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  1. http://www.astronomy.com/News-Observing/News/2013/03/Hubble%20pins%20down%20age%20of%20oldest%20known%20star.aspx?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ASY_News_Sub_130315_Final&utm_content= interseting article in Astronamy magazine.
  2. so what is the science behind size? Are stellar and supermassive black holes singularities? One last thing, if gravitons exist, would they reside within the atoms or among them? If you like I could give some answers but you must realize that I"m just pure imagination, and the answers will probably have nothing to do with real physics. 1. I"ll start with gravatons. If protons exist both inside and outside of atoms than gravatons probably do as well. 2. The cores of super massive and stellar black holes are singularities provided the stellar black hole was large enough to form one. 3. Size is defined by the gravity field and the divisions within it. Gravity is an expansion of inward force. The horizon of the black hole is a hole in space and time and/or a division in the gravity field. The singularity is a redefining of size. It is a universe in it's own right. In this way the electromagnetic spectrum is infinite in size and is defined and redefined by gravityies expansion within it's divisions of planes. TIme, space, and size is relative to the plane of gravitational excitements within their relative plane of origin. In this way a bigger universe can exist within a smaller universe because it's all relative to the size of gravitational excitements, that are the gravitons, within the spectrum of gravitational planes. I could bullshit all day like this
  3. Did God create the universe? Imagine the gravity of your own thoughts and you will find the answer in time.
  4. A freaky synopsis of my most recent lines of reasoning based on what I've learned about physics and reality. Dark matter is a very mysterious name to give a thing. I decided to start thinking of these matter particles as non electromagnetic atoms, (NEMA's for short). It just doesn't make sense to me that periodic scale should stop at Hydrogen as the smallest atom. According to what I've learned about big bang dynamics, both gravity and the strong force was released from the singularity before electromagnatism. Thus NEMA's probably existed prior to the proton. These atoms are made up of nothing more than gravity, the strong force, and perhaps their heavier counterparts include the weak force. If we could examine a star through a lenz that would filter out all of the electromagnetic particles and energies we would see only the dark matter atoms going through similar fission processes; whereby a dark matter atom with one gravaton will fission with another to produce a two gravaton element and a strong force shell with nothing in it. The shell probably evaporates into vacuum energy that anihilates itself and becomes the vacuum of space/time. ie, dark energy. Closer to the core of large stars, the NEMA's would probably become to heavy to be stable in much the same way the heavier normal matter atoms become radioactive. Gravatons probably produce messons and quarks at or near the same time as the normal matter produces steal, and protons are probably forged in much the same way as gold and lead in the nova explosion. Dark stars probably existed before the dawn of electromagnatism. Inflation was probably a chain reaction of one "dark star" supernova causing the others to go nova and thus creating all the EM particles, of the standard model, in the universe and the super massive black holes that define the center of most galaxies. All of these things had to have happened within fractions of a micro second. Another plane of relativity must have existed. If normal matter is regulated by the speed of light, plack length, and the speed of proton vibration then it makes perfect sense that the sub-hydrogen atom entities should be governed by the length and speed of gravatron vibrations. If I'm right the near future should express a sub-periodic table of elements and give us a good theory on how gravity works. This idea might help explain the mechanics of nova explosions and how the higgs boson creates mass.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_spectrum " The electromagnetic spectrum extends from below the low frequencies used for modern radio communication to gamma radiation at the short-wavelength (high-frequency) end, thereby covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atom. The limit for long wavelengths is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length,[2] although in principle the spectrum is infinite and continuous. "
  6. Think of like this; The universe started out as a singularity, and in some manner of perspective it still is. The singularity cores of black holes are no different than the universe we are in. Size is relative. And that which seperates our universe from alternate universes is a layer of no/time chaos and that all universes are linked together by gravity.
  7. My quacked theory; Nothing is a quantum particle. Within extreme subquantum circumstances nothing can be converted through a process I call gravitational fission, where by gravatons smash into nothingatrons and transform them into dark matter particles. Nothing particles in the universe are like air bubbles in water always moveing in the path of least resistance. The universe is a body of time wherefore the nothing particles gather in the valleys of low time dialation activity, far away from the dark matter scaffolding that holds matter in place. Dark energy is probably the decompression of nothing particles escaping large intersections of dark matter. The hypo goes on and on. Perfect nothingness can and probably does exest as a plane of infinite expansion, but that does not mean that it exists, or that it ever existed as the only plane of infinite expansion. In fact I see no reason to think that this plane couldn't have evolved from the anihilation of the EM positive plane intersecting the EM negative plane in some subquantum, realm of relativity. The post quantum universe is made of four dimensions and four known forces. Things which move at the speed of light can exist perfectly fine both inside and outside of a/the body of time that I think of as the universe. If any of this makes sense to you then you consult a non-quack immediatly to preserve whatever is left of your sanity
  8. I am not a quack, I'm just way ahead of time LOL
  9. I wonder if it's {the higgs} existence could be defined by the vibration rate of the gravaton. And if 10^{22}seconds is enough time for these bound gravatons to swap higgs bosons to form a molecular like structure. When a body of atoms gets excited we say that it is hot. Perhaps time dialation is a simalar effect happening within a body of the of dark matter structure.
  10. The term solid is relative. I'm sure our own universe would appear solid to a being in a spacial dimension millions of times it's (our own universe's) size. The draft is just a layer of timeless chaos that divides the systems of order that defines each universe. The stars orbiting the black hole should create a kind of current not much different than the way our oceans currents are fomed by heating and cooling. The thought is that; These currents might bring forth a stable enough structure within the gravitational cloud to bring forth an expansion whereby electro magnetic particles could escape from the strong force that they were pressed into by the spaggettification process. The size of the gravaton would have to be relative to the universe where it resides. The electromagnetic particles would be smaller than the vacuum energy of our own universe. what you wind up with is an infinite system of chaos preceding order; preceding chaos preceding order ... ect... A gravitaional time dialation whereby time collapses and then re-emerges. This theory explains that the present time is the gravitational equilibrium that exists between the expanding field of gravity against the inward force of gravity.
  11. I read the wiki pedia version of the definition. But I need to know what is the current view of what divides the muliverses? It seems as though it is that; the current laws of physics ,as we understand them, define our universe and that others may exist that do not conform to our standard model.
  12. I don't want to go off the subject but I wonder if any objects exist that warp space/time like this in nature, and I thought perhaps this is how magnets work.
  13. Could dark matter have a structure similar to the atom? I've read that the higgs boson exists everywhere, and I started thinking gravity also exists everywhere. So, perhaps the higgs boson orbits a gravaton similar to an electron orbiting atomic nuclei. And that perhaps for the most part space time is similar to hydrogen having one gravaton and one higgs, but where we see dark matter as the scaffolding that holds the structure of the universe together, it is more a molecular like structure comprised of more complex versions of the particle. Just a weird thought but what do we really know about it? Perhaps unstable versions of the particle deteriourate into quarks.
  14. What is the scientific definition of universe? What might divide ours from alternates?
  15. LOL, As a matter a fact I did, the grey matter 5000!!
  16. Go ahead and laugh and beat me with a word bat, I still I think I'm right. In fact, I'd dare say that stars orbiting black holes are weaving the threads of dark matter, that will someday be the particle colliders necessary to create galaxies. There are singularities as black hole cores, and our universe was once a singularity, and I'm sure within a band width of infinite sizes it still is. I have to think that the interior of a black hole consists of an outer layer of particle chaos within a time free zone. But closer to the core fractal patterns form structure from the algorythems of gravitaional, particle crunching. and ofcourse gravity transends through all the dimensions of possability. If I'm correct then gravity is an expansion of infinite inward force. The speed of light is equal to the velocity that exists between the expansion and the implosion. This would put the present time as a vector of gravitaional equilibrium. Negative particles form from the gravitational decay of the inward force moving into an anihilation zone. And positive energy is the decay of the expansion into an anihilation zone. The anihilations take time and they are time.
  17. If it turns out that our universe is but a sigularity existing within a black hole within some other universe, we will experience accererated growth patterns according to the extra universal black hole's feedings. The higgs mass gain should restableize within a few billion years along with the growth rate of universe. So, I would'nt read to much into it until we know for sure exactly what makes up our universes outer borders. For sure black holes make up some four dimensional inner borders that exists between time and no time within our own universe, via gravitational dialation. If this is the scenerio, then the extra universal black hole might go with out feeding and as the extra universal black hole evaporates we might experience our universe shinking for a few billion years. It's all relative and everything becomes possible within the fractile patterns and algorythems of what we percieve as reality.
  18. Garage sales and trash pickers, and I know, everything is relative.
  19. I was "relegoing" the model in my head, stitching together new information with old and came up with this: I learned a long tome ago that it is accepted that the electromagnetic scale is infinte in both directions. And now I know that the space and time can expand and contract at infinite rates and that this is relative to a local perspective. Now, if we throw into the mix that many now believe that black holes have a singularity as a core. I can imagine that some of these singularities could be as vast and as limitless as our own universe. Well, I got to thinking that if this is true than a big bang scenario must fit nice and neatly into the realms of possibility to explain our own existence, and place our own universe inside of an "extra universal" black hole. So I started thinking about something I read in wikkipedia about black hole classifications, whereas some black holes have a charge, and some are static, and some spin. The article went on to explain that ones that have spin are predicted to have a core of ininite implosion and that some physicists believe the hole may be a doorway to alternate universes although this is highly speculative. So I'm "legoing" away at the model, and the thought of vast universes being possible within some of the black holes in our own universe, trying to tie together the notion of how a big bang might occur, and I'm no scientist, but just the navigator of my own thoughts, and I started thinking about those spinning black holes. At some point the infinite time space implosion must become smaller than a gravaton. At which point the gravatons might produce a cloud of gravatons smashing into each other thus becoming the ultimate particle collider. The razors edge of particle collision. I'm thinking that somewhere beyond the time/notime event horizon, of some spinning black holes, there may well be an expansion horizon existing within the infinite implosion. Within this local frame of relativity one might experience a plane of gravity expanding faster than the speed of light, which I've read is what most physicist believe happend at the advent of the big bang. So now I'm wondering, what real scientists might think happens when and where a space and time implosion vortex becomes smaller than a gravaton?
  20. http://www.greatians.com/physics/universe/black%20hole.htm This site suggests that particle collisions can produce gamma rays and nock them into higher energy orbits within the event horizon and/or out of the black holes atmosphere. I found the texts informative and satisfying.
  21. The universe is young, healthy, and strong. The Expansion will slow again in due season, like the spring and summer grain of hardwood.
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