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  1. Before the 20th century people would ask why is the universe so orderly? Einstein was said to have been amazed by the beauty and order of things, why was there so much order? the universe could have been simply chaotic. this inetviabely lead people to concluded that the universe was the creation of a god. But eventually science was thankfully saved through the multiverse theory. One of these theories stated there is an ocean of an infinite number of universes and so even if most are chaotic some will eventually become orderly. Now here we are before the 22nd century and I ask why am I ali
  2. I have developed a system which could be used in the future. This system would see a world in which the words poverty, recession and tax dissapear forever! With futuristic technology on the horizon, I see coming soon the rise of robot workers. I have a theory that if robot workers did every job and I mean every single last job including running the companies and did it all for completely free working practically 24/7 and with these jobs manufacturing even more robots to increase their population hence increase the amount of products they create we'd eventually reach a point in which the am
  3. After having an odd day of repeated dejá vu or flashes of memories of my dreams from the previous nights. I realized that these flashes were occurring when I looked at certain objects as if memories were been saved on other objects. This concept inspired me to realize you can save information in some sense on projections or representations rather than just physical objects, I went onto consider the concept of saving or even processing information on objects that are not just material. Perhaps saving and processing information on liquids, gases, energy, or somehow information itself or to s
  4. Some studies & common sense can tell that every generation is getting slightly taller due to improving lifestyles over time. But what worries me about this quick almost man-made evolution is that if we get really tall really quick could there be consequences? based on the science that as you increase a volume, its weight increases more than its strength, what if humans increase volume over time so quickly that our weight is too much for our strength to overcome and people essentially become weaker and weaker? the science of increasing volume states that humans are getting weaker every gene
  5. I'm not sure if that statement is part of relativity or speculation but it sounds like speculation, I checked on Google and couldn't find too much on it, but I'll tell you if I come across something.
  6. That's very interesting and its made me just wonder something that is probably impossible but could we just be light beams? perhaps light beams traveling through space away from the real Earth? and somehow these light beings have become conscious? or is that not possible. I just thought of it and am wondering if its possible?
  7. I was thinking about the multiverse theory and if every possibility must emerge infinite number of times forever somewhere within the multiverse then perhaps there is somewhere an alien civilization which has somehow developed a technology to view other universes. So theoretically people in other universes can see us and are keeping records of our society. So no information is truly lost. Somewhere a civilization has somehow kept record of us and even if our civilization is completely gone. Yet eventually the information will die of cause these civilizations won't last forever. But then again
  8. There is a big illusion that mankind currently drown in. the illusion of officialism. We people feel the so-called "officialism" of our society and our societies methods. On New years eve we can feel the exhilaration of that rare transition. It really feels as if the whole world is changing. But in truth relative to nature, the laws of physics and the true officialism if you may it is just another random event. Although this is enjoyable and I don't criticize people enjoying the illusion of societal officialism, I think this is the reason for many major ethical problems. We sometimes ask w
  9. well even if you can't determine the future could this suggest everything is somewhat pre-determined? interesting, thank you for explaining.
  10. If you could somehow inherit all the universe's information then theoretically speaking you should be able to predict anything because every single event leads to another and if you factorize in all events in space & time and how they interact with each other you can then find that you will receive accurate predication's of what will happen next for e.g. you factorize in every rock & meteor in space and their movement then theoretically speaking you could receive all the information of the future. and if we inherited all the information of someones mind and calculate what thought w
  11. Good point. I guess its not the type of subject that attains rules, solidification and laws.
  12. I was not referring to great as in achievement-wise I mean as in the completely right thing to do and the absolutely nicest thing to do.
  13. Science & the obvious. If you were a hand then you would be a hand, but your not a hand, consciousness & experience only exists in the brain. Unless there's a theory suggesting thoughts & experience can transpire in other parts of the body.
  14. What defines a truly great or right individual? Is it professionalism? or Is it Joy? Many would easily just being professional and not doing things for fun is the right thing. Taking everything serious. Yet this often results in an individual whom is critical of others in her/his efforts to enforce professionalism in other individuals. So if one tries to enforce this onto others even though they believe it is right, it is only expanding anger & sorrow in the world as people receive criticism. So not even being absolutely professional is correct. Yet being completely joy
  15. Here is some interesting philosophical realizations of consciousness 1. You have never directly affected the material world because you only think, its your body that your thoughts order to perform the actions. 2. You never do you only think 3. You are not a human, just consciousness flowing within a brain within a human. 4. If a human body develops consciousness within then us the conscious beings are just one part of the body, yet of course we have a lot of power, we are only members of the body, you could say we are just an organ, that being a brain.
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