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  1. Gays and the corrupt views of hypocritical TV Evangelists To start I make a statement that God views both heterosexual and homosexuals in exactly the same light. Both are capably of altruism towards their fellow humans and both are capably of the most hideous depravity. I am believer in Jesus Christ, not the mad insanity of the thieving depraved lying hypocrite idiots of the likes of the TV evangelist thieves of the likes of Kenneth Copeland Benny Hinn. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATTER DAY CHURCH CORRUPTION God has reserved a special place for this kind of person, who uses the precious name of his only begotten n Son, for personal gain, power and wealth, by knowingly lying and milking gullible and vulnerable people out of their hard earned cash Turn on your TV AND look no further and you will see the likes of Kennith Copeland and Benny Hinn billionaires, in action on their hypnotic stages hypnotizing and using Satanic tricks (In glee I think), deceiving people into believing any sort of outrageous rubbish and stealing from the hungry mouths of the gullible and disadvantaged. God sent his one and only son, Jesus into this world to save everyone, not a special group restricted to just to heterosexual people God loves gay people as much as he loves heterosexual people. Jesus came to save all of humanity not according to their sexual identity! Depravity and goodness exists both in heterosexual people as it does in gay people There will be gay people in heaven, because if they turned from their sins and asked Jesus to accept them into his everlasting arms the exact same situation faces heterosexual and homosexual, in Gods Holy Judgement By the way I am a man of 76 years of age man, with four beautiful daughters ten great grandchildren and two beautiful baby great grand children What are your thoughts on the matter of my post ?
  2. It is not hate speech just a statement of fact. Do I want to to perpetuate of hate, murder, rape, violence decapitation. Not me who would not hurt even a little bird r But these ISIS fundamental Islamic monsters want to violently convert the whole world to ISLAM. Why do you people keep making excused for these ISIS beasts that are worse than Hitlers Nazi hordes?
  3. I was voicing my opinion, it was not meant as a statement of fact, but carry on moderating the forum to death?
  4. You are both lying and talking a lot of nonsense. If Christians had known about you, they would have prayed for your recovery However, not being psychic or telephonic you simply did not register on them to pray for you. Do you know the term Bugger is a filthy word meaning sodomy or anal sex, be more careful in future before posting utter nonsense. Muslims are no better than Christians and their religion originated in the mind of a mad delusional evil illiterate war lord, who by just one example had 600 Jews murdered just because they would not convert to Islam by denying their faith. Nowhere in the New Testament does it tell the readers to kill those who leave their faith or convert under the threat of death or chop off peoples heads or it was OK to rape a woman. While it is true so called Christians also do these things, they are not commanded by their teachings or faith to carry out such despicable acts on other people. Comment removed by moderator
  5. Are you real ISIS are Muslims fundamentalist Muslims, that follow Islams teachings in extreme exactitude!
  6. Well it is true that you have to be a scumbag yourself to be an expert of another. Yes I have spoken to many Muslims and it is not them that I despise it is the ISIS BEASTS THAT RAPE, MURDER, BED LITTLE SLAVE GIRL OF 7 YEARS OF AGE. Muhammad was an evil illiterate warlord with not one good bone in his reprobate body. Swallow the below you blind fool
  7. I am sure you are a vile Muslim that if you got me under your chopper would promptly cut off my old grey head. To call me a bigot in light of THE ISIS MONSTERS AND THEIR ACTS AND THEIR UNSPEAKABLE DEPRAVITY AND HIDEOUS BRUTALITY IS A JOKE!
  8. In the New Testament, there is not one word about killing the infidels or cutting off peoples heads it you do not adhere to their dogma. Christians will also say they are a religion of peace and it is also very true some of them are not peaceful at all! BUT THEY WILL NOT CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD IF YOU DISAGREE
  9. Muslims will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace and if you disagree they will kill you!
  10. I see you are rather young and use cell phone messaging technique, nothing wrong with that I apologise, sorry!
  11. Are you unable to actually incapable of writing in English what is all this "u" this "u' and that "u" and u that If "you" are unable to spell "you" I post it here for "YOU" to use in future "YOU" Use as pell checker
  12. Then why the numerous posts my friend? "No" what you are right and others are wrong?
  13. It seems that this question is not so easy to answer but thanks!
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