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  1. It's my understanding that sound is a wave that travels through the air. And that waves can cancel each other out. So, I have a couple of thought experiments. Experiment A. If I take two speakers and point them at each other and play the same sound, at the same time, and at the same volume, I assume the waves would cancel each other out and I wouldn't hear anyting. Here's my questions: 1) Are the paper cones still vibrating? 2) If not, are the magnets still vibrating? And, 3) If I turned up the volume on one of the speakers would I hear the sound? Experment B. If I mount some speakers back to back, and on a track, (No rhyme intended,lol) and I perfectly center them inbetween the other speakers and set the same parameters, sound,time, and volume, I assume the waves would all cancel each other out once again, and I would hear no sound from them. Here's the questions: 4) What would happen if I turned the volume up on the far right speaker? a) Would I hear some sound? b) Would the speaker on the track move tothe left? right? or would it not move at all? 5) What would happen if the volumes were again equal, and then I turned up the volume on one, say the right, speaker on the back to back, track speaker? a) same questions as 4)a and 4)b? I wish I had the time and money to perform experments like this. That'd be fun. It'd be super cool to watch the results on youtube!
  2. Can anybody explain how magnet fields work? Why do opposites attact? and likes repel?
  3. It is my understanding that molecular structure is made, at least in large part, of atoms sharing electrons. The electron is a quantum particle. Could one say that they are quantumly entagled?
  4. I apolagize for my previous inability to explain my model of the universe in the past. it is very large, precise and dynamic. I've decided to focus on a single experiment that will prove or disprove my theory all together. The experment will involve a twist on a popular experment known as the double slit experment and it's most unusual and counter intuitive results. A scientist walks into his lab. He turns on the light and checks his equipment. The camera is there, but is not turned on. He does not consider that the lab, the electron canon, the double slit plate, and everything around him exists in a four dimensional space. (Length, width, depth, and time.) He fires an electron. The result, an interference pattern, proving that the electron is a wave and that it passes through both slits at the same time. He turns on the camera. According to my model, this is the point in which reality changes. Photons on the cameras three dimensional sensor, (length, width, and time,) are quamtumly entangled with the atoms that radiated them in the four dimensional room. To simplify this would be to say that; a scale model of the four dimensional room is now residing, and quantumly entangled with a three dimensional sensor. He fires the electron. The result, a "Shadow" pattern of the double slit, proving that the electron is a particle. The theory: Quantum entanglement diplaces distance creation. According my model the electron did not change it's state, but the medium that it was traveling through was altered. Before the camera was turned on quantum entaglement was a random act caused by the rules of relativity and the strings of distance being created by the atoms in the room. By turning on the camera we removed a spacial dimension through quantum entanglement. In effect we polorized the distance being created by the atoms in the room. As a result, the wave function of the electron collapsed. The Experiment: If we bend the sensor in the camera into different shapes it should alter the results into predictable lines and shapes. We might also vibrate the sensor for even more interesting results. When sombody speaks our ears pick up the sound, our mind triangulates the sound waves and realize the point of origin and person speaking. When we look at an object we see the photons in our eyes and our mind triangulates the position of the object's origin relative to our own. I now know exactly how far to reach to pick up my cup of coffee : ) Simple.
  5. Let me start over. Try put the idea on a single, familiar scale. Let's say two quarks vibrate in a proton at a velosity faster than light. This will cause distance to expand between them. These rays, and loops of distance build a force field of energy around the vibrating particles. The newly created distance pushes on previously created distances. The friction between them cause electro magnetic phenominons like the Higgs boson. This is quantum foam. The lowest octive that we can percieve. Scale up an octive and we see The proton vibrating. and the wierd and elusive electron. Now, this is an element so mysterious that can exist in more than one place at a time. Quantum non-location. Let's watch the double slit experiment. The electrons form an interference pattern when we are not watching them. There are two relative points. (A) the gun the electron was fired out of and (B) The target, a recording plate. The electron occupies every possible position that exists. These positions are goverened only by the speed of light and the point of origin. When we observe the action there are at least three relative points.( A) and (B) as before but also © an oberver. The electron will now form the "Shadow" of the two slits. The disance being observed now a triangulated plane. The electron is shaping this plane. It must exist from gun to target at the speed of light, and from the gun to the camera's photon sensor, at the speed of light, and from the target to camera's photon sensor, at the same time. Time is relavant. Therefor distance and position is also relavant.
  6. Distance creation makes up 74 percent of the universe. Imagine that. It is the dominate force of the universe by far. When I imagine this I tend to model Inflation as the result of a single time dilation. It was only relative to itself. Therefor there was no velocity, making faster than light speed possible. And then I tend to think that perhaps vacuum energy is the result of time dilations crashing into each other in deep space. The strong force as being made of several bands of time dilations brought about by the simple act of a vibrating proton and the electron the result of this time dilation crahing into the present moment of an observers perspective, of a present moment. We tend to think of time being three dimensional. Past, present, and future, but the quantum fact is, there are many present moments. If time is relative, then so is position, and distance. That's all I'm saying. Nothing special, My butt is not falling through this chair because the distance being created by the chair is crashing into distance being created by my butt, and the electron is the result of this action happening in a unified series of present moments. This is the unifying theory. It is M theory and membranes are made up of present moments of time. It's well understood that we can look into the universe and see a star existing in two different places at once. But what we really see is one star and two paths. They'll both get you there and in the same amount of time. The electron existing in several places at once is no different. Two positions created by time. To observe is to choose a path, that's all. Quantum entanglement, no big mystery. Two places at once, Just a matter of time.
  7. It is quantum wierdness. Particle non location that is. Something existing in two or places or more at the same time, or is it? Maybe it's intuitive to those with a proper line of thought. Surely we must realize by now that: The universe is expanding at different rates everywhere, all at once. Because if time is relative, so is location. I know, and makes sense. Everything above absolute zero in the uiniverse is moving. The universe itself is growing. Probably at the rate of all the distance created by every velocity exceeding the speed of light. Distance expands between every object that moves towards another object at a velocity exceeding the speed of light. Regaurdless of the distance that already exists between them. So, what time is it? Where does a thing exist? This would depend upon which layer of time it is measured in. Elemetary. To measure something is to locate it's position within a frame of time that is in sync with the measuring observer, within that shared moment. Weird? Not really. Not when you really think about it. It's just a quantum fact that the winds of time are a real phenominon in the realm of the very small.
  8. Silly human, 36grit is the password. Shhh
  9. The higgs boson's job is to bind gravity to electromagnetic positive and negative to create the tripole entity that we all know and love as, the atom. The protons job is to create time by vibrating a velocity fast enough to create space that we all might enjoy the luxery of movement.
  10. 36grit


    If the atom is a dipoole then it is a disk, if the atom is a tripole then it is a sheree
  11. Divide by zero? How much does light weigh? Look, a drop of water but, a paritcle in a cresting wave. I'm not dividing by zero but, nature is. Somehow. either that or I"m living in a different dimension,lol. By the ocean of course. I don't know much but, I do know this: That light is contstant. and that there is a universal constant, and that non-locality of quantum particles is a fact jack. and that" The universe is expanding, that is, time and distance is expanding and that time can be bent,stretched, twisted, and dialiated and that the older I get the faster it goes, and it goes faster and faster and faster unless, It's traveling at the speed of light, or stands still to burn a black hole and that: I will learn to navigate the infinite dimension before anyone else even admits that there is one. Because the photons frame is where I live. Well, not really, But actually we do think at the speed of light so, Yeah but that's a whole knew conversation. I doubt if I will ever have antother hypothisis or another theory that will include light moving relative to the unwarped atomic time frame.
  12. I guess the big speculative question here is, How can an entity existing in a realm of no time, and no space move? The only way I can come up with is that space and time is being created, and/or expanding faster than light. Is this possible?
  13. Of course not, that's because time does not pass from a photon's point of view. And there is no distance either. Wherefore, photons cannot move and that's what I said, "Why do we say the speed of light instead of the speed of time?" and that, "the movement of light is an illusion." Perhaps in time we will find a better understanding of the quatum field, aka the infinite planes in my brain, lol.
  14. One way r the other, To say, "The speed of light," is an oxymoron. Speed implies that something is moving a certain amount of distance in a certain amount of time and at the speed of light time stands still.
  15. Wow, I didn't think of that. Good point. So the light exists in the two slits at the same time, and of course the camera lenses recording the event at a billion trillion frames per second but, not the target. Because the light has to actually move to hit the target. Brilliant. Yes, Makes perfect sense to me now. Thank you so much. And now we can discuss all of those wild and cazy dimensions and universes except the obvious ones. Right? D*mn it, I wish I was smart like you.
  16. Well, I don't know about proof or evidence but, many things have shaped the model in my brain. I guess one of the original epiphanies that led me to ponder would be the double slit experiment. LIght is a wave and a particle at the same time. Makes sense if, light is a particle relative to the time "mask" and it is a wave relative to it's own unified expansion. Now, I'm curious. How does mainstream physics explain this phenominon?
  17. My father created the universe. So no it wasn't created alone.
  18. for me, Religion is the spiritual truth. It is ancient, deep, and poetic. Science is the physical truth, It is logical, statistical, and literal. To ask, Is God real? Is to ponder, Am I a beast?
  19. I don't think that humans necessarily isolate themselves from the mainstream. I think that inteligent people do, but not the masses. They are easily manipulated by proven techniques, and pop culture idols. That's why there is a mainstream. It's not hard to put together a viable social network to reach a common goal if you have the right people and realize and accept there talents and short commings. I think that a lot of people think that everyone else is just like them, or should be, just because they are people too and that's far from truth and/or reason. A good comedian can find common ground with his audiance that can see a part of themselves in him,or somebody they know that has some relevance to the jokes and stories that he is telling. Like people do seem to group together. We are all here because we like science and philosophy, but there is a lot of friction because we all have our own theories and ideas that we want to prove to the world.
  20. Ya'll seem to be veering off subject. Getting all wrapped up in photons. To me this guy seems to want to know what is sacred and what is not. I know that the word light is synonmous with the word understanding in some of the religious texts that I have read, and I know that my understanding is sacred to me and the ghosts that brought it but, not anybody else.
  21. Scary? M theory is scary. superstring theory is scary. Einstein's search for a unified field theory, not so much. At least not in my opinion. Please understand, I do not beleive that I am wrong. I simply do not have the expertiese or mathmaticle background to explain the way I see things. I can't even come up wth a better analogy than the one I've already given. Besides, if I am right, the scientific comunity will find it's way eventually. It's just taking you guys so long. And things that should have been universally understood years ago, like relativity, and time dialtion, continue to confuse the masses.They should be elementry by now. If you think that the light is moving that's fine with me, and most importantly, it's mathamticlly correct. Rock On, I'm going back to my science fiction novel, lol. I wish you luck and happiness. Cool video:
  22. Clearly you guys have a very good understanding of how and why things work. I guess my brain just prefers a simpler, unified field theory. Right or wrong. Thank you for your comments.
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