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  1. I was thinking that the new cells might be attacked by the immune system, so that's why I was thinking Nanogenetics for a complete overhaul of the genetic code throughout the body. I'd think less to target a part of the body to change and more to target the whole body if that could be done. I'm not sure if that could be safely done.
  2. You could go here if you're looking for CSS, HTML, SQL, Javascript, and others. If you look for Oracle(which I hear is very very boring, but jobs needing it are usually well paying) you can go to http://www.sql.org/. You're looking for things like C, C++ look up some courses and later for online certs. Here's a list of programming languages, take a look (^-^)
  3. Hi there I'm new. I'm wondering if one could change one's blood type, maybe through gene-therapy or nanogene-therapy? I know it can be changed through a bone marrow transplant, but that's it. Beware that I know very little about Genetics and even less about Nanogenetics. Sorry if this is a waste of a thread or if I necro'd an old thread. Thanks for reading (^-^)
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