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  1. Could the photons flying by be the product of neutrino back wash? I've long thought that light was like a sonic boom and that gravity was faster than light. When a jet flys by faster than the speed of sound, it leaves a sonic boom trail behind it. Perhaps photons are the "sonic boom trail" of a neutrino exceeding the time barrier. Here's the train of thought: We smash particles together in an attempt to similate conditions as close as possible to the big bang event. I've read and heard that very early on, the universe expanded faster than light. It is also my understanding that gravity broke free of the singularity first, and then e/m, and then strong and then the weak force. If we consider the sun as an extremely powerful, natural particle accelerator, creating conditions similar to the origins of the universe, than it should really come as no surprise that things radiate out of it faster than light.
  2. I never knew that the Bible mentioned a time traveler until today and thought some one else might find it an interesting fact. Within the verses of Rev. 22:16 it states, " I am the root and the offspring of David" This proves it, Somewhere sombody was thinking about time travel even thousands of years ago.
  3. Neutrinos faster than light? That sounds like pretty big news. Kinda blows my theory right out of the water, Unless of course ... But I wonder if this will cause paradigm shifts in the reasoning lines of mainstream theorists. How much will this change our understanding of physics if proven and realized? ! Moderator Note This thread has been merged with the existing physics thread
  4. Question about gravitational time dialation Could one say that: as a light ray bends around a large body of mass that, the distance (space) between the photons stretches and/or bends towars the gravitationally massive object?
  5. It has recently come to my attention that everything must be, a matter of the relative perspective of the algorythems of consciousness. Let me explain, we (and everything that is) is made up of tiny particles traveling at the speed of light. At the speed of light time stands still, therefore these particles already exist eveywhere all at once relative to their own perspective. It is only through conscious observation that things can achieve a status of place, momentum, wieght, entropy, and order. If this is true than the structure of all things, from the smallest entities which entertain the dynamics of strings and heat to the very large dark matter that holds galaxies and verses in place, is all an amplified fractile pattern of original consciousness. Or to look at it another way: The particles that make up all things are not moving at all. But we perceive things through a field of relativity that gives us an illusion of particle movement, place, entropy, weight, and time. Our relative field of consciousness provides us our very own illusion of reality.
  6. I like to think that vacuum eneregy comes out of a small void in the space time continuum. The anihilations release just enough momentum to patch the voids in relativaty.
  7. 36grit


    There are a lot of things flying around in the particle verse. One might speculate that all those things moving around at, and near the speed of light might cause a whole lot of acceleration, and velocity time dialtions. One might even speculate that, these dialations form an algorythemic pattern or lattice work of force that flows and moves accoriding to the laws of conservation. Kind of a "little distance garden" Or, if you prefer, expasion frequencies of space and time. These distance expansion frequency waves allow paricles time to react and collide with each other. And when this expansion becomes a plane relative unto itself, a four force particle will form out of the folds of relativity, and amplify the matrix field that builds the next dimesion. The singularity that formed the universe would be the first relative four force particle and if the higgs is not that singularity, than it is certainly next in line. The quark would be the next, then the atom, then then back into the universe as a paricle, once again.
  8. I was just thinking out of the box a little bit. But I really do think that our brain is a thought detector. And that in the same way DNA determines our unique individual bodies, the algorythems of our brain build unique and individual patterns of thought. As far as I know there is only three kinds of energy. Positive, negative, and gravititaional energy. And gravitational energy is the energy of relativity. In effect I do beleive that the molecular algorythems of brain cells, gravitaionaly attract and "pariclize" a "channel" within the infinite plane of thoughts. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that, consiousness is that which everything else is relative to. Reminds me of that video I recently watched on youtube, "The Holographic Universe". and another one I saw a long time ago called, "What the bleep do we know". When I first saw these I just thought, "those were made during quatum physics wacky phase", but now I'm starting to wonder.
  9. I guess this is beyond me. Are you saying that time dialation is pretty much irrelavant to string theory?
  10. Perhaps time dialation is the key to proving string theory, or Mtheory. Maybe faster than speed of light velocity causes these strings to expand. Heat expands atoms. Maybe these strings have a rest state that is excited by movement, after all these strings are supposed to be gravity, and isn't gravity all about weight and momentum?
  11. This maybe a dumb queastion but here it is anyway, Is it possible, or is there any models, that would have the Higgs interacting with all four forces?
  12. then it is spinning "releaving expansion energy" as angular momentum, while vibrating up and down via an electical fluctuation?
  13. I thought that quarks contained all four known forces, including the electro magnetic.
  14. I think brain waves are just very "dense" waves. That is to say that they experience heavy gravitaional harmonics fluctuating up and down their waves. I'm quite sure they make machines that can look deep inside your brain and dectect sectors of the brain that become active when thinking and doing different things. We all build our own algorythems of thought. I heard somewhere that the electro magnetic spectrum is infinite. I'm sure that matter, brain waves, and every other wave has it's slot. It's just reason and observation. Everything relative to this universe is made from "echoes" of the BB enetgy that produced it. There is only positive, negative, and the gravitational harmonic expanses inbetween. Right or wrong certain things have become elemetry for me. A slower expanse will particlize when in contact with a faster expanse. Because the speed of light has to remain constant and somthing has to give. Any quick glance and you'll see what gives, distance. Space/Time is relative, electric and a velocity.
  15. C x 10-37sec = Our relativef, time plane's min particle ? What do you think?
  16. Here's a toy that uses brain waves for motion. http://www.washingto...9042204036.html . Maybe I'm wrong about the particles, I just thought all waves had a particle interpretation. So let's just stick to brain waves to continue the subject matter. I think we all know these exist and I know that these are detectable. I saw a similar toy in target not to long ago. The toys are new, knowledge of the existance of brain waves are not. The toy interperets brain waves and then acts upon them because we (humankind) pogrammed it to do so. What will this toy become in say, a hundred years? I wonder if we'll still deny that we were created, when we create our own likeness from dirt (and some other earthly chemicles ofcourse) PS: You can find a lot a conspirasy theories on using the ionasphere for mind control. HAARP is the latest target of these. I was watching a BBC documentry on Nicola Tessla that mentioned that the ionasphere is in the same e/m spectrum as brain waves. You can find it on Youtube.com
  17. I think I'm being miss understood. Here's the metaphor: The sun is a ball of energy and amont other things it projects waves of light. In quantum physics we see that these waves are actually flows of particles we call photons. They hit an object on earth and there's an energy exchange and a reflection of color that is detected (along with original sunlight) by our eyes. What I'm saying is: What if there's a ball of energy projecting waves (and/or) particles of thought. Instead of color reflecting we see attitudes, actions, ideas, and the reasonings of those around us, as well as the inner voice interpretations, that we ourselves reflect, of this energy. In this perception every living thing could experience different levels of conciousness. If you yell at a plant or animal, it will not "do as well" as one that love and take of. Perhaps certain molecular changes in certain materials somehow attract this thought energy. We look up and see the sky is blue on a sunny day because blue is the color that makes it through the atomsphere. Perhaps thought energy passing through the ionisphere also gives us all at least some kind of unified perception relative to place and time. In space we see all the colors of earth reflecting. Mostly blue and green and the city lights at night. Perhaps as our thoughts expand they rise up and form a matrix of "thought struture" and "Definition" in the ionisphere that help determine global attitudes. Perhaps even trigger evolutionary, political, natural, informational, and other "global" and even "universal" events. What do ya think?
  18. Half of the energy potential of the particles is converted to energy potential distance via a quantum dialation due to the velocity of the two negatively charged particles acting on the middle positevly charged particle. The energies pass through each other. The attraction slows the acceleration rate down and the energy potential distance returns to it's original planes, where the two negative particles once again start heading for the positive entity at light speed, causing the phenominon to repeat over and over. The energy potential strands of distance tighten and loosen causeing a vibrational momentum bubble within the relavency of the original distnace field. Negative and positive energy attract and like energies repulse, But with spin negative energies will form a unitarian plane. The quark is a ferimon because half the spin momentum, of it's charged particles, is converted into strands of cancelled electro-magnetic energy that is percieved as empty space. The harmonizing energy of the proton converts the two dimensional atomic disk of energy into a three dimensional sphere. The massless electron/s is unaffected by the proton. Wherefore they remain on the two dimensional plane. Energy potential distance on the two dimensional plane retracts in geomotric proportion to the sphere creation. So the electron quantum leaps through this distance because there is really no distance there within it's two dimensional plane.
  19. It is said that we have five senses. Sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Each one attached to a sensory perception organ that sends sinals to the brain for interpretation. Our eyes are sensors that interpret photon energies within the color spectrum. Two eyes gives our brain the ability calculate depth according to the photon interferience patterns relative to our position. But what if our brain intself (or some part thereof) is a sensory perception organ in and of itself. Babies are born (according some show I watched) with the perception that we are all a unified field of thought. At some point they percieve that they are individuals with like thoughts. As teens we "search for ourselves". We find thoughts that are relative to our own plane, or channel of understanding, beliefs, and aspirations. We connect with others and enter a realm of ever changing plasticity governed the weight of influence that we allow from the other planes of thought. This is directly related to the depth of our respect for the other individual thought plane. Basically our brain interprets the thoughts of others and places them within our plane of thoughts according to our own perceptions of understanding and individual relevancy. Our brain waves are made up thought particles. As these particles interact with the thought particles of others the natural forces of attaction, repulsion, and harminization are realized. In this way an individual consciousnes can play out it's role of a personalized choice of thought, and interact with the other realms of individual conciousness. So, within our brain is a six sense organ designed to percieve the thoughts and actions of ourselves and others.
  20. The idea is that quarks are an electromagnetic fluctuation field similar to the one that caused the BB. The velocity of two negative particles act on the acceleration potential of the positive particle allowing them to pass through each other without anihilation, binding, or deformation. Charge in tact and they pass through each other over and over creating a field of vibration energy. The vibration energy disrupts the charge field of particles passing by beaking charge field symetry. This causes them to spin. These spinning particles cause the fluctuation field (quark) to spin. The vibrating energy condenses onto the rings of angular momentum. The rings spread out. If, or when they come accross another quark spinning in the same direction the vibrations within the angular momentum rings will create a field of harmonized vibrational energy. As this field grows it draws the quarks closer together. Thus: Quantum gravity. An experiment for this shouldn't be to hard. We'd just need a couple of gyroscopes with a high frequency oscillator connected to the disk in the center. Spin them on a level hard suface and see they consistantly draw together. There's no way I could be the first person to ever think of this.
  21. Illusionist The Creator closed his hands the slower a wave of negative the faster positive and right at a velocity two and half times the infamous speed of light clap two infinite bodies of energy particle-ized fluctuations slowed them down until speed and heat were realized distance created as an arena for particles to bond and collide or transform into weight when vibration and spin harmonized and if the conditions are just right two fields combine into one filled with so much momentum that it balls up and races side to side negative cannot handle the snappy changes in direction so it winds up way outside were it tumbles to meet the positive inside the time dialation spikes instant to instant the spikes reach out to dialate the holograms of space and time from molecules to the structures that hold the galaxies in line a complex infinite expansion for all things to exist including Knowledge, wisdom, and life as particles slowed down by the child who's power is his name and his children are the children of light
  22. So, the gravity of the universe existed before the universe? And some kind of energy that overcame this gravity? I watched some you tube videos on the theory. I not going to pretend to understand what they, or you are trying to say, but It is nice background for imaging. we're asuming that energy existed before the universe. And that there were energy barriers existing outside of time, or that time existed before the universe. The more I understand the theory the more I like mine, which doesn't seem to me, to be all that different from my latest "expansion plane" theory. Before the universe there were only unitarian planes of energy and no particles. As fields passed through each other the faster plane would particlize the slower plane in manner of relevancy. This action leads to distance where change and momentum are possible. Change in one dimesion is heat, change in two dimesions is gravity, change in three dimesions is time. I've become quite adapt at visualizing things existing outside of time and space, where size has no relevance. The speed of light is the great divider of what is wave and what is particle. The universe is an expansion of complex enegies. The atom is the particle of this expansion field. The atom is not a perpetual motion machine. It is however (according to my theory) responsible for building the third dimension. It is creating a three dimensional, gravitational hologram via the velocity time dialation spike, that occurs when the proton moves against it's own momentum at near the speed of light. The proton is vibrated by vacuum energy anihilations within it's core. The rings of the two dimensional atom carry a negative charge that is attracted to the positive charge within the time dialation spike. When they touch the anihilation of this momentum of energy is amplified into the energy capable cables and rings of the three dimensional universe. The vacuum energy has to come from somewhere. Ofcourse it's following the path of least resistance. There are non-energy propagating rings of "distance" that certainly seem like the likely place. electrons quantum leap over this distance as if it were not even there. If we could figure out the exact mechanism, we'd be on our way to quantum leaping to the stars because the energy and the mechanism is right there.
  23. When you say "condensed" your refering to the particle/distance ratio of space? When you say "hot" you mean the state of particle excitment ?
  24. Is there a scientific explanation for the dark ages after the inflatioinary period after the BB ?
  25. Here's a nice article: http://news.discovery.com/space/what-has-the-tevatron-really-discovered-110407.html relative to the disscution.
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