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  1. Hmm, Remmber the old reals that were on the computers that helped launch that first rocket to the moon? It was a real of tape with holes in it for light to shine through. The light didn't flicker. It was always on while the computer searched and read the tapes contents, but the computer didn't read the tape, it read the light shining through the holes. Well, that's probably not the best analogy, but the only one that I can think of right now. But if you think of the tape as being time and space, and the light being a constant in the back ground, then the movement of the light on the other side of the tape was an illusion to the observing computer that was sensing the light. That would be you in this analogy. The computers senser would be the lenzs in your eyes.
  2. Electromagnetic comunication is to slow of a medium to communicate with. In fact, it's utterly rediculous. If you want to make a phone call ten thousand light years away you're going to say hello and wait twenty thousand years for a response. Aliens communicate point to point using a system that's similar to an electron traveling from one arc to another instantaniously. Once Humans understand how to manipulate threads of space and time efectively, they might be able to intercept a signal but, even then it might take years for them to realize that it is a signal, and even longer to figure out how to comunicate with that signal effectivley. Without help, their race will never learn to communicate with the others that live in outer space. The four horseman damage them daily, and I don't know who, or how any of us can possibly break their cycle. It's freak'n sad. Truly, I hope they find a way.
  3. Reality: Mortality bears witness that we are the dream.
  4. Perhapts a poetic perspective could help bring some understanding. Plank length is stretched as the proton pendilum swings in the clock of a hydrogen atom speeding away from my perspective standing still.
  5. Blue shift, Red shift, Time expands and contracts between the photons relative to our eyes position and velocity. The universe is expanding as a body of time and this is what is traveling through the lenz. Gravity is not an electro-magnetic particle. Wherefore it might be classified as a dark matter particle. How can a completely non-electro-magnetic particle possibly bend light that is the very definition of an electro-magnetic particle? Aghh, but we know, and it makes sense that, Gravity dialates time. Thus, my confusion and doubt. This science is not new to me, but it is becoming more and more obvious as the years slowly grind.
  6. But the light is not bending. It is merely being divided into paritcles and manipulated by a complex structure of bending time dialations.
  7. Why do we say that light bends? It's confusing. The light doesn't bend around galaxies, it's merely being divided by a complex maze of time dialations. Time is a medium, a dark matter medium with structure and algorythems. To say the speed of light is also wrong. light doesn't move, it is infinite. We should say, "The speed of time." The speed of light is an illusion caused by a maze of time dialations. Time is bending. The speed of light is constant, or am I just another confused author?
  8. A place for original thought to mature. Just kidding but, not really. If the electromagnetic scale is infinite in both directions then I'd speculate that; At some point it becomes so small that it appears non-relavant to our perspective of the universe but, that does not mean that it doesn't posses it's varying densities. To suck everything out of a bottle is to dialate the surface a deeper grain.
  9. Could the Eridanus Super void be the center of a some ultra mega super cluster larger than our own observable universe?
  10. I'll try and rephrase this. It's my understanding that; 1) for mass to move at an infinite speed, requires infinite energy and that the mass itself will become infinite. 2) Protons are held inplace by a shell we call the strong force. 3) Models show these things as a spherical shape with an electron (a captured photon) orbiting the entity. 4) When two hydrogen atoms fuse into one Helium atom we note that; the proton of one winds up in the shell of the other and that a photon is released. 5) And here's the hard part, explaining my thought in terms that a scientist can understand; A) If we think of the strong force shell as a one dimensional point in space time whereby an entity, (The atom) can exist within the expansion of the time space continuum. (because it moves slower than the speed of light.) then; B) perhaps the escaped photon exists in a two dimensional line of space, made up of/or some part of it's original one dimensional shell. In this scenario the strong force reaches light speed and becomes infinite mass, traveling at an infinite speed, according to the infinite energy of atomic collision that fused the atoms. Space and time expand and contract for different reasons (see time dialations). Therefore the photon being observed by different observers will have to be in several places at once, because every observer will measure it's position as the speed of light from it's source. I'm just saying that perhaps the photon is not moving freely in a vacuum but rather it exists everywhere all at once within an infinite two dimensional line of strong force, and that we observe it as existing the speed of light from it's source because of our own position in time and relativity.
  11. We are the time machines. We are inteligent life expirencing a line of time. If you want to invite a time traveler (one who experiences many time zones through out time and place.) You must open your mind, not your fridge. It's like he invited an electric car to a gas pump.
  12. I recently read that the moon has a period of 2 weeks of daytime and 2 weeks of night during which the tempatures go from hot enough to boil water to -270 F. I was wondering: 1) How long of a period would tempatures be between, say 60 and 85 degrees? 2) If one built an igloo how thick wouldthe ice have to be to sheild you from cosmic ray poisoning during the day? night? 3) When water boils on the moons surface how high does the steam go into the 0 atmosphere? and does the steam create a temporary high pressure zone within the 0 atmosphere? perhaps a 5" high bubble or several feet, I guess what I'm asking is what is the range in simple elemetry terms? 4) Is their any earth like soil on the moon suitable to grow plants? Does anybody know if a good you tube with this kind of information? I heard on ted talks that a man named William Stone is willing to pioneer an expedition to the Moon with no fuel to return, and that's not all, his plans incude a probe to look for life on one of Jupiter's moons. I can't help but wonder how he plans on duing all of this. I wonder how much oxygen a small H3 reactor could be modified to create oxygen and Hydrogen.
  13. I was traversing the waters of the deep, where I ran across these words upon the masters desk. "Time and space kneel down before me while beasts in darkness prey." I asked, what do they mean? and he replied, "Post them and let's see".
  14. The travelers are still at the dinner and searching for substance. He who feeds them divides them.
  15. I guess what I'm trying to say is that perhaps during nuclear fission between a couple of hyrdrogen atoms, that one of the atoms remains a "classic" sphereicle atom with an extra proton or two but the other becomes a linear atom made of infinite energy, speed, and mass and that the ininite mass is spread out as infinite distance making appear that the photon is without mass. It's like saying, "Living in the universe is like experiencing infinite density from the inside" Or that Space time is what several strings of infinite mass looks like. Quantum entanglement might suggest that the proton adopted by the sphereical atom maybe still linked to the linear atoms who's electrons appear to be free photons in the classicle view. The electron quantum leaps and moves around some distance from the nucleous of it's atom according the heat and structure of it's enviorment. In a linear atom the photon will also move around the ray of distance (which includes past, present, and future space from our relative stand point) but when measured will always be the speed of light from A to B, or from it's proton to present position because this is the speed that time stops and the present time is an equilibrium between the past and future and is ofcourse relative the heat and structure of relative density of surounding matrix of space time rays from other photons.
  16. The future speaks to the past in parables. If you want to feed a time traveler you'll have to offer him your head.
  17. Perhaps infinite is a relative term. Does the photon posses infinite energy? Maybe it's not massless but rather it's infinite mass is spread out over an infinite ray of distance making it appear massless. And the Higgs boson would ofcourse be intersections of these rays whereby some part of the infinite mass/distance is converted back to energy. This would create a field where larger massive objects would have some difficulty reaching light speed. Merging rays might explain velocity time dialations. The more photons produced the faster the universe would expand, Thus dark energy. Just a thought.
  18. Once there was a man of science. Well trained in the arts of physics and cosmology. He was held in high esteem by pretty much everyone in his field. One day he decided to have a dinner party for a very special group of people; Time travelers. So he advertised the date of the party and made his intentions well known in hopes that he might find some interesting dinner conversation with those from the future and perhaps even the past, and/or different dimensions all together. The table was set and the dinner prepared and although many come to eat, there was only one time machine in the room, and it's perspective was not enough to feed them. And so they left him, but not without this little bottle of wine.
  19. To me quantum entanglement seems to suggest that every possible electro magnetic frequency exists as a mono paradigm expansion outside of time and distance. Infinite plane theory deepens
  20. I hope your young because you'll have a lot to learn. Good luck, don't sell your soul or take on any student loans you may not be able to afford flipping burgers
  21. Doesn't time stop at the event horizon of a black hole? There are lots of interesting hypothesis about the core and the atmosphere beyond the time line.
  22. Obviously we co-exist with dark matter, so the question is; Can dark matter be as as large and dense and/or a part of as a neutron star? How about as small and dense as a proton? Is dark matter predicted to have a strong nuclear force holding it's constiuants together?
  23. Could dark energy be playing a role in the odd behaviour of the chomosphere layer that exists on the sun and a newly discovered star in alpha century A ?
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