy. Otherwise what is the difference from the elecreomagnetic energy inside the quark and the electro magnetic energy out side the quark (vacuum energy)
  23. I heard that when they discovered gravitaional lenzing that they were looking at two stars that were exactly alike. Through careful observation that proved the gravitational lenzing theory and that were actually seeing two instances of the same star as the light moving around a galaxy had'nt quite congealed into a single visual frame because of the disances involved. Could quantum entanlement be the result of quantum gravitational lenzing?
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