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  1. I don't think I understand what your saying. When you say it takes all paths I imagine an infinite amount of paths from one place to another. So I tend to imagine that the particle "melts" into it's own infinite field then reforms instantly in it's new position. But I think we all know that my imagination is probably bigger than the universe
  2. Everything moves in the path of least resistance. So for a particle to leap from here to there without moving through any distance inbetween must be the path of least resistance. So, what is the difference between space that was occupied and the space that was leaped to and the space inbetween? Is it a difference in the time dialation properties of this space compared to that space? Can it be calculated as some space/energy ratio by a shear genius formula? or something else like dark matter density? I wonder what the leading theory is.
  3. I don't know much about symetry but I things seem to follow fracitle patterns of algotrythems to me. If you know what I mean.
  4. Many are lead to believe that everything was born out of nothing, what I am proposing is that nothing is a product of the energy that everything is made of. And a vital part of our modulation of reality. In fact, I'd say that time would be imposible without it and that the higgs boson is a sustained algorythem flowing around a certain energy/nothing ratio. Todays understanding is that vacuum energy anihaltes but what I'm suggesting is that it creates a particle that is nothing more than space and that energy must flow around this space. The particle itself is nothing but energies flowing around it would create a suface tension and a dialation, or if you prefer, a gravitational effect. Nothing does exist. It exists between the nucleous of an atom and the electron. It exists mathmaticaly. Absolute nothing is impossible, therefore it must always exist as a division of a larger whole. Therefore it must exist as quantum particle that lacks any energy on it's own. All things flow in the paths of least resistance.
  5. Here lately I've grown quite fond of the idea, of the possibility that dark matter may be the quantum particle of nothing itself; existing within a sea of seething and expanding energies. The energies would have to flow, or dialate around the nothing paricle and thus cause a surface tension effect. As with everything else the nothing particles would flow in the path of least resistance and eventually "pool" within the resevoirs of time dialations. I could imagine an effect that would explain the entropy and structure of outerspace, The universal constant, and the "webb" like appearence that we see aound the galaxies. I would imagine that vast amounts of energy moving through super large pools could cause enough entopy and radiation to forge hydrogen atoms. Then again, I do have quite the vivid imagination.
  6. Just wanted to throw in my opinion of what time is: The constant shifting of logical position in an expanding universe.
  7. Every instant that threads crash into one another an excess of energy occurs producing the entropy of space/time. Time is released as energy possible particles. It is this entropy that makes electromagnetic energy particles possible. I like to call them "uncertainty principle particles." They are the very pixles of space/time. As the membranes push on each other an electromagnetic cloud of energy possible space is produced along with the algorythyms of the collisions. This produces non/gravitational; electromagnetic particles. As the "bands" start intersecting and creating their own algorythyms, particles with gravity start coming forth. If the light starts bending around these; another spectrum level of relativity will develop. During the big bang the electromagnetic cloud was trying to grow faster than distance. Conditions must have been very hot until the kettle was just right to for the implosions necessary to create atoms. Distance kept growing until they reached the state that we see it today. About 2 to 3 degrees above absolute zero. And as the energy from the big bang subsides; so will time itself. Relativity and electromagnetic algorythems of the modulations that we call the Universe will eventually fade, like the microwave back ground now reduces from a once much higher form of energy.
  8. Your level of intelligence is blinding. I"m just saying, light defines distance and time. Therefor; a line existing from my eye to a star can be sectioned into an absolute number of instants. In elemetry terms, If we imagine a ray from here to there and placed a beed every gazillion ticks of a proton we would see the absolute volume of time. The beeds would spread apart near large gravitaional bodies and act according the rules of relativity. In effect we'd have a defined thread of relativity. The beeds might spread and squeeze but their volume would always be exact,
  9. "Speed of light". It's kind of an antiquated phrase. Sure it's mathmaticaly sound but I think the phrase causes a lot of confusion. To find the speed of somthing you figure how much distance was traveled in a certain amount of time. But with light distance and time become variables defined by the light between two unique reference points, usually an observer and a the light source. For me to conceptualize Einsteins theory of relativity I had to find a different plane of thought. So I started tinking that the ray of light that exists between my eye and say a star ten thousand light years away was actually a defined one dimensional thread of relativity. A ray of distance, sectioned by an instant to instant volume of time. Then I realized that, even if me and the star were perfectly still, relative to each other, there would probably be several rays of light on the one dimensiol thread of relativity. The red and blue shifts of the doppler affect suddenly made sense. I realized that little one dimensional algorythems must exist between me and the star. A two dimesional algorythem must also exist, and is built layer on layer, intant to instant, in the sherical shape of the star. Dark matter may well be the result of these layers delaminating, I don't know, just a guess really. Bands of Cross sections, of these two dimensional membranes, must also have algorythems of relativity within their perspective degrees and angles. If threads, membranes, and bands, of relativity are defined by electromagnetic (light) energy, and (a really big) "IF" quantum particles are the reluslt of collisions between the treads, membranes, and bands of relativity, then it would seem as no strange thing that quantum particles; quantum leap, change flavor, and exist in two or more places at once. In fact, in a dynamic construct all the wierdness of quantum activity disapears along with all the wierdness of relativity. It's Just a hypothesis though.
  10. This model suggests that "strings" hold the photons in place within the membrane's matrix. These collapse and expand according to the speed of the light that slows down to pass throught the lens. It is litterally an optical recreation of a point in time that exists 100x closer to the planet (as it is relavant to that gravitational body) to the rest mass observation point. Strings of quantum entanglment make up the fabric of each instant to instant membrane radiating from the planet. The lens acts like a low pressure point in 3 dimensional distance (space) for the relavant atmosphere of time. One might deduce that vacuum energy anihilation "sews" the membrane together as the distance between the photons continue to expand. This would explain why nothing, not even velocity, can travel faster the light.
  11. Man, I would love to read what you think on this subject. To be in your head contemplating this idea would be awsome. Do you think you could make one happen within, and/or do they exist in the computer simulated universe built by your peers?
  12. Let’s peer through a one hundred x telescope. We’ll point it towards Jupiter. The light slows down as passes through the lens revealing a more detailed view of the information contained in light. We say that the light is dilated. Gravity also dilates light. Therefore one might conclude that: The dilation of light in the lens of the telescope is equal to the light dilation held within the gravitational membrane existing one hundred times closer to Jupiter. To further the idea; Jupiter is not producing light. It is absorbing and reflecting light that is coming primarily from the sun. The simple minded, like myself, might conclude that; the absorbed energy is being converted into an agent that is able to carry the reflected light into the vacuum of outer space and to the telescope lens through which we calculate the size, shape, distance, motion, and changes that we observe concerning Jupiter. To further the idea: As spheres go, the rays of light being reflected by Jupiter get further and further apart as they travel away from the planet. The observational information in the lens however is detailed to the point of the membrane existing one hundred times closer to the planet, even though fewer rays exist in the same space. The simple mind will conclude that; the information is held within the membrane and reconstructed within the lens. The speed of light is the universal constant. It is calculated using the variables of distance and time from some “rest mass” point of perspective. Knowing this one might realize the phenomenon known as a gravitational time dilation. Your observational point of view is always the natural “rest mass” perspective. The information being reflected from you and your point in space is in a sense being compressed more and more as the light rays become further and further apart. If I throw you a base ball and it takes a few seconds to hit your glove. The information is stored on an expanding membrane. The further you look the faster time goes. Therefore on must conclude that time and distance is governed by gravitational interference between the your perspective point and the object being observed. This information exchange determines where and when you exist within the expanse of the cosmos.
  13. Go to the middle of your living room and start spinning in circles. I think you'll get there Welcome to the algorithmic information exchange module xpw9. Men call her the universe. in what time would you like to swim? It'll just take me a second to program the relavator. There we go 2012, have fun. honey, I'm hoOme !! I'll try and contain myself. Perhaps we could start with a brief symop of classical gravitivity. And perhaps, what are the mechanics behind the particle we know as gravity? And can you tell me; if we could see the gravitational dialation caused by the weight of earth, from outer space, would it be a sphere, or a tear drop shape. And if it is a tear drop shape in the "tail" pointing towards the sun or away from it? or, would it look like something else alltogether?
  14. Vacuum energy would collapse in a line between the two objects causing time to slow down for the people in the space ship, relalative to all other objects in the universe. Wherefore: the people in space ship would be able to travel great distances while aging very slowly if at all. Rays of light that intersect this line would have to bend around this gravitational spike, in order to continue on their paths. The exotic matter needed could be explained by the idea that: The uncertanty principle has an associated uncertanty particle. These uncertanty particles make up the quantum foam, or as I prefer to think, the pixles of space/time. Their is ofcourse an anti-uncertanty particle. This, according to my theory, is dark matter. It is distance that does not propagate energy at all. The surface tension between the two make up gravity. Time flow is determined by the excited state of vacuum energy that radiates from the uncertanty particle, this is governed by the flow of the anti-uncertaty particles. Velocity determines the peaks and valleys of the flow to points of least resistance. This determines the shapes and strengths of relativity within our modulations of reality. It is possible that an uncertanty particle can enter an anti-uncertanty particle in much the same way a sperm enters an egg. The resulting particle is the atom. The shapes of relativity include: strings, fibres, and membranes of varing densities of momentum existing as a modulation of anihilations within the electro-magnetic spectrums.
  15. I think if I were a quantum physicist trying to find solutions to quantum gravity problems and explanations, I'd find it interseting and hard to ignore.
  16. How to make a worm hole. 1) Find an large massive object headed toward you at near the speed of light. 2)Break the speed of light velocity barrier by heading straight towards that object as fast as you can. One should be able to "sail" the collapsing "spike" of gravitaional interfierence created by the acceleration time dialation between the objects. Ofcourse you'd eventually want to hit a trajectory towards the center a "dark matter vein", extending out from your galaxie destination, as fast as you can.
  17. Einstein's upside down pic on this months discovery magazine caught my eye earlier so I bought it read the article. Does anybody understand what it is that's different about his theory and relativity? And, what do you think?
  18. I guess I am the evidence. But now that's not very scientific is it? But history is littered with people who have encoutered "ghosts"and/or "angels and demons" or "familiar spirits", and some even believed they talked to the original life form itself. Maybe Abraham was a complete psycho for all I know, but someting is going on. And because there is really no such thing as magic, it must be physics and a platform of science aching to be explored. If the thoughts heard by these people are not individual bodies of pure energy, then what are they? Just wild imagination fancied by the majority of the world? Maybe, just like Santa Clause. I so I thought and pondered until a shy one came holding a prison. and I perceived his suggestion, two more followed. like clothes all bunched up and to tight. I can assure you of this: One does not travel fourteen and half billion light years to free a bird content in his cage. If a lonely fish jumps out of his bowl he will suffer and die and the glass will be recycled or discarded. Probably doesn't mean to much to most but I hope someone somewhere will understand. and for the bound, here is a key: Avatar: No life no wave; no wave no vacuum; no vacuum no energy to power the bodies of relativity in time.
  19. Let's say two massive objects are headed towards each other, near the speed of light, on a certain plane of space time. The space inbetween them must expand to preserve the laws of relativity and we perceive a velocity time dialation. It seems to me that the expansion of space within the relative plane would cause a "cooling" effect as the particles excitment, or energy level, within the plane, remains the same. I don't no, just a novice thought. And here's another novice thought, it seems to me that; The energy being used to move these objects towards each other, should create a membrane of relative space between them. An observer standing outside of this membrane should see the objects moving towards each other at a velocity faster than light, while obervers within the membrane should see the abjects moveing towards each other at the speed of light. But I don't know. I'd like to hear from some experts on the subject. Still thinking about it; I guess a hundred degrees is a hundred degrees both inside and outside of the membrane of dialation. If the teqiula boils at at a hundred degrees outside, it will boil at a hundred inside. So, what gives? Perhaps the excitment level of vacuum energy itself?
  20. Good point. Maybe I should have said Edgar Casey, that guy was defintely visted by mind travelers from the future. OK your right, if the whole 13.5 billion year theories play turn out to be correct. The energy of thought comes from the energy of life, but I guess most don't see it that away. For me it's easy to see and I'm sure there are formulas available for those who enjoy statistics and math. Again, I think your right. Considering the fact that atoms, planets, quarks and stars also have a "personal space" That defines there gravitational influence according to the energy that surrounds them, I think personal space is a real force. Stange that we can manipulate our own personal space with our imagination and it fluctuates with the "heat" of our moods. Yep, your right, reality always wins. And our reality is getting more and more magical every day. The cell phone in my hand is sarting to look like a magic wand from a fairy tale well beyond Dick Tracy's wrist watch. As far as beings of pure energy goes, all I can tell you is that, I see mind travelers all the time. The best you can do is to be a good host and entertain them.
  21. I beg to differ, in fact I'd say that the entire universe started as a single thought and the expansion is due to the expansion of that thought. A billion years is al long time fellas. I'm sure in a couple million more years we'll have flying cars, and be able to travel interdimsionally. I look inside and see an unlimited mind. I look outside and see unlimited potential, at which point I feel as if all things exist as way and a means for a higher consciesness to reproduce. Makes one wonder, how many more years are going to go by before we hit the canal. Happy Brithday
  22. Could one think of a time dialation as an escape of entropy within the relative field of spacial distortion? Such as: the entropy flowing around a galaxie is disturbed by the entropy flowing out and within the galaxie.
  23. I just talked to a guy 14.5 billion years old. He told me a poem and called it: Thought: Almost six thousand just looked at fourteen and half billion far across the sea of light . . . Just to say hi. happy birthday Yea birthday and I said to myself, what a strange and unusual thing. But then I started wondering, who taught Einstein? and before this thread gets kicked down to speculations I'd like to add that there galaxies similar to ours ten, twelve, and fourteen billion light years in the past. It's very probable that there was life and intelegent life in some measure of abundace inside of them. (Just judging from the abundance on earth) I think it's also statistically possible or at least probable that some of these beings are still around and evolving. Perhaps into beings of nothing more than the energy of pure thought. Scientist study, prove, and understand electro magnatism very well. Give a child a magnet and they understand that there is a field of force. Scientist over the years have broken down EM into a spectrum of heat, visable light, ulltra violet and you get my drift. The elements also have there fields of force. There just a little different. Some mix and some don't and they all have different weight and specific properties. So what I'm getting at is that life is an energy that can be studied. It has it's own bandwith here on earth ranging from plants and worms to birds, up to the infinite imagination of man. Brim and crickets go together, football and beer, and so on. I think all living things have a kind of force feild of space around them known as "personal space". Imagined or not, it is a real force. We've all felt it. To deepen the idea I'd like to suggest that: We all know that a percentage of our thoughts are primal. frequencies along the lines of self preservation and don't touch that fire, and chocolate tastes pretty good. What I'd like to propose is that some percentage of our thoughts came/come from beings that have evolved into a pure energy of thought. A being from a race billions of years old would probably have learned to survive the rise and fall of verses and live for aeons? any thoughts or evidence to prove or disprove the theory?
  24. Rest assured that the children of chaos belong to the father of chaos.
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