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  1. Before the 20th century people would ask why is the universe so orderly? Einstein was said to have been amazed by the beauty and order of things, why was there so much order? the universe could have been simply chaotic. this inetviabely lead people to concluded that the universe was the creation of a god. But eventually science was thankfully saved through the multiverse theory. One of these theories stated there is an ocean of an infinite number of universes and so even if most are chaotic some will eventually become orderly. Now here we are before the 22nd century and I ask why am I alive? it could be that I am dead now, if my life is truly to be in or around 75 years to a century long then considering the mass expanse of time before and after my life I could so easily be dead if I have one life. So just like the universe could have so easily been chaotic if there is one universe, I could so easily be dead if there is only one life. why could I not have already have lived? what is it that determined where I was born and when? why was I born? well I believe a possible resolution could be a MultiLife just a Multiverses resolved the Universe problem perhaps a MultiLife containing an infinite number of lives is the answer, so that no matter what I must be alive now just as no matter what some universes must be orderly and must give way to life. So I believe in theory if we mix these two ideas we have an answer to "Why we are truly here?" You are alive because you must be alive because you always have been alive and always will be, this life is just one of many. And life can exist because there is an infinite number of universes and some must be orderly and must allow life to flourish so even if one orderly universe becomes disordered over time there'll always be more universes out there ordered so whatever it is that could transport consciousness from one life to another will always find somewhere to dump the consciousness. I will not claim to know what could cause the transportation of consciousness but I have some possible methods: 1. Consciousness is an eleventh dimensional entity which can see the entire three dimensions of every universe from its perspective and via some sort of interaction network can connect to brains of biological entities and give life and action to these bodies. Otherwise these bodies would just be biological but with no thinker to act with and with no one to experience what the biological entity see's of the world. this 11-D entity could be one entity in total but perhaps spreads out like a spider web and these lines of consciousness as such become completely unaware of one another as they descend into separation as they descend through the 10th dimension and lower. An analogy of this would be you have a 3-D spider that sprays out its web but the strings of the web hit the 2-D world and can no longer become aware of the three dimensions of the other strings so via this method we become one consciousness segmented throughout the Multiverse. 2. Based on the holographic principle the universe is two dimensional and purely informational. Conscious entities lives beyond this 2-D world in hyperspace possibly as close as the third dimension and attach to this information via inter dimensional interactions. 3. Consciousness is a form of existence on the same level as that of Matter, Energy & Information. It is not easy to detect and cannot be sensed using any of the five known senses. These entities exist within brains and when a biological entities dies the consciousness begins to escape and shoots out after perhaps a century of been stored tightly inside a brain. Then the entity is attracted to newly created biological entities in something similar to gravitational effects, these vacant bodies attract released consciousness and occupied bodies repel external consciousness but hold in the newly attained consciousness within. These consciousness came from other universes and entered ours along with the Big Bang. For me personally number one is my favorite, I doubt 2 or 3 could be correct. Please tell me your opinions.
  2. I have developed a system which could be used in the future. This system would see a world in which the words poverty, recession and tax dissapear forever! With futuristic technology on the horizon, I see coming soon the rise of robot workers. I have a theory that if robot workers did every job and I mean every single last job including running the companies and did it all for completely free working practically 24/7 and with these jobs manufacturing even more robots to increase their population hence increase the amount of products they create we'd eventually reach a point in which the amount of products in the world would be virtually endless. If this happened then people could have shops filled with products to get. Yet the problem is where do people get their money from without jobs? simple as this, we get rid of money all together. The robots work for free, people make no money, the robots develop an endless amount of supplies and the people get these products for free. With this new system everyone would be equal but not in a communist way where the rich lose money and the poor gain money, because in this system there is no money firstly and secondly no one loses status, in fact everyone on the planet just gains. People can get as much as they want. With this system, you wont have to pay tax again and in other words there would be basically no problems again as most of the worlds problems arise over economic problems. We could also stop using non-renewable and polluting resources as even though solar power costs more, there is no problem, the robots don't mind extra work so in this way we can resolve many wars such as wars over oil and owed debt. Also global warming will end. So in other words this system could potentially bring: 1. End of poverty and world wide equal wealth 2. End of global warming and dispute over oil 3. Potential world peace agreement and if your wondering what will support our increasing population? well by then we'll probably have the technology to colonize the oceans and the rest of the solar system conclusively.
  3. After having an odd day of repeated dejá vu or flashes of memories of my dreams from the previous nights. I realized that these flashes were occurring when I looked at certain objects as if memories were been saved on other objects. This concept inspired me to realize you can save information in some sense on projections or representations rather than just physical objects, I went onto consider the concept of saving or even processing information on objects that are not just material. Perhaps saving and processing information on liquids, gases, energy, or somehow information itself or to save information on projections or objects that bring to mind certain thoughts when a conscious being observes it through method of learning in other words a person looks at an object and remembers certain information they match up to that object and perhaps machines could be developed to use this technique.
  4. Some studies & common sense can tell that every generation is getting slightly taller due to improving lifestyles over time. But what worries me about this quick almost man-made evolution is that if we get really tall really quick could there be consequences? based on the science that as you increase a volume, its weight increases more than its strength, what if humans increase volume over time so quickly that our weight is too much for our strength to overcome and people essentially become weaker and weaker? the science of increasing volume states that humans are getting weaker every generation. Although no significant evidence suggests this, I theorize its happening so slowly that we don't notice it. But since the rate of our civilizations advancement in technology hence lifestyle is increasing its rate of increasing lifestyle itself does this suggest that humans will become very weak and when born perhaps collapse under their own weight within a few hundred years?
  5. I'm not sure if that statement is part of relativity or speculation but it sounds like speculation, I checked on Google and couldn't find too much on it, but I'll tell you if I come across something.
  6. That's very interesting and its made me just wonder something that is probably impossible but could we just be light beams? perhaps light beams traveling through space away from the real Earth? and somehow these light beings have become conscious? or is that not possible. I just thought of it and am wondering if its possible?
  7. I was thinking about the multiverse theory and if every possibility must emerge infinite number of times forever somewhere within the multiverse then perhaps there is somewhere an alien civilization which has somehow developed a technology to view other universes. So theoretically people in other universes can see us and are keeping records of our society. So no information is truly lost. Somewhere a civilization has somehow kept record of us and even if our civilization is completely gone. Yet eventually the information will die of cause these civilizations won't last forever. But then again every possibility will eventually transpire so this means that some alien civilization will be handed false information that is actually correct. They will believe a civilization which is ours once existed and the information will be true due to a fluke. So in a sense all the information of our civilization will never be lost.
  8. There is a big illusion that mankind currently drown in. the illusion of officialism. We people feel the so-called "officialism" of our society and our societies methods. On New years eve we can feel the exhilaration of that rare transition. It really feels as if the whole world is changing. But in truth relative to nature, the laws of physics and the true officialism if you may it is just another random event. Although this is enjoyable and I don't criticize people enjoying the illusion of societal officialism, I think this is the reason for many major ethical problems. We sometimes ask what is the best thing a person can do? what is the best way to live our lives? who is the best person ever? what is the meaning of life? what is the greatest blight of humanity? many claim to have it but in truth I don't think anyone can know the answer. Because society is just random relative to nature, so is all the order is appears to hold. So in truth there is no answer to these questions but there seems to be because of the great illusion of officialism. Just as we really feel the day is the day it is and we really feel that it is the year 2011 and we really feel we live in the country we live in we believe there almost certainly must be answers to these questions but in truth ethics itself is just an illusion.
  9. well even if you can't determine the future could this suggest everything is somewhat pre-determined? interesting, thank you for explaining.
  10. If you could somehow inherit all the universe's information then theoretically speaking you should be able to predict anything because every single event leads to another and if you factorize in all events in space & time and how they interact with each other you can then find that you will receive accurate predication's of what will happen next for e.g. you factorize in every rock & meteor in space and their movement then theoretically speaking you could receive all the information of the future. and if we inherited all the information of someones mind and calculate what thought will be thought after the current thought because they are linked you could even find every conscious being is pre-determined and their interactions with the external world is also predictable so perhaps all events are pre-determined.
  11. Good point. I guess its not the type of subject that attains rules, solidification and laws.
  12. I was not referring to great as in achievement-wise I mean as in the completely right thing to do and the absolutely nicest thing to do.
  13. Science & the obvious. If you were a hand then you would be a hand, but your not a hand, consciousness & experience only exists in the brain. Unless there's a theory suggesting thoughts & experience can transpire in other parts of the body.
  14. What defines a truly great or right individual? Is it professionalism? or Is it Joy? Many would easily just being professional and not doing things for fun is the right thing. Taking everything serious. Yet this often results in an individual whom is critical of others in her/his efforts to enforce professionalism in other individuals. So if one tries to enforce this onto others even though they believe it is right, it is only expanding anger & sorrow in the world as people receive criticism. So not even being absolutely professional is correct. Yet being completely joyous and just having fun and not really caring about what really matters is also good for you, if your happy then you are a nice person yet many people could take this joy too far and extract other individuals sorrow for their own joy and become an idiot whom annoys other people. So what is right? Professionalism or Joy? In my opinion somewhere in the mid is the place to be. Take things seriously but have fun in your life too. What's your opinion?
  15. Here is some interesting philosophical realizations of consciousness 1. You have never directly affected the material world because you only think, its your body that your thoughts order to perform the actions. 2. You never do you only think 3. You are not a human, just consciousness flowing within a brain within a human. 4. If a human body develops consciousness within then us the conscious beings are just one part of the body, yet of course we have a lot of power, we are only members of the body, you could say we are just an organ, that being a brain.
  16. touché. good point, of course you could if you wanted but I was just posting if you had to choose.
  17. Which one of the following neutrality would you consider the better one to exist: Nothing or something and the opposite of that something for e.g. nothing or matter & anti-matter or if you may neutral emotions or joy & sorrow In my opinion joy & sorrow is better because it may hold some downsides with the sorrow but its worth it because any sorrow will just empathize joy. What do y'all think?
  18. well at first it'll be difficult but lets say its the year 2300 and they've mastered all the problems surrounding it and it tastes the same and gives the same energy, if people couldn't accept it then that would be unfair don't you think? why wouldn't they accept it?
  19. Yeah I understand what you mean but that's why I suggested artificial meat. If we humans can built artificial organs why not artificial parts of animals? its the great resolution.
  20. Imagine three people: Bob, Jake and Jennifer. Bob goes to work with Jake and Jennifer is Jake's sister. If Bob talks to Jake then what Jake's says to Jennifer is somewhat influenced so very slightly by what Bob said to him (for e.g. Bob said ello instead of hello hence Jake states ello instead of hello to Jennifer) then what Jennifer says to Jake influences what Jake says to Bob, so is this in some sense an indirect conversation between Bob & Jenifer? if you may. although they may not know each other could you consider this an indirect conversation between two individuals? also if this is true it would affect the whole world and that almost everyone in the planet is either in direct, indirect or both direct & indirect conversations all the time? would you consider it viable or just an illusionary effect of direct communication?
  21. Well she's my teacher, so I don't know, maybe I should just wait till I'm a little older what do you think?
  22. Yes I know but its possible but anyways lets forget it cause were going off the point.
  23. I believe in a lot of things but I can admit that some of my beliefs are probably false, the problem is I don't know which beliefs so I still hold onto my beliefs but most I avoid holding certainty in it. In my opinion 100% of the world is the same. We all have various beliefs mixed based on what theories and movements tell us, like science, religion, philosophy and of course we all have our own general original opinions. But let's be honest many of those beliefs are probably false.
  24. I know it won't allow us to live forever but anyways here is the video
  25. Dean Mullen


    I didn't know where to post this so I just put it here. First of all I'm 15 years old but I love this woman and she's in her 20s, I love her but obviously I can't be with her, but I really like her and I don't know what to do.
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