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  1. Are atoms actually under evolved animal species? When you look at an atom, you see a lifeless wisp of space and time floating around in bunches of molecules. Could the truth go far deeper; that at one point, the atom and all it entails, was actually a race of mini people who refused to follow the big bangs dictee of development? Everything else started evolving in the direction of personal growth and finesse since the Big bang, but the atom remained the same. Atoms don’t create matter, they are so insignificant they marinate everything and little thought is given to them.
  2. In my opinion, the entire human race can be classified into animalistic ancestry breeds- everybody is an amphibian, a mammal, a reptile of a bird deep down. Thats where everybody evolved from; a subset of animal back in the past. I contend those traits and behaviours are still hard wired in a persons entity; so much so that you could probably even find neuronic patterns that fit their respective 'animal spirits' within.
  3. so back to this topic after two years; I think i figured out my secret of tranforming into people. My subconicou stores information about the gestures, mannerisms of that person, and my conciously focusing on that persons face DRAWS OUT THE SAID MANNERISMS from my subconcious into the concious plane of movement causing e to virtual become the embodinment of that persons gestures, etc.
  4. Relativity, my arse. So according to old ensiein, here we find ourselves coursing the peripheries of a theory thats as outrageous in credibility as it is in its ill gotten fame. Einsteins theory, ina nutshel.. Light is the fastest thing in the universe. Assuming travelled fast enough to reach the speech of light you would turn into light itself. Couple of objections from the Bench, mister E. 1.that theory starts ioff with the premise that the speed of light itself is the deciding factor as to the nature of the bjects that don its cloak, i.e light beams en voyage from one
  5. So evolution insists that we were all spurted out like an orgasm out of flora and fionas arse. OK, i can buy that. We then turned into monkeys, and having bored ourselves jumping from treetop to treetop for a few million years, we decided to start climbing upwards now, swinging gaily up the rungs of the ladder of humanity. And bingo, as the brand new 2000 belches forth here we are as hot and happy and..and HUMAN as ever was. K, can buy dat too, if you really insist upon it. Now what I cannot buy is this.. Arent you calling Angelina Jolie's great grandad a MONKEY? Bugg
  6. well no i havent, in fact this is the only time I posted this on a forum. and fomr the collage of mystified responses effected by my query, i think id be safe to deduce that most of the posters were unable to do it themselves, hence the confusion/mystification. so taking you as a small rep of the general public i.e humanity, id say chances are most of them cant do it.
  7. \ive already gone over what you suggest; however, take this into account: for a response to be CONDITIONED, i must ahev at some point PRACTICED that response. Right? For instance, say Im conditioning myself to mimic somebody, you could only use the word 'conditioned' there in the context that, after hours of practice, I can switch into that character on autopilot. BUT. In my case, REGARDLESS of the character, I still effortlessly mimic that person! I mean like, you can show me a face Ive NEVER 'characterised' before, and as soon as I start focussing, that persons gestures would flow out of me
  8. Dude..its very simple, ive TRIED imitating the person conciously, but i notice that I cant do it as accurately than when it comes unconciously out of me!! Also, I KNOW im not doing it conciously because ALL my concious focus is focusede on SEEING the image of the person in my mind, and I would KNOW if I even moved a finger conciously! Why would I wnat to decieve myself? I tell you, everything that 'fows out' of me happens automatically! ill do, now, a celeb imprssion, post it here. Also, MIMICRY is different; mimics CONSCIOUSLY imitate! THEy are the ones behind the differing positions
  9. sigh. Let me be a little clearer, so the comments implying im a nutcase will stop. I really want a serious discussion on this. Say I am talking. Talking about anything. Now, simultaneously while speaking, I start focusing very hard on the Mental image of a FACE. And then automatically, my verbal speed, my intonation, even tone of voice, facial expression, BECOMES EXACTLY what that person in my mind would talk like! I dont CONCIOUSLY mimic, I ONLY concern myself with focusing on his face, and let my body kinda like TURN ME INTO him. I end up talking, walking, acting exactly like him, as longa
  10. NO IT ISNT! Bro, I once recorded myself on camera, doing a quirky friend I knew! And when I 'get into the character,' Im not conciously aware, but I FEEL the muscles in my face changing shape to fit the expressions, mannerisms of laughing etc...YOU THINK I THE ONLY ONE?? and I COULD MAKE MONEY doing this? OK, what if I showed you guys my video? actually I CAN! its like if I just visualise a random face, my body starts doing things I unconciously would probably think that guy did. Its hard to explain, buty please may I do a video and show you guys? If you think I can make money doing this
  11. I find that if I visualise a face with enough concentration, there comes a point where, independent of my concious movement, my body starts to ASSUME the mannerisms of the person who's face Im thinking about? What is going on? And not only that. Everything I do, while simultaneous focusing on the mental image of that face, will be done exactly the way that person would do it, without me trying to consciously imitate him! how does this happen? its like I can actually transform into other people merely by thinking about them! For example, say my friend stella has a unique way of laug
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