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  1. I did not hear it in a Pub, but in a lot of places. French people are specially aware of that because it's one of their national heroes. Also French homosexuals are aware of that, because there were a lot of homosexuals in the orgy. Also the tourism industry of Barcelona got more income because many people began to make sexual tourism in Barcelona. However, the city hall was not interested in this fame and banned prostitution. The orgy was something that ended when the child hours began, then everibody had to dance the "Fucky Fucky". Many people saw this spectacle, but i didn't still see it. Well, i did not say that there was a pro-sharia party then, just that the orgy calmed the violence sentiment between the white frenchs and the muslims. Homosexuals also got happy because there were a lot of homosexuals in the orgy (along with prostitutes...). These show also formed part of the hugue demonstrations that took place in france: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_presidential_election,_2002 I have also heared Jean Mari Le Pen complaining about the orgy, because in the first round had almost the same number of votes than chirac, but in the second round, got just 17,8% of votes. For the date of the french elections, i suppose that the orgy was emited on May 4th-5th 2002. How can i see the programs emited in france in this date?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the actual reality, but the orgy was made the day before French elections when a neonazi party was about to win (in 2002 or 2003), then when everibody saw all this sex, suddently stopped voting violence and both the neonazis and the pro sharias were seriously defeated in those elections. The rumour is that the real king of France himself organized this orgy (show a lot of people fucking on tv).
  3. Is it true that once there was a reality show to be the king of France and that one celebrated a big orgy in Barcelona to win? What was this reality show? I suppose that is something from the french TV.
  4. A person recommended to send my CV to a investigation center about giftedness. What can i do if i studied business administration and my CV is from 2009? He said me to try the univertsity of Stamford, but i do not see where to send the CV. The recomendation arrived after reading my post about speciation in humans.
  5. I'm just saying, that sometimes, these so called communication problems, are just things associated to bulling... This is why i put the example of this macaw that may surely have half the inteligence of the owner and they are actually comunicating. This video documents the fact that a simple standard deviation is not enough to make communication impossible.
  6. If i had to post a similar scale, the minimum would be less than 130, but i would not use psychiatric therms that have already been created in the past to lavel other specific iq ranges (i.e the less tan 20 was an idiot) http://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/iqbasics.aspx What happens with gifted people, is that up to 150, you accumulate stigmatisation from the average population, when you have more than 150, people has already reached its maximum stigmation level, so additional iq points do not hurt. You do not have to confuse stigmatisation from normal people by unavility to comunicate. This is why you could surely talk to a pet that may be less inteligent than 140:
  7. 35-50 is the IQ of an average chimpanze: http://www.paulcooijmans.com/intelligence/iq_ranges.html It depends, the famous nicologic tests of the internet, claim to be reliable up to 170, but once i made one where you could score 200 that disappeared from the website. http://www.nicologic.fr/?page_id=109 In professional tests there is the stamford binet 3 and the 4 ampliated (only for children): http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/dont_throw.htm In this article appears an score of 229+,
  8. Histrionic people, often attempts suicide to call the attention from people around them.
  9. If you cut the penis of a rapist, he will continue raping with tools, (ie. a knife). There was one that was a pederast and became child murderer after castration.
  10. In cultures were women are sold for cattle... Their virginity is more valued, because otherwise the woman will not be able to get married. Then, if there isn't any other distraction, all the society will put an excessive stress on sex. An if the family does not have nothing except respect from other families (ie.rural areas of turkey), they will put an excessive stress on honour, so if someone finds out that the girl lost virginity with a man from another family, for they is like an invitation to other clans to steal all the remaining assets of the family and put them in economic disadvantage (like an additional baby).Furthermore, potential husbands will believe that women from this family are not serious (Who will arrange a marriage with a family if you can simply get the woman and scape?) . So they kill the woman to say: "If you steal us, we gona kill you". In cultures where sex is restricted to married people, the family of the man, will decline marriage if the woman is not virgin because it means that other man (or more than one), had sex with the woman, but who has to pay it, is the husband. So everybody will think: "I pissed off this guy", especially if the woman has a child that is obviously from another father. So, The value of feminine virginity arises from respect and honour.
  11. This does not work this way. When you have an artificially clustered population, 100% people there has this iq range. Then, if the population has 30 members, i add 30 to the stimate. 30 people observing what i'm doing its not necessarilly having met them, but having seen them. What it's done to create an artificially clustered population, is first filter the people that got a high iq somewhere, and then, test these people to have an accurate iq. In most cases, are the profoundly gifted themselves or their parents, that decide to go to the artificially clustered population by themselves. However, if you sum the total population of the countries from where they are, sum at least 650 million. If you want to know a big number of 170+ Iq people, begin visiting places like this: http://www.davidsonacademy.unr.edu/ I did not count any child from this video in my stimate. In this other video, you can see a reproductive couple, and his offspring: This is just one single case, but it makes to begin to think, why did precissely these 2 got an offspring toguether? I'm sure that if you see population statistics, they were not likely to have met (if they aren't brothers of course).
  12. It depends. if the greenhouse is very dry, maybe 15-20%, but i remember to have seen days with 30 or 35% min humidity (the humidity during the day max temp), with a maximum of 65ºC and minimum of 24ºC, when it has been raining the day before. Often i get inside the greenhouse and my glasses get covered with condensed water instanly, so i have to clean them. Furthermore i need a towel, because after 5 minutes inside there i get like if someone throwed me a bucket of water. With 46-51ºC, that is the usual temperature that i find at the afternoon of spring-summer when i get there, it's enough for it to happen. Sometimes i take 3 or 4 sauna sessions in a row. And as I have to take care of plants there, sometimes i enter with 50ºC for then minutes, leave, after 10 minutes i enter again, and i'm 2 hours there while the temperature is slowly dropping. I also need to bring like 2 liters of water to go to the greenhouse when it happens. When it's hot and i have been crunching, then often i need to stand up and look to the sky because when the blood accumlates in my head i get sick quicker. Sometimes i have to wait until the temperature drops, before crunching. The worst is when there are 50ºC inside and 15 outside, because when i get out there i havea lot of cold, this is when the towel is more useful. Note that when the greenhouse is closed, it also keeps the air humidity from scaping outside.
  13. This is how our ancestors left the ocean, they began it to scape from predators, but then they evolved to something similar to crocodriles (the saurosuchus if i remember correctly). These fishes seem to live in places like the the flooded rainforest of brazil (like the makaws), because there is a tree inside the river and says something about tropical river + they seem to be migrating because the flood is going to begin (the description of the video sais that they are migrating), furthermore, the children at the end of the video seem latin american. In this place there is a fish that does the same, but penis upwards (candidú), and it's not the words species there, if you see the documentaries of the 60 most dangerous species, there is a giant candidú that bites everything that moves (the piranha is the one that takes the fame, but it's done by another fish). and as there are a lot of them, they can eat a cow very kickly.
  14. What do you mean by have met? does it involve sex or something? As i have been mainstreamed i have met too low, In other words, i have been banned from meeting intelligent people. The number can be 12-13 or up to 100, it depends on your concept of met (i'm not in mensa nor anything) . May I ask you the same question?, maybe you know some women for me.
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