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  1. Would it be correct to say that: Photons sometimes exist within a ray of light and that the density of these photons denotes the spectrum color? If so then is it possible that the gravitron may exist in rays of gravity and that their density denotes the measure of force or momentum within that ray? Could weight be the result of an inward force of momentum, due to a field of gravitational rays being created within an object of mass, and being projected out, possibly to be multiplied by geometric interfierence patterns of momentum, with other objects of mass within a field of momentum potential (space/time), where by producing a" lattice framework matrix" of position that would take an equal amount of momentum force energy to move said mass object?
  2. ajb once told me that gravity is it's own anti paritcle. This makes perfect sense. But doesn't that mean that gravity can be both an attractive force and a repulsive force?
  3. Considering the measurment paradox, I think you might be on to something. In fact this was one the "trains of thought" I have on my list ride Here's the way I see it. On the highest plane everything is happening everywhere all at once, all the time. on this plane nothing really happens at all. Distance is a lenz that magnifies a line of possibilities Time is the shifting of relative points in an expanding field of possibilities. Possabilities compound as events happen and every possibility is happening all the time. Consiousness comes into play as a body of mass is able to consume and exploit energy at will. The momentum of the past creates a field of statistical probabilities that a consiousness can act upon I could go on and on if you want me to but most seem to wish that I wouldn't.
  4. Do you think dark matter and/or dark energy are expanding like the universe, or is their size more of a definite nature like the atom?
  5. I just wanted to throw in that motion can't be the only attribute of time. I don't see how motion could occur without distnace, and when motion occurs in distance, that momentum is normaly achieved. I don't know, in my world distance and momentum are also attributes of time.
  6. For all we know, we do time travel all the time. Our perceptions are always in the now. If you went back to the time that you were five years old then you would be five years old. Nothing would change. The world would just run the exact same course that it did and you'd be stuck in a time loop and not even know it except for occasional deja vu. To time travel like in the movies you'd have to Isolate yourself and send everything else back in time and then figure out how to de-isolate yourself. IF we could survive as just conciousness without physical bodies it might be possible.
  7. To experiment with the geometric latice work of position, in time, would be quite interesting. It doesn't matter what we think but what is. Consider what we might be able to do. Perhaps expand a force field of structure that could seperate space and time. Maybe delay vacuum energy and slip through the cracks as information packets. Produce different algorithems and transform lead into gold. These are interesting times in the field of science.
  8. Time The logical position shifts of the zero intersection within a particular x,y,and z plane as it pertains to it's own non symetrical dialation Vacuum energy annihalation fills the voids of space/time with the minimum amout of momentum needed to sustain the integrity of the continum as structure forms out of harmonically balanced frequencies of distance/momentum projections by the relative zero points in pro-atomic space time. If I am correct, one might possibly time travel if you could get some very specialized equipment to record the pattern shifts of a particular field of atoms in space, and you'd also have to have a some very specialized equipment to somehow run this cycle again, but, this would be a new instance of a past moment. Kinda like that movie, Ground Hog Day. If the theory is correct a body of mass at absolte zero will stop vibrating and only it's quantum structure will remain. We should be able to observe a mass object quantum leaping and existing in two places at once. Sub-space is made up of energy which can be defined as momentum potential. Space and subspace fields are seperated and defined by expansion acceleration intervels. At cerrtain speeds energy converts to mass and at other speeds mass converts to energy. These are cycles of reality. Like summer and spring grain in a cross section of wood.
  9. People often say "speed of light in a vacuum" to further define a point of referrence. I'm wondering, could one say that the ground state of the electromagnetic spectrum is "mass at absolute zero" to further define a point of reference? also, does mass have weight at absolute zero? does mass experience decay at absolute zero?
  10. I guess what I'm looking for is chart of massless particles. Both ones discovered and predicted by scientifically accepted standard models. I think we have a lot to learn about gravity, distance, and time. I see distance itself as a force field. Distantron density is the defining feature of a time dialation. If distance is something then it is possible that distance particles should exist with noting inbetween them. This would affect the time attribute of a field. The more nothing that you have inbetween the distance particles the faster you could go from here to there. I don't think massless particles require distance to exist within their wave function field. Like I said, We are just now scratching the surface of the microverse and the things that might have existed before the universe.
  11. Philsophically, It seems reasonable that virtual particles should be able to exist in a virtual distance within a vitual time frame. I actually think about these kinds of things way to much, but I'm no expert. Still, here's my thoughts on the subject for what ever they're worth: Let's say your observing an electron quantum jumping around in it's field of probability. And let's say you measure the distance and the time between one appearence, and a next. The measurement you take is only relative to your own distance and time frame reference within your own space/scale model. From the electron's point of view it was probably you, and the atom's nucleous that you were observing, that moved. Within it's space/scale model you and the atom's nucleous are vibrating while it's just sitting still, there at home in it's own infinte space/scale feild. Both you and the atom's nucleous is affected by the momentum of the expanding universe. Things with mass vibrate and they vibrate according the lattice work of the vibrational frequencies that defined the notes and octives of our reality. The periodic table of elements. The electron has no mass. Therefore the so called "sphere of electron probability" is actually the sphere of atomic nuclei probability. Everything in the universe is in perfect logical and geomtrical position all the time, but the universe is expanding and the expansion is not always one of perfect symetry. Wherefore perfect position must be defined and redefined instant to instant. So where the x,y, and z, axis' intersect in three dimensional space there is imperfection on very small scales. This leads to the harmonic vibrations of things that occupy and exist in it's field ie. mass. So, if you had a glass jar and sucked all the air and everything out of it until there was nothing in it at all, you would more than likely be able to encounter a pocket of vacuum energy. And let's say find two pockets at the same time. You could measure the distance of the two pockets on the outside of the glass and say they were this distance apart. but relative to the inside of the glass they were both everywhere and nowhere at the same time, or perhaps, to that which is relative in their own frame of virtual space/distance/time.
  12. The four dimensional universe. Infinite fields require infinite expansion. Infintie expansion requires relative four dimensional space. Realities are seperated by acclerations in space time in this manner, the way I'm seeing today. LoL. Let's imagine an abstract four dimensional space for a moment, we see intersecting rays of an x,y, and z axis. We'll set the intersection to zero and start zooming in closer and closer and closer until we get so close that we see the lines don't really touch all the time and that this point is actually vibrating. In some perspective we see more of a sphere of the probability of zero. Within this spere of probability there is length width and depth and intersections in both directions. This sphere of probability expands and collapses because the positive numbers spread distance and cause expansion and negative numbers cause contraction. Contraction always confirms zero because the force closes in on itself. Expansion is time because it defines the time spent at an exact loction within it's progression. On a more local nonabstract level we see atoms defining themselves as cross sections of time. The big bang was the result of nodes that define infintly expanding points of the massless particle fields. When another "octive" is hit another big bang occurs. There is a new expansion and when as the newness cools there is a contration. The center of every unrverse is the atoms and particles created and they are all relative to each other in the newly formed expanding universe. Humans probably experience a very small specrum of the resinating frequencies created by the existance of time. Our own thoughts are probably a matter of frequencies picked up and interpreted by our brain.
  13. I understand that massless particles exist in infinite fields. I am wondering if there is a chart or a list of particles that share this infinite field. Also, I was wondering if an infinite field would require an ifinite rate of expansion?
  14. I guess that was a bit much lol I'll have to go back and edit the spelling I guess.
  15. Explosioin dynamics can be seen as fratal patterns through out all of reality and beyond. A star goes super nova and we see an expansion force that then cools and converts to an implosion force. During the conversion process some of the energy gains angular momentum. Angular momentum resits the implosion force that now has to go around the spinning force. On the surface of this foil their is friction that causes the charge fields to condense and press inward towards the low preasure center of the spinning force. ie. gravity A black hole is the epicenter of the contraction force, Dark energy would be the reminants of the expansion force and the gas clouds of the residual matter are pressed together by the contraction force moving around them and the resistance field that they have become. The complete cycle of a super nova explosion might last for millions of years. The universe itself was a big bang. We see an inflationary period followed by what some call the dark age, followed by star formation. The stars formed out the angular momentum that slows down the contraction. We see the same pattern in atoms. The strong force is the expansion field and the weak force would constite the contraction. The quantum particles spin and bounce off each other in the cooling process. The speed of the expansion and contraction determine the fractile size and scale. The ratio of expansion, contraction, and spin determine the fine structure constant wich should be the same in every fractal pattern. Every fractal pattern is it's own dimension of time and space.
  16. what is weight? We see things without it moving at the speed of light. Maybe weight is some kind of resistance to, "speed of light expansion", and collects in the back wash of time. When we talk about a gravity time dialation are we saying that the gravitron field extending beyong the mass that houses it? Perhaps mass bodies join together to conserve gravitron energy allowing some of the gravitrons to be freed up and exist beyond the mass body. I heard you'll actually weigh more standing next to the empire state building than you will a few feet away from it. I know that gravity brings cosmic gas together and eventualy forms a star. but what came first, the the gas or the gravity field ? Can you have a gravity field drifting around in space without mass? Or do gravity fields radiate from mass? Could gravity crush other force fields into mass? Is the gravitron itself a massless boson? with spin? Is there such a thing as anti gravity? ! Moderator Note Similar topics merged
  17. Well, I'm probably the biggest quack on the website, but this is what I'm seeing and my simple understanding: The Higgs boson is said to exist everywhere all the time. The difference between vitual particles and real particles is supposed to be due to their interactions with the Higgs boson. As a simple minded wonderer I see that virtual particles do not last much more, if at all, than an instant of time where as real particles cannot be created or destroyed. A force field is a condition in space. It eleminates the true vacuum. Bosons are particles that make up a particular field. Their density identifies the strength and size of the field that they are. So to me it makes sense that the Higgs boson is the boson of a time field. Distance as time: If I wanted to visit my neighbor I could get up and walk across the street and say hello. If I were a massless entity, I could visit him without traversing the distance innetween. In fact, I could sit here and drink my coffee and visit my neighbor at the same time. Distance, space, and time, would be irrelevant because massless entities enjoy an infinite field outside of but permeating all space and time. According to the model I read about, The Higgs boson seems to make all the difference. If the Higgs boson is not the quanta of time then what is the force field that it represents? The four known force fields: electromagnetic strong force weak force gravity
  18. If my hypothises is correct then black holes should also be part of a larger fractile image of things that where. This would put a ring of expansion energy (dark energy) around every black hole and somewhere, probably about two thirds in from this ring should be another ring of virtual particles doing there constant anihalation dance. Time should slow down within the expansion rings relative to things that are not in the ring. Light should travel around these rings of expansion as a path of least reseitance. The Galactic model is very similar to the atomic model which is very similar to the pre history fibers of the infinte fields.
  19. I'm a solid believer that real time/distance is stiched together as a fabric one proton stroke at a time. This explains how time slows down for objects in motion relative to objects that are not. It explains why light travels around galaxies to get here. It explains why solid objects seldom decay in a symetricaly uniform manner. It explains why there is no cold fusion except in the case of magnetics. The atom is a time machine. Every atom is it's own present time, and all that you see with yours eyes is the past and all you see inside the atom is the dynamics, of the statistical probability of it's next point being defined for it's next exact and logical position in space/time and it's possibility of existance and the weight of it's resistance to the infinite fields that permeate all space and everyting that is.
  20. I'm not talking about multiverses. I am talking about this universe and the infinate fields that permeate our universe. Things like charge and dark energy. It seams that an infinite field requires infinite expansion. Wieght is resistance to the prehistory (dark energy) fibers that exist everywhere and in every direction all at once. The atom's nucleus is a two dimensional disk (or set of disks) that is constantly tumbling to deflect the dominate fiber in a given instant of time. There is a transferance of mometum and the residual energy of the deflection forms the quarks that resinate until the next collision. Every atom has one disk per proton. A hydrogen atom heats up in a star and the electro magnetic chamber expands to accomidate the excess energy. This shrinks the contraction element (weak force) of the atom. If the contraction element of an atom becomes to small it will bind with a cooler atom's contraction element and form a single atom with two resister disks and two protons. There is one disk per proton. Time flows out of the newly formed atom at the same rate, the speed of light. The two disks deflect as much as twice the prehistory energy as they alternate deflections. This offers upto twice the resistance within the same instant of time and therefore has more wieght in the real world. This is also why two protons cannot be in the same state at the same time.
  21. I'm glad there's a speculations forum where I can attempt to put into words the visions in my head. What I'm seeing is that the atom's nucleus is a fractile entity mirroring a pre universe condition. The strong force is an expansion of two and half times the speed of light. One part escapes as "fluid time" aether, and the other one and half parts fluctuating between contraction and the angular momentum of quatum particles that spin. What I'm seeing is that the atom is like a cross section of pre-history fibers. The cylinders walls are made up of expansion, in the center we have contraction, and inbetween slight positive and negative charge in a constant state of positive and negative cancelation with pockets of canceled out momentum particles as well. Charge is the relult of friction between the expansion and contraction. If we were to add charge, via some outside source like a lazer, we could probably reduce the entropy of an atom down to near absolut zero by "lubricating" the wall of friction with an outside source of electro magnetic charge. To achieve a perfect cancellation of charge inbetween the expansion and contraction layer of an atom would be to reach an absolute zero state of entropy. Black holes are probably the result of the strong expansion force of the exploded star's atoms being spent on scattering star parts in an outward direction at near the speed of light all over the universe and the weak contraction force of these atoms condense into objects we call black holes. Constant faster than light implosion. One might ask, expansion and contraction of what? At this point in time I'd say nothing at all. Just some kind of virtual distance existing outside of and to fast for time. 0+ > 0- = The possibility of reality.
  22. We know that during the big inflation that distance was spreading faster than light. So I'm thinking that maybe the big nothing that existed prior to the universe was an infinate flow of faster than light expansion existing along side fields of faster than light contractions. Perhapse charge, wich can exist without time or distance per my understanding, comes from the friction of these two fields of basically nothing more than momentum. Perhaps the positive and negative charges canceling each other out causes a disturbance and this momentum to spin into tiny little vortexs. The low preasure zones of these vortexes might cause like charge to condense into electrons and positrons that wreck havoc until something we call the atom forms as this little pocket of expanasion cools down and becomes to slow for this "dark matter" to comprehend. I would say that the strong force within the atom is probably "captured" original expansion and fuels the atom, and that the weak force within the atom is captured contraction. and everything is else is a matter of the momentum inbetween vibrating and spinning. The universe is a kind of "momentum resistor". Dark matter is probably the "boson" of dark energy. There are probably "viens" of dark energy rays that cruise right through our entire universe faster than the speed of light and keep every thing in it's place.
  23. In layman's terms: If a 10 pound log is attached to a tree it is in a state of growth and it is alive If a 10 pound log is laying on the ground it may take years to decay into oganic top soil If a 10 pound log is lit on fire it will decay into smoke and ash very rapidly If a 10 pound log is put in a refridgerator it will decay very slowly if a 10 pound log is flash frozen to absolute zero you could probaly make a variaty of things that add up to 10 pounds and 10 pounds is it's own scalar dimension with physical values and attributes
  24. Tings decay very fast when their on fire. A proton vibrating, within an atom in motion, has to absorb the distance being traveled. This explains why time slows down for things in motion.
  25. I've heard it said that there are four dimensions. Length, width, depth, and time. These are all things that we measure. They have dimensional properties. What about wieght? and temprature (or enropy as some say)?
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