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  1. I have to agree the person who said that a black hole is the edge of space time. And if there is a singularity at the core it may well be the begining as well.
  2. I wonder if earth will be able to communicate with this ship as it travels or when it stops so far away.
  3. I want to be "Gazzotted" sounds like fun Your theory sounds like common sense, like saying everything is possible somewhere. The path of least resistance leads to that where, but initiative comes with consequenses.
  4. We should work on some drugs to cure the disease of greed and everything else will fall into place.
  5. I believe it was Hawkings that suggested going back in time may be impossible because of spacial looping, or something like that. And compaired it to holding an electric guitar to an amplifier. This made some sence to me.
  6. I wonder what it'd be like to look out the window.
  7. I looked up and read some stuff on quark stars. Surely they have a strong force atmosphere. I did read that scientist are studying three or four neutron stars to see if they are really quark stars, and that quasars blasting out huge amounts of gamma rays may be a neutron star going nova. Concerning black holes, I don't see how a timeless structure could have a core, but does seem to be the general consenses. Seems to me like length width and depth would fail without time. Anyway, to say that a black hole has a core is to suggest that it has an atmosphere. If the atmosphere is timeless the particles could easily quantum leap from center to edge. How could an entity that has it's particles existing everywhere, within it's timeless boundry, all at once possibly have a core? I guess the only explanation is that the heavier particles must sink to the center. Hmmm, without time every particle probably forms a layer of like particles according to their own weight. They spaggettify then quntum leap around in paths of least resistance then resinate in their place. This would mean that surface tension between the speggettified mass and the weightless inner particles probably collide. This collision might knock a few gamma rays out to form the spheres that exist at the poles of the milky ways central massive black hole. A brilliant deduction I think. Probably wrong but brilliant just the same
  8. Wow, here's an old thread. I don't really believe that anything came from nothing. The vacuum energy was and is always there. Existing at the very least as an anihilation particle dialating on demand in every dimension within and without their infinite bands hitting the notes that please them, yes the light, life and words have always been. Look at how small we are and look at the things that we create and intend to create in the near and distant future, think we wern't created? Those that have proud and stiff necks cannot see beyond there own shadows and think within themselves that we all evolved from from nothing and darkness and it was bound to happen sooner or later, and this is where they dwell; and the home that they have built. and don't we all love to go home and relax? What is hope? that we escape and litter the universe with savage planets like ours? Every man fights and dies for his God according to their own faith. Science is but the particles of phillosephy. Every thought already exists. War accelerates knowledge, power, predjudice and hate. Ref: my old thread on plane theory and thought particles right here in the speculations forum ofcourse
  9. " A Lingual / NON-Mathematical THEORY OF EVERYTHING ". 1. " Anything or everything can occur, if there is no reason for it not to occur " 2. " Anything or everything can occur, if there is no reason for it not to occur, if there is some form of initiative for it to occur. " 3. " If there are reasons for anything not to occur , left to their own devices, the path of least energy and /or resistance will be followed. " Anybody can say that.
  10. Well now, that certainly clears things up. Thanks for such an informative and awe inspiriing answer. Now that I no everything I can finally rest in peace.
  11. We theorize that the Higgs boson makes things massive. I wonder if there is a similar particle that makes things living? We hear terms like "life force". and "Life energy", but are there any theories as to a life force particle that interacts with with life possible chemistery? We can see plainly that living things eat other living things to extract the energy they need to survive as a living thing. If we could discover such a particle we may be able to better pinpoint planets worthy of further investigation in the near star traveling future. Perhaps scan mars and titan for such particles. I don't know, what do you think?
  12. I'm starting to think that balck holes are really just strong force stars. That during the hyper nova explosion the walls of the atoms beome so dense that they push out any electro magnetic behaviour. Even vacuum energy is blasted away. and that black hole mass is made up of only the strong force and gravity. are there any real theorys like this one ?
  13. Let's say a black hole inhales a huge amount of dust and gas and then ejects gamma rays and x rays from it's center, do you think; or do we know whether or not some the "black holes material" is also ejected? I wonder if a quasars electromagnetic jet is energy that was striped from the dust and gas cloud where it then travels over the surface of the disk until a collision of paricles at the center causes the energy to jet out, or if the back hole swallowing the material grows to fast and the black hole material is ejected into space where it then expands into the electromagnetic particles of the gamma ray burst, or something else.
  14. quick question, if we built a ship this ship and it took off from near earth orbit; would people on earth see it moving away from us at the speed of light, or would it disapear in an instant. and if the ship traveled four million light years away and came back, within a few weeks, would the earth still be here?
  15. My take on the subject: To say that the speed of light is a universal constant is to define the universe as a body of time that expands and contracts depending on your local perspective. In my opinion time is an energy and a quantum paricle, and the universe is it's field or expansion plane. Positive and negative energy exist within their own expansion planes. these exist outside of time but anihilation takes time. So outside of the time plane there are planes of positive energy, negative energy, and ofcourse that fastest plane of all, gravity. The atom is compound particle and is created by the interactions of the four known forces within their respective planes, the weak force, the strong force, gravity, and the two electro magnetic planes. Think about the double slit experiment, When we look at electro magnetic energies through a "time plane lenz" we see particles, but left alone they exist inside and outside of the "universe" wherefore we see them as waves. to "freeze" all the planes in a moment of interdimsional time and stand outside of it and look at it an all encompassing entity of planes existing within a three dimensional model, we would see the big bang. We would see gravities expansion plane, then we'd see the strong forces expansion plane, and then positive energies expansion plane, and then negative energies expansion plane, and then the weak forces expansion plane and the different particles being produced by the effects of the faster expansion planes creating particles out of the slower ones which velocities particleize the faster ones in a heated mess of chaos expanding into a time frame order of space, time, possibility, and life.
  16. I guess what I'm really asking is; do black holes ever eject some of their own material into space? via orbiting super massive stars or some other mechanism? And if so, does this material expand as it leaves the extreme gravitational field of the disk?
  17. This is amazing. It's kiinda like a submarine that heats the water behind it and cools the water in front of it. But I wonder, It would seem to me that the people in the front of the submarine would be a little cooler than the ones in the back. So to travel fourty milliion light years in two weeks, the ones in the front of the vessel might experience the same journey taking a few days less than the ones in the back.
  18. It seems to me that stars orbiting black holes would cause some gravitational distortions within the disk, and that these distortions might cause some of the black holes material to be ejecected out from the center of the phenominon much like the jets of quasar. If this is happening all the time the black holes would probably be shrinking at a regular or at least a prdedictable rate. Does this happen? or has this been considered in any theories? if so, does the material expand into stable particles? perhaps strong force particles with no structure to capture electro magnetic energy?
  19. A radio transmition begins at a single point and expands as a three dimensional sphere that is interpreted by the listener according to an instant to instant two dimensional memprane that is relative to a one dimensional ray that determines distance and position. The photons are moving at the speed of light wherefore they exist outside of the expansion of the space and time that devides them. No transmetter, no wave. That which is possible is probable. Opinions spin. When a loved one dies it is very sad but the ants and the beatles shall feast.
  20. I figure each threshold particle represents a new spacial dimension in space time. If you want to look at this phenominon in reverse you need only watch a 3 dimensional star get sucked into a 2 dimensional disk (black hole) and then eventually a 1 dimensional state (black hole jet) and finally it becomes nothing more than points (particles) of reference floating in the more wide spread field of 4 dimensional reality. The speed of light: say light travels from point a to point b in macro space; we then calculate the time it took to figure it's speed. To calculate the speed of light in micro space we'd need calculate the square area of the circumfrance of that sphere from a to b and then transform it into the square area of circle. Call the farthest points on this circle C and D.The light exists in every spacial point in the sphere and also exists in every spacial point in the circle so the distance traveled is the same relative to the spacial dimensions of each domain. You may have to figure in some kind of energy coeficient. Similar to the one about a guy weighing 60 pounds doesn't eat half as much as a guy weighing 120 pounds. The distance would be similar to the guy;s size. I don't know any other way to say what i'm trying to say here. I'm sure you guys have some size energy ratio formulas to try. Just thinking. If you find the formula you'll be able to figure out which particles belong to which spatial domain. a special note: energy moves faster than time wherefore the domain particles are probably born from some echo harmonics within the relative spacial domain.
  21. I was just sitting here on the couch thinking about things like "The electro magnetic force is infinite. and that time and distance are relative. And I started thinking that perhaps there's a sub-micro plane expanding faster than our macro plane. From a macro plane perspective this would be seen as an inward force. Then I thought about it some more and I figure that perhaps a single proton click governs general relativity for the macro perspective. and that a single click of a preon governs general relativity for the micro world, and that perhaps a single click of the gravaton governs relativity for the sub-micro world. The strong force that holds the governing particles together (gravatron, quark, proton) acts as four dimensional thresholds between relative perspectives in a more global perspective of space and time. Now I imagine that if the gravaton perspective is expanding faster than the quark perspevtive, and the quark perspective is expanding faster than the proton perspective; then from this (our) macro perspective gravity and the strong force would be idealized as an inward force. Perhaps; as a hyper nova explosion expands the inward force becomes so great that it is converted into a prehistoric condition of relativity. Macro general relativity exists only outside of the pulling force of the black hole. If the hypothesis is correct there should be a layer of threshold particles (protons and quarks) showering the macro universe. I wonder if there are any credible theories similar to this hypothesis.
  22. like a wave in the ocean is just water with energy applied. Interesting. I don't want to hijack the thread but I do wonder what constitutes a "thing" at the quanum level.
  23. When hydrogen atoms collide to fission a helium atom, a proton is gained. So, I would assume that the strong force of that atom must also have strengthened to contain the extra energy inside. Is this asumption correct?
  24. So, everything is not made of energy?
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