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  1. I've read that the voyager has encounted magnetic fields at the edge of our solar system. I'm wondering if these magnetic fields might exist around all or most solar systems, and if they might or probably exist in denser quantites around the edge of a galaxie? I wonder if the dynamics of these fields might create some kind of algorythmic structure of energy flow, and how or if the energy builds and releases in some fashion.
  2. if the above statements are true then the distance/weight/energy ratio would have to be just right to form galaxies. If we look back in time we should see a ribbon within the expansion were most glaxaies formed. New galaxie formation would probably be vary rare according to the present state of our universe.
  3. if the universe is part of a larger body of universes, then a present time cross section of relativity is possible. in my humble opinion. The lattice frame work, that holds the universes in position within it's dynamic state, will posses an algorythmic modulation that defines a present to present anomily within the mass/momentum field. in other words, if you were big enough, you could probably use the universe as the crystal in your watch. ofcourse the universe wouldn't be "Uni" any more. Just another verse within a host of verses residing within the infinite field of relativity. A present time requires a body of relativity. If you want to talk about a present time you need to define a field of presence (or virtual presence) before you define it's present state. In other words, are we discussing the present time of a person, a chemical, an atom, solar system, galaxie, so on and so on. It seems to me that we should be able to catagorize relativity feilds by their ability (or energy) to bend, absorb, reflect and/or produce, light (or electromagnatism).
  4. If we could imagine time as bubbles of expansion, and mass entities as modulations within the frequencies. We'd see "ribbons' and paricles in a continuum of relativity. Everything flowing in patterns of least resistance. The present time becomes relative to the cross sections of relative expansion modes, within the continuum or spectrum of relativity. Relative to our being, and childhood understanding the present time would become the time modulation state of frequency, as is according to the lattice frame work of atoms, that encompasses our personal awarness, and the state of knowledge and frame of awareness and mind, in the given instant of time.
  5. Galaxie shapes according to the theory above. Let's say we have two strings of momentum caused by some galactic black holes within some distance of each other and pick a variable for force and speed. The velocity time dialation should create a membrane of monentum spreading out like a disk which will shape acording to paths of least resistance according to the spin, speed, and force, and body of relativity existing within the event horizon. If the force has enough power to cause chaotic state in momentum/dialation entropy a new galactic black hole may form. If this chaotic state is spread out over a large enough distance a low preasure zone in relativity may appear. As cosmic rays start bending around, passing through, and feeding the fluctuation cloud, primary particles may start to form as well as inner string like structures according to the energies and algorythms of light (electromagnetic energy) moving through the field of chaotic time/momentum fluctuations. The dynamic trajectories and spin are probably the most important factors in determining the shape of a galaxie. Two jets of near equal force and opposite spin would probably create a galaxie that doesn't spin at all. It's shape of star formation would more resemble a young child scribbling on a piece of paper only in 3D. That is to say that the stars in these galaxies would be spinning around twisted and contorted ropes of time dialations. These would probably be smaller than other galaxies formed around the same time because a lot of the energy would be canceled out. Star formation would probably be very intense near the spins of the rope but the escape velocity would throw a lot of stars out of rope orbit where they'd only have other ejected stars to orbit. galaxies with tails. Tails form when two jets head towards each other and have spins in the same direction and near the same speed. As the "tail ends" of jets pass the "bulls eye" and start moving away from each other a negative momentum occurs and the disk like membrane collapses an amound equal to the momentum energy pulling away from the pool of dialation. This is the end of the time dialation event but there's still a lot of spin left to absorbe the tails that went through the low pressure center. If we think of these tail ends as negative momentum spikes affecting the spinning membrane of the velocity time dialation. And we suppose that the membrane is spinning fast enough, and the negative momentum spikes happen suddenly enough, that properties of space time elasticity may occur. The disk would dialate and shrink as the spike bounced back and forth until equallibrium is met. By this time their may be several arms formedwithin a spiral galaxie. The jets from smaller super novas witnin galaxies probably form the "pools" of relativity needed to form smaller stars and solar systems. The universe probably formed in a similar manner.
  6. We should be able to put together a three dimesional graph using time, weight, and distance as a the x,y, and z axis. I'm not the math guy though. Map gravitaional waves as wavey spirals. I heard of a device that compreses light that they were getting ready to test They're hoping to find gravity waves with it.
  7. Perhaps the brain is reacting algorythms of relativity that exist through out the reality band of frequency that defines our little corner of infinity.
  8. I wonder if the differences are related to the density, and or the spinning, of our own galaxy that the light has to travel through. Surley they checked the math. All curious laymen know how much scientists love math . According the my own vision of the universe, some light goes around the galaxy and some percentage of photons have to move through it. Then they have to divide over and over again around and through every large mass objects dialation. It would seem to me that these divisions along with the many that are captured and bouced around and transformed should surley pay it's toll so to speek. We have our position, and part to play in the galactic spinning lenz. I wonder how one might percieve light energy while looking through a glass lenz. I know when I poke a stick in water it looks bent, I hear that it's from light slowing down from medium to medium.
  9. http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/brain-universe.html Website shows pictures of a brain cells strikingly similar to picture of the universe. evidence of my visions and theories or coincedence?
  10. The big question is, can matter accelerate to nuetrino like state?
  11. This article suggests that the cosmilogical constant varies, in a smooth manner, relative to the direction of their survey. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/11/stunning-new-stunning-study-of-300-galaxies-shows-some-regions-of-universe-not-fine-tuned-for-life.html#more I think variences do exist but, because they explain this as a smoot transition, I'd say that the light traveling through fields of relativity that exist in our very own galaxy obscurrs the test results.
  12. If plasma is a fourth state of mass that is mass existing as information in a ray of light, than perhaps this information can also be imprinted on faster than light rays of neutrinos as simple "laps, or folds" in their lines of momentum.
  13. Let's say a single particle of energy moves towards another single particle of energy at a velocity exceeding the speed of light. A small single cell of time dialation occurs. This cell has a relative position to other dialations in 4D space/time. Together these cells make up bodies of relativity. But since relativity is in and of itself an infinte and expanding plane governed and divided by the speed of light, relativity algorythem frequencies must exist. Literally, modulations of time frequency It is probable that at some point within the infinte fields of relativity that, everything that has ever happened, and everything that will ever happen, in the observable universe, has already happened. And it all happened in a single instant within that frame of relative space/time. We convert energy to momentum to change our position in logical space time that is made up of algorythmic links of the dialation energies of relativity. In the same way we use radio waves that do not exist in nature to listen to static free FM radio transmitions, we should be able to manipulate our physical beings position to a non natural position in space time. In this way we should be able to tune our logical position in space time to any position of our own choosing in much the same way we change a radio station. A radio wave is just energy, and we are, and so is everything else.
  14. Galaxie after galaxie and the large ratio ,I'm guessing, is filled with stars, dying stars, and or dead stars, that all had to be created over time. I know there are a few young galaxies being discovered, but I presume that the visible universe is no longer a teen ager. As more and more stars are created in these inumerable galaxies more and more light is fanned out accross the universe. Every ray has to bend around and go through inumerable gravity wells, in flat space, just to get out of it's own galaxie where it travels through and around other galaxies, and other extra terrestial bodies of relativity. When the universe was young there were fewer stars in the galaxies. The rays flowing around a galaxie could meet the photons that moved through the galaxie mucy easier. Now days the photons that move through the galaxie have more complicated paths to travel. I guess what I'm basically saying is that, an accelerated expansion is normal in a mature universe due to the fact that there is more and more light that has to travel through a more and more complex field of flat space/time. I think, or to say, "According to this model in my head", Dark energy and dark matter are binding forces. they force the logical position of entities (or bodies of relativity and mass) into their proper place according to the energy (much of it light) or force that acts upon them.
  15. Check this out (How stars are born), A quote from Astronomy Mag. The article is here: http://www.astronomy.com/~/link.aspx?_id=e22a5393-ab03-484f-882e-750cc419ff1f Talks about stars being formed of light and radiation, trapped in water vapor.
  16. Edge to edge, Outside, an instant to instant expanding force of compounding and infinite posabilities. And the inside edge of 4D space are the galactic black holes themselves, and the outside edge Arts what and where it pleases amoung the vast realms of what is, and what is possible.
  17. Well i just had anther thought. What if two extremely powerful jets were lined up and blasting out of some large galatic black holes at some distance. The extreme velocity of the energy moving towards each other would surley create a time dialation, or field of relativity, strong enought to bend light. This line of reasoning might predict that galaxies and solar systems are joined togeter by strings of force that are tied together by a velocity time dialation knot. These rays and dialations determine logical position in the universe.
  18. So there's no way that dark matter can be a cloud of neutron star dust, Unless some unknown mechanism keeps the material from expanding after an improbable flight away away from the stars gravitational field. Back to the drawing board.
  19. I can't be the first person to think of this but here it is anyway. If you took a golf ball sized chunk out of a neutron star, or quazar and threw it into outerspace, it would probably have enough weight to cause a gravitational time dialation strong enough to warp the fabric of space time and cause light to bend around it's gravity well field. Some of these molecules might be escaping through the jets of energy that form from time to time at the polar regions. I don't know, what do you think?
  20. Well I don't have a lot of time this morning but I did a quick search to try and find what happens to liquid water in space and I did'nt find anything yet. But I did find this interesting article about a young star shooting water out of it's poles. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/17/star-shooting-water-jets-herschel_n_879211.html It seems I remember an article where astronounts were experiminting on boiling water in space but I can't remember where. Maybe I'll try to find it when I get back home from work.
  21. Well, I was thinking the otherday about the huge amount of light bending around the galaxie like a googilian googilian tiny little electro magnetic fibers. And how some percenage of each ray transfers through the galactic time dialation where it bends and twists around the inner felds of relativity. Amoung the cloud of thoughts I realized that the light going around the time distortion field probably spins the time dialation field. And that there is probably an atmsmasphere of electro magnetic clouds that build up and disapate similar to cloud formations on earth. Especeally towards the outer edge. And that this model suggests that if the clouds become turbulent enough for a film of chaotic activity, that atoms of hydrogen and perhaps other elements might form. I read the other day that water is a key ingrediant to star formation. Water is an execellent binder. If this energy could create water then I could see water drops forming larger drops. Collecting silt, dust heavy water. Also, water doesn't compress. I guess at some point it would reach a preassure and turn into hho gas. Highly volitle.
  22. I appreciate any information. I'm just an artist trying to picture everything in details, in my head. Today the picture is everything moving and moving and fast as fast and entropy and weight are the results of friction and resistance to the speed of instant. The bubble is a stretched out matrix and bandwith of infinite time dialations. The edge, a razor of particles here, there, and everywhere popping in and out as to a fasioin a very fine point in the flow of an expansion force exploding into at least four dimensions, possibly more. Relitivity bends and stretches the energies, within it's own algorythmic patterns of frequenceis. Because energies exist outside of time and are their own bands of prime energy thresholds cascading down the infinite energy spectrum. Hmmmm, Little of subject there, is the weak force thought to interact with neutrino's, gravity, or dark energy?
  23. The Present Time: A band of frequency within an infinit sprectrum. Perhaps we should define the spectrum. It would be my assumption that every single atom would have a field of relativity at the low end of the scale. The high end should cover the entire expanse of the universe. The present is would be the now state energy within any respective time dialation. The future is field of statistical probability. Beyond this field is infinit possibility and at this point another universe is surely expanding. The past massless photons that shape the infinite feild of time dialations.
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