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  1. Because logically, there should not be two universes. And according to law of science, there should not be two universes. But.... with the "space" outside space, it's possible. So if there is more then one, shouldn't what we know basically mean nothing or be changed?
  2. My point is, all our physics are based on one universe. If there's two, then all logic, physics, etc. could go out the window. I said could. Not would.
  3. Excatly. That's why I said, physics as we know it might be thrown out the window if there's two universe's.
  4. Well, if there is another universe, wouldn't the laws of physics we know go out the window? Because according to physics we should be the only universe so to speak in "space". Right?
  5. Just a thought. Could two universe's exsist in the same space? You know, over lap each other? And not even know it?
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