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  1. i guess this is the point where an intelligent, reasonable, and logical, person (in. me) will point out: the authors probably meant human SPECIATION not EVOLUTION has ceased and will never happen (until we move to space/other planets)
  2. depends on your iq usually it goes like this iq : my analysis 50 : moron 70 : moron 90 : idiot 110 : idiot 130 : i need to dumb things down for them a bit 140+ : i can actually talk to this person its not an issue of looking at a person and seeing their iq, its an issue of talking to the person and instantly realizing they can not understand a word you just said btw mine is ~150 depending on what I ate for lunch iq tests cap out at ~170
  3. if you want wings that flap, and are attached to your back, you should probably look into the insect wing design, rather then the bird wing design the simple fact that you can stack 6 sets of insect wings in the relative space taken up by a single bird wing should be what you need to get yourself off the ground easily
  4. dmaiski

    Animal Vision

    hmm i allways thought cats had pretty bad vision(20/100-20/200), it seems thats only true in bright light, in the dark cats have fairly good vision.
  5. dmaiski

    Animal Vision

    true, but: specific species of bats, cave dwelling fish and snakes, various lineages of rat... dosent have quite the same poetic ring to it
  6. dmaiski

    Animal Vision

    if you want to see the limits of vision see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantis_shrimp infrared, uv, 12 types of receptors, image processing handled by the eye itself, each eye is segmented for depth perception on the other end of the scale: rats, cats, and bats all of them would be considered legally blind by human standards
  7. I'll put this simply, even though this has already been said. We don't have wings because we evolved from monkeys not crows, now if we evolved from crows it would have been a different story... On the other hand if you want wings, that can be aranged. it would probably take years of reaserch, lots of painfull operations, and alot of unpleasent stuff (like learning not to fall hard). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quetzalcoatlus 200-250kg estimated weight so yes very large organisms can fly, the question is: 1. do you really want to 2. do you have the money to run a multi billion dollar research program over the span of decades, beat the anti- human GM lobby in at least 1 country(or just buy a country), and finish this project?
  8. the probability of life evolving is infidesmily small, but to quote The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy "Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space." to put in terms of mathematics: the P of life evolving may be 10^-10000 per reaction per hour but there are 10^10000 planets viable for life to evolve, and each planet dose 10^100 reactions on it per hour, and there are 13billion years for these reactions to have worked, ading up to life having evolved at least (10^110)*1.3 times in the universe (all figures and numbers are made up) so the probability of life evolving is pretty much guaranteed
  9. Intelligence isn’t really a beneficial trait. Evolutionarily speaking, its better to be stronger, faster, or better adapted, then it is to be "smart" because unless you pass a minimum threshold for intelligence, you will not achieve much. simply put, the whole human species is a fluke of nature that happened by accident
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_potency wikipedia and google simply put it goes toti- pluri- multi- oligo- uni- this is the one you are looking for, it only produces more of itself -potent cell another option is that what you are looking for are cells that are in the terminal differentiation (ie they are the last in the line and can not reproduce any more also you can call cells that are not stem cells "cells" or "normal cells"
  11. if the blood type was changed the resultant blood clotting would kill the patient, unless you disable clotting with heparin or some other anticoagulant drug due to the imune complexes to the foreign blood type still being produced. that is unless you changed the blood type to O. also the changes would take 3-4 monthe to take effect due to blood being cycled.
  12. dmaiski

    A Idiots Idea

    In the next 250-350 years, definitely possible to do. Assuming we don't have another dark age, we will probably have the capacity to achieve what you are describing in less then 40 years.
  13. shaving hair doesn't actually damage the sections of the hair important for hair growth, and whatever was shaved will grow back in a few weeks.
  14. dmaiski

    A Idiots Idea

    if the inner ear is still functional there are implants that can be put into the bone of the skull that will function like an ear/headphone directly wiring an implant into the nervous system will probably have to wait for advances in nano surgery before you can get the resolution needed to mimic or enhance human senses with a cybernetic implant. another option is to clone a biological ear, its somewhat difficult to do (ethics, legality, ect) but if its immune compatible you can get the body to link up the nerves on its own...
  15. dmaiski


    i would hazard a guess that having no antigen is cheaper (in resources) then having an antigen also mothers occasionally produce IgG antibodies against foetal blood, which cross the placenta (may cause miscarriage), and since O type has no antigens it is the "safe" blood type don’t quote me on this though its just a guess...
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