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  1. Dr. Who

    A Idiots Idea

    well they know how the ear works, they could decipher what the ear sends to the brain, then send that same pattern to the brain via wires? also bioc, i just looked up what you said and that is exactly what i was thinking
  2. Dr. Who

    A Idiots Idea

    im sure the technology will get there someday but it would be cool to be able to connect to the subconsciousness with a computer
  3. Dr. Who

    A Idiots Idea

    Hey all, im just a normal everyday guy with a idea. Im not sure if there has ben any reasurch done for this. But i know there is work on taking brain waves and useing the data to move objects or tell what words they are thinking. My idea is to do the opposite. How headphones plays a song out of the earpeice, have a connection to the brain to hear music without actually hearing with the ear. Or see a computer screen directly from your eyes without there being anything there. To roughly put it, hotwire the brains preceptions. It would be cool to connect a cpu directly into yourself rather than a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Or connect netflix directly into your conceness. Is there work already started on this?
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