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  1. The Aether, In my opinion, holds us in place. It is the reason it takes energy to move and the reason space is expanding. The Aether is the past radiating from the present which is the force feild time dialation caused by the proton moving at a velocity faster than the speed of light. The aether is not an em field but simply a field of momentum. The electron/s move on the crest of real time momentum. It is virtual time being converted to fluid time. Literally the furture converting to the past. Virtual time has a higher gravity ratio than past time. Light is a pocket of real time that has no proton and therefore has no mechanism to convert virtual time into fluid time. So the answer to your question is that the ether is moving through us and we can move through it by exchanging energy for displacement.
  2. I don't know if I'm a moron or a genius. I just listen to a few voices inside and trust they'll explain things to me the best that I can understand, but what do you wanrt? I am just a little more than a monkey.
  3. If the universe is just a cycle of time than it may be infinite.
  4. Scientists and physicist say things like space/time and then deny the aether. For me it is quite obvious that time is the aether of the universe. They'll tell you that time is expanding but it does not exist as any kind of physical entity. They will tell you that the universe is four dimensional, there is length, width, depth, and time. But isn't time in and of itself three dimensional? There is the past, present, and the future. It's a shame in my opinion. A darn shame. How will we ever learn to travel the stars without a comprehensive physical understanding of the aether of distance between them ? When a star redshifts or blue shifts, is it not a matter of time expanding out of matter and stretching and compressing in waves according to the direction of travel? How else can this be rationally explained? Did the nothingness of space stretch the light wave? Nothing can do nothing but time as the aether might explain a lot.
  5. Playground by Mark Beal I wake up in a new universe every day the old one that was is gone away but the matter that I occupy seems the same but I know that it is slowly slipping away and that the time will come for it to decay the lucky will find a new home I pray for it's very nice to have a healthy place to play even though it's kind of strange to be alive in the playground of time I think we're along ways away from leaving our universe or traveling back and forth in time. We're not even allowed to leave our own back yard. Funny how we all gather around the fence and wrap our little fingers around the chain links and peer out at the neighborhood, and wonder, what's out there, and what's possible.
  6. The model that I have in mind begins as everything happening everywhere all at once and nothing really happens at all. It's the foundation and layer of infinite possibility. This is where space/distance/time begins it's three layer journey. I'm led to believe that this layer of "everything/nothing" is gravity and that it has always existed and exists within and without everything, everywhere and that infinite universes are like skin cells and the graviry is the cappillaries inbetween and leaking in. Life can only come from life and the living create all things. Only nothing can come from nothing therefore all things had to come from something that has always been. If this infinite layer is gravity then gravity is the force of life. A train of waves of thought, truth, and reason occur and we see the first stream of time dialations appear. They are made up of "timeatrons". The smallest dimensions of space and time and they alone define virtual time. The space inbetween them is infinitly small and large at the same all at once. The timeatron is basically nothing more than a hole in the "infinosphere" of gravity. The gravity leaks in through some kind of osmossis process that converts the gravity into positive and negative energies. These energies fill and begin to expand the timeatron, while they attract, repel, and anihalate each other. Heat begins to build as they jump from one timeatron to the other until the heat and collisions begin a fusion of these energies. They fuse into quantum particles that jump in like manner. Some of these fuse into particles that convert this energy into virtual gravity. Quarks are the second time dialation. It is literally the first dimension of a three dimensional realm. A point of real time. The quarks are like huge stars in this realm. Their gravity attracts and pulls in the positive and negative energies that begin to vibrate them at or near the speed of light. This action causes a wave of momentum that we call the proton. The protons vibration velocity exceeds the acceptable speed of time within the timeatron and we see the third time dialation. The photon has a positive charge and the negative energy is attracted to it but the momentum "throws" it back and forth accross the time dialation "bubble" in an instant to instant manner. It is defining a line. Literaly the first two diminsional entity in a three dimensional realm. In the begining all of this happened very fast. The first atoms were hydrogen and as the exploded as a nuclear blast it only added to the heat. As things expanded very rapidly in this chain reaction of events. eventually the velocity dialations caused by the photons created enough distance outside of the electron to allow the hydrogen atoms and now helium attoms, to exist. This chain reaction was the begining and the end of the inflationaly period. All the atoms in the universe came from this event. It was a collosal event. Photon vibrations are the primary source that creates distance in the universe. Literally the three dimensional past recorded as energies consumed and spent within the energy/space matrix that all things are. I'd speculate that time waves break down into their smallest particles at the edge of the universe then scatter and recollect to start the process again as an endless cycle. It is a bang and then rebang cycle occuring in a formless void. In other words, if there exists a pocket of the universe where time waves break down we'll see a field of increasing virtual particles. These are the energies carried by the time wave being let go into a virtual time zone. Where one inch can occupy thousands of miles or millionths of an inch. depending on the virtual distance of the timeatrons. Like the branches on a tree, my rebang theory.
  7. My opinion: The universe extends from quantum fluctuation to quantum fluctuation. The universe exists as an infinitly expandig time frame matrix within a field of virtual time. What seperates one universe from another is the same thing that seperates like bodies of mass. If you lay two pieces of steel side by side they will not become one piece of steel because they both exist as two distinct and different time frame martrix bodies. The interlocking time wave edges are defined by the elecron riding the very crest of the expansion. This is the present time dimension. The past time dimension is vary similar except the photon defines this (now volume wise) larger time frame matrix body. At the edge of the universe time begins to break down into it's smallest measurements. All length, width, and depth, collapses exept that which embodies energies, carried by the time waves. They move from "timeatron" to "timeatron" in field of virtual time. The cycle is philisophecly: infinite possibility transforming into statistical probability into reality into an ifinitely expanding past which feeds the need for compound possibility that leads tooooooo another universe that expands right out of the spec that is, our very own. Time and virtual time exist as hills and valleys on an ininte and geometrically formless plane and foundation of life force gravity.
  8. I am curious, what do you think could possibly seperate this universe from other universes? Or do you think that this is the only one?
  9. Space to vibrate in and exist in is a problem. I've been thinking about this a lot. And also where does original energy come from. The model has seven dimensions all divided by divisions within time according to it's expansion and expansion rate. I've come to the conclusion that if virtual particles can exist in a field of the distant past, then virtual time must form and exist in the distant future. The quantum field, (that I lilke to call the field of statistical probablility,) is a field of virtual time. The second dimension of the model. The first/eighth, dimension is life and original energy is life force. Length, width, and depth are also for the most part virtual but as virtual time begins to expand into real time things become more definate. The quantum fission of original energies burns a hole into reality that acts as the quantum gravity that makes up the mass weight of these particles. Particles and energies within this "infinosphere" do not flow from one point to another but rather disapear and then reapear. When these things move from one point to another they leave behind dimples in the fabric of infinity. The "Infinosphere" erodes into into holes that become more and more like portals of a lessor resistance until the point where they start forming fractile points along a developing cycle which is the early momentums of virtual time. Soon to forge quarks that vibrate into photons that vibrate into a present moment of real length, width, depth and a fleeting moment of present time. and here's the more poetic version to help the realize and visualize the model a little better: The Cycle Of A Universe Only life can create life and the living create all things trees, fuit and leaves birds a nest and we all put forth things in our own image some are put through the test as the artist polishes his truth and puts forth his very best all things were built by and for life and the divisions that occupy things in time and time is the tool of God who expands and divids it's branches full of rifts, light, and knots bang bang and rebang the Eternal's lot virtual time and particles lead to virtual particles in time as the foundation of infinite possibility erodes into statistical probability that transforms into the present time of reality and I wonder if we are percieved as nothing at all like the past that shifts the light into the blue or red that is drifting into the pitch of night where it will soon disapear far far away and out of our sight as the waves carry the energies back to dry land where they walk until they once again take flight in search of a place and time to talk welcome home man welcome home
  10. Na, I don't like haikus. To many rules. My model of the universe is realized as inner visions. It's just easier for me to explain visions with poetry sometimes, than with math and lengthy explanations. I'm not a scientist, but modeling the universe and it's inner workings is one of my hobbies. I gather bits and pieces of infomation and expand them into all kinds of wild ideas. I have to admit, I really like my latest model of the universe.
  11. The big bang is probably a result of a fractile projection formed and emulating from more original life force energies. Life itself, creating. Time and light energy are the tools of the trade. Life can only come from life and the living create all things. All life is divisions of this life force, and all things are divisions of energy and time. This "life, light, vacuum" energy is the same energy that makes up and vibrates the proton. All things together make up the body of infinity. The seventh and final dimension in my ever evolving model of the universe. The chaos/rest dimension. I guess now I'll have to put it all together in a book sure to blow the minds of all who laugh at me
  12. The Attraction Distraction If the proton is the face of time then the electron is surley the pendulum craked like a whip clean accoss to the other side of the present time dialation
  13. I don't mind being considered a wacko. A quick look at history and I can see I'm in good company. The brain has two sides, a logical side and a creative side. Together they dance. A wise theorist will tweak and probe the scientists for validity. Constructive critisim should always be welcomed. The wise scientist will weigh and divide the hypothisis of artists who's ideas seem to fill gaps in knowledge and understanding. Things posted in the speculations forum which bear no or little critisim, that seem to fill a void or more especially voids, in our current understanding, should be investigated by the more inquisistive minds of serious reserchers and scientists with nothing better to do. I think any good hypothesis, (once read) will sooner or later become very hard to ignore. With a handfull of questions and comments, and some research and terminolgy, I have pretty much answered all the questions and things that used to bug me. I have filled the gaps. My model of the universe, and how and why, are very neat and complete in my own head. I'm quite sure that as knowledge progresses that everybody else will find someting pretty close to the model that I have on hand. But then again, I'm just another wacko being sent down the hallway to the speculations forum. That's just where I belong I guess. Who else is going to tell you why everything is mathamatically coherent? Just get on down the hall, nobody will hear it soon enough.
  14. Just because there was no time and no space, does not mean that there was nothing. It means that only things that do not occupy time could have existed. These things must be the something that created the big bang. According my understanding thus far: Massless particles occupy space in a field where there is no time or space. Therefore each and every particle is it's own time zone and there is nothing, not even distance, outside of these particles. These particles are the same positive and negatively charged particles that vibrate the proton existing before there were quarks and protons. As these things started popping in and out of reality in manner of frequency they fused into the mass bearing quarks and other quantum particles that occupy mass. Things that occupy mass, occupy time and a time wave is literally gravity. The gravitational affects of the newly formed quarks must have attracted (and still attract) this electromagnetic vacuum energy. As the positive and negative vacuum energy came together near the gravity field of the quarks they completely surround the them and start bumpi ng into one another and anniahalating each other. This energy caused the quarks to start vibrating near the speed of light at which point a velocity time dialtation occured and started creating and expanding the space of the atomic, time/space dimension that we live in. Our universe is a time wave matrix. Space time has a volume limit. When and where the time/gravity wave momentum breaks down enough the energy contained in the waves will be released and begin to overcome time. At this point they will once again start popping in and out of reality. If I am correct there should be pockets of space, far away from the dark matter scaffolding of the universe where virtual partincles become very thick and if and when they start popping in and out of reality in a manner of frequency, a new branch within our universe will form and there will be a rebang of these particles. This is the edge of the universe. It's not a defined edge but an end and a new beginning of time.
  15. Soul Pirate Black hole Island a school of photon energy walks up on shore one by one shools out their pleasure to pop about graduation day time to dart out and swim the rivers of time where far beyond the gamma wave they will gather up and perhaps once again be mass, and/or a light that shines There is a place in space where time waves break down and prehistory, photon energy walks on water Atom And The Photon A photon is an atom with her wings spread out The protron momentum wave force field generated by the quarks that came from a quantum fision of vacuum energy at the advent of some original timeing sequence brought about by fractile enevability sometimes gets caught up in an extreme thermal time dialation that causes a division that results into flight and nuclear fusion Agggggh, but the flight the photon flies and lights up the night the quark wave force field spreads out it's wings and becomes as pillars on waves of time until the time they land once again in the timeless field then pop around until structure Some photons kiss atoms as they fly upon the waves
  16. fractile pattern holes make up quantum fields. It is not a four dimensional space like our universe. It is a subuniverse. existing as a series of holes. Holes in reality must attract these quantum energies. Fundamentle particles are made from residule energies left over from the positive and negative aniahalations that occur in these original holes in reality. They are popping in and out and overlapping and crashing at a given point in a "place" where they are the points. If a cycle of timing occurs the result would cause a quantum time wave. Perhaps heat and quantum fusion. These energies fuse into quarks and the quantim things that have gravity. The proton is probably a wave of momentum caused by a frequency of quantum actions happing in these holes of least resistence. Holes in reality are held open by a constant flow of electromagnetic energy. The nucleous shell is this energy. A nuclear explosion is this hole in reality collapsing. There is an enoumous release of quantum energies as the quantum field has to adjust and the entire fractile matrix changes. New holes will be burned and old holes will collapse as a result. The quantum fission that formed the quarks expanded the hole and then collapsed into the quarkes. Everything is the relult of energies, causing a time wave dialation within a timewave dialation, and the quantum energies that caused them. There must be seven dimensions built one on top of the other. All defined by space/time/distance. The "rest" layer where energy particles are born The "future" layer where the reality holes are burned and quantum fission takes place The "present" layer where atoms take up spheres of length width and depth The "past" layer which is the expansion of distance by the atom. Length, Width, and Depth. The Seven dimensions all divided by time/space/distance of reality Large mass bodies and heat must draw in these quatum waves of particle energy. They play a huge roll in reality hole opening and closingings. The core of the earth is hot enough to cause shifts in hole locations. The opening and closing of these holes is what makes up the magnetic north and south poles. They are residual quantum energies that get sqeezed out as a result of reality hole collapse.
  17. Give me a minute. Wright now I'm thinking that energy particles pop in and out of exitence, leave holes in existance and perhaps a path of least resistance into reality. eventually patterns emerge.
  18. I don't see how you could get something from nothing, but I've been thinking. Perhaps energies wich do not occupy time could have existed before time. Time stands still at the speed of light. Light is an ellectromagnetic wave if I remember right. So it's perfectly acceptable to think that electro magnetic "entities" exist outside of and before our universe (time). Things that exist outside of time probably wouldn't have to obey the rules of time unless moving through a "pool" of time at wich point they have to travel on a wave of time. That moves at the speed of light. I believe that a photon (While swimming through our universe), is just an electromagnetic desturbance in a wave of time similar to an electron in bodies of mass. The difference being that light travels mostly within the "Universe" time frame matrix and that the electron mostly travels around an atoms time frame matrix or/and moleculer, and mass body structure time frame matrixes. In fact they are probably convertable and depndent on the gravity of the matrix they travel. If time is space and space is distance, than it's perfectly plausable that in this dimension energy particles could move from here to there in a quantum manner. When we examine a quantum field we are seeing the behavior of energies existing in a "place" where there is no distance. No length, width, or depth. The expansion of universe surely affects their behavior as the expansion of distance probably causes a vacuum or some kind of inward preasure as time in our universe continually expand. The universe is a space history. It is litterally a matrix of time (space),expanding from the protons, velocity time dialtions. If I am correct then mass must have been created before distance. And that the quantum field exists inside and outside of our universe. The big bang must've happened some thing like this: energies that existed before and without time/space/distance. Must have been popping in and out of existance with no relation to 4 dimensional space. But everything that exists must have some "place" where it exists. The energy particles themselves were/are the "place" where they existed here and there, and even in several places at once, back and entangled. The dawn of quantum time was that these things started poping in and out of "space" in some fractle pattern/s and mathamaticle statisticle probability was born out of chaos. The fractle patterns of different particles probably developed overlaping intersecting vectors that caused the aniahaltions of positive and negative energies. The inihalations started getting very hot as the collisions started happening as a frequency. This is what formed the tiny mass particles like quarks and gluons. The gravity of these quarks pulled them together and the proton is more than likely a force field of this accumulated gravity. A virtual time dialation. The frequencies that lasted long enough to create an atom. The atom is a real time, time dialation that occurs as the result of the velocity of the proton. The atom radiates space. The time dialation itself is the force field that exists between the nucleous of the atom and the electron.
  19. Before time there was no distance. Rules like: To move from here to there in the universe one must travel through the space inbetween. The space inbetween is time. and ones like you cannot exist in two places at once. and one cannot pop in and out of reality. I guess I'm saying that it's a plausable argument to say that energy particles could and probably did exist before the big bang (of time).
  20. I don't see how you could get something from nothing, but I've been thinking. Perhaps energies wich do not occupy time could have existed before time. Time stands still at the speed of light. Light is an ellectromagnetic wave if I remember right. So it's perfectly acceptable to think that electro magnetic "entities" exist outside of and before our universe (time). Things that exist outside of time probably wouldn't have to obey the rules of time unless moving through a "pool" of time at wich point they have to travel on a wave of time. If time is space and space is distance, than it's perfectly plausable that in this dimension energy particles could move from here to there in a quantum manner.
  21. What defines consciousness? Perhaps, that which is born of subconsciousness. I saw a show one time and they were talking about" babies see everything as connected and one. As they grow older they begin to realize individuality". I think at the "everyting is one level", they are almost completely submerged in subconsciousness. They soon learn to control their individual entity as an individual concieousness emerges and begins investigating. I think most people beleive that every one kind of thinks like them but this is far from the truth. Sure we all have similar experiences and feelings but we all pretty much pick and choose our thoughts more and more. A teenager or young adult will start trying to "find him/her self" and who wouldn't know just how litteral the phrase is. I think at some point we all start looking for truth and some kind of understancing. I think we are all connected at some deep and subconsious level. And on deeper levels connected to beings in and out of our own universe. I've seen all kinds of creatures on this earth. Amazing and unbelievable things alive in places that seem impossible. I see no reason to discount the idea of a being without flesh, or that the universe itself isn't a living and breeding organism. If our race endures, I see no reason why we couldn't learn how to create conscious beings and we probably already do. What is an attitude and in who or what will it land? I guess the next logical question is: Can a conscious mind cease to exist once it's created. I like to think they resinate in the subconcsious and sometimes become reborn for further investigation or to carry out some sentence, judgment, or cause. I create. Therefore I believe that I am a child of the creator. In time he will teach us to create all things. Being concious is the ability to choose the thoughts you keep and be the spirit ("or ghosts") of those thoughts. Those that glorify the Father in the face of great adversary will be of great value through out all of time and eternity. Those who enjoy walking with God learn not to throw stones at him.
  22. I"d recomend the United States and Great Britan in prophecy by Herbert Armstrong. I found it enlightning. I also like the book of Enoch. My favorite Bible is the King James Version because it's poetic and I understand that 80 percent of it is Tynsdale's original english bible. This mans story has been quite the insperation to me. Sometimes I wonder what Stephen "in the book of acts I think" was preaching when they stoned him to death, and sometimes I wonder when they'll be coming to stone me.
  23. It seems as if almost everyone agrees that quarks, muons, energy, and other fundamentle elements existed before time began. It is also understood that space (ie: distance) was created at some point during the big bang. So, what many of you are suggesting is that these things either do not posses lenth, width, depth, and time, or that there was a space and time that they existed in that was some how different than our own. It seems to me that if these things occupy space than they were born out of space and that space itself must truly be the only fundamentle element, or at the very least, that the space occupied by the fundamentles had to have been created at the same time as the fundamentles and that the space that they moved through must have been transformed into the time and space of our universe. A forward linear time line should start at zero. Quarks and muons are not zero entities. Therefore they must have developed after time began. However, energy might have existed because it moves at the speed of light, wich does not occupy time. We can measure energy with time, wave length, and cycles per second, but I can see where a prime energy could exist without space or time. It would just have nowhere to go or would exist everywhere all at once, seeing how everywhere was nowhere it's not so hard to imagine Perhaps fundementle particles are prime energies some how captured or embodied by time at the instant/s of creation. To say that nothing can come from nothing is not an accurate statement. QED as I understand it says that positive and negative energy pops up into existence out of nothing at all and vibrates the protons. This same energy pops up in space and sometimes twirls around creating a virtual atom before they anihalate each other. So what we have come to understand is that nothing has a power and an energy. These particles have to travel through space to annahalte each other. Space is time, but quantum space seems to be different and it seems to have existed before time and I think the rules (including logic and math) also change at this level. Something from nothing at this level is not only possible but probable. Absolute nothing is probably impossible.
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