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  1. Physics to put a place, Chemistry to put life in the place. Curious Universe, in brief words.
  2. We always has been inert matter chemically reorganized, only inert elements at the end of all. The existence of the consciousness of the inert matters is a mistery for me.
  3. I want to say that morals it's not what we can expect precisely from a self-created universe. Irrational things or absolutely all irrational are more expectable, I think, if this comes from the pure nothing without creator.
  4. My brother was all his life a lover of dirty life and now is an indigent. I was all the life a lover of letters and I'm now a writer. Why the hell appears by itself an Universe with moral (little or big moral for you or for somebody). I can understand an Universe chaotic appeared by itself (a soup of matter for exemple), but not this one. It's shocking.
  5. I mean the contrary of 'shameless'. An attitude. Maybe 'shy' is not the correct word. It's important because it stops crimes, poor education, force, violence, bad attitudes, etc... And to talk with a shameless it's not the same that to talk with a person with a degree of natural shame. It's glory.
  6. Shame (in 'shy' sense) is one of the best feelings of the human being. The modern lack of shame (media first guilties, but not the only ones) is the start of a lot of critical troubles of the modern society. Do you think the same? How to fight against this? Is it possible?
  7. And only their mind/chemical pertorbations and inestabilities, reals or not in the real world, that make the chemical reaction and inestability. And chemical pertorbations from an interior source. Does not need a disease, of course. Bad/good. Doing bad/good things.Freedom or predictably chemical reaction?
  8. Everybody does what he or she can or what his or her understanding (culture, knowledge, education, experiences, age) allows him or her... At the end of all, it's the only true about human behaviour. The absence of evil in the planet. Universe does not created the evil. Only the chemical possibilities and diseases of human brain. Or not? This applies in collective sense, depending on their leader or lesders. His/her/their understanding. Nobody is bad by itself. But remember to protect yourself a bit of excessive fools...
  9. Abstract concept of good/bad luck is scientifically irrational and absurd for maths, but a lot of witness (and victims) think is real, absolutely real, like something beyond. It exists for us as irrational and absurd abstract concept... and real effects. It exists. I'm afraid is not an human appraisal.
  10. All in this Universe is curious. Beginning with its existence itself. All is curious.
  11. I can't believe in religions, they are a creation of men, but I can't neither believe that billions of billions of tons of matter have appeared by themselves from the nothing. It's only what I know. It's curious. And a lot people too (and everyday more people as science advances).
  12. Explanation can only be absurd, whatever it be. Things don't appear by themselves.
  13. From where have appeared all these billions of billions of tones of matter of the Universe? In the big bang all these were compressed as energy, but they were already there. From where have phisically appeared? The answer can only be very absurd, in the case they have appeared alone and in the case they have not appeared alone, and will make a bit of fear...
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