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  • Birthday 12/23/1940

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    South Africa Johannesburg/Sunninghill
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    Diploma Industrial Enigeering
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    Astronomy, Physics, Theoretical Physics
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    Retired Engineer Industrial/IT Manager/Analyst


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About Me

I was born in Robinson Hospital, Randfontein South Africa on the 32/12/1940 right at the beginning of world war 2


Mostly I consider myself a Christian Mystic, however, I also:


Believe that I am an original thinker and would also like to communicate and receive philosophical, metaphysical, esoteric, astrophysics, astronomical truths.



My restless dynamic mind moves between a vast host of subjects, as diverse as physics, chemistry, quantum mechanics, history, music, art, poetry, religion, medicine, anatomy, thermodynamics, micro and macro biology, anthropology, wild life, creation, mathematics, metaphysical, geography, engineering, computer science, plate tectonics, genetics, mind control, physiology, psychiatry, psychology evolution, cosmology, astronomy, plate tectonics, genetics, literacy, science fiction, engineering, the origin and end of all things, the esoteric world, philosophy, architecture, the study of the lives of great men, origin of man, etc.


Do not want to make money out of my experiences.


I am also knowledgeable is the sciences, such as astronomy, physics, and mechanical engineering in heavy industry.


I have read thousands of books on every topic one could think of. My real love was/is Science fiction of which I have read since I was a boy of seven or eight.


My reading and writings now, however, revolve around both fiction and science fact.


I am much into the near death phenomenon and out of body experiences of which I have both and I am more than willing to share in this document


Before my retirement as an Industrial Engineer/Business I held many different work titles


During my long career at the South African Electricity Supply Commission ESKOM, such as Industrial/Engineer/ Business System Analyst/IT Manager/Project Planner/Maintenance Planning Officer/Senior Information Officer and Business Analyst


I was involved in introducing and lecturing on the computerized critical path method for turbine and power station boilers on huge up to 2 000 megawatt power stations here in South Africa, where I live


I also worked as a young man on the gold mines in South Africa and became a qualified Fitter and Turner on the Dornfontein Gold Mine in Carletonville. At present I live in Sunninghill Johannesburg South Africa and at the time of compiling this document am almost 72 years of age


Contact details =



Alan McDougall

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