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  1. Do you think an atom can exist as information on a quantum field? Perhaps waiting for the conditions to be right for re-assembly? Some kind of, "information packet" similar to the information flying around on the internet? I read in Astronomy magazine that: " in the early processes of the BB that it was to hot for neutrons and protons to exist" (in so many words). So, at some point during the expansion mass was created or assembled. Got me to thinking that there might be a fith state of pro atomic matter.
  2. I have so many theories every day that I have a hard time remembering them, But the good ones always come back and haunt me. Want to hear my latest ? Oh, wait a minute, I can expand on that. I'll be back.
  3. In The End by: Mark Beal fision vacuum energy canceled a denial of time for a few as the mass distance waves race by the death, an electro magnetic ripple a little distubance we call light so you can gaze at the past with you eyes you can imagine it and remember the future in your mind reach out and feel the present before it slips by we are all experiencing the present here in the back waters of time we are walking into the future and can you feel the breeze on your face chivers down my spine waiting just waiting to stand still just like the light
  4. Vacuum enery. Nothing is only nothing on average. Nothing is something. A positive times A negative equals 0, in time. I watched some video's on QED on youtube where the physicist stated that somehow energy is borrowed from the future. This same energy can create virtual particles that exist for a very short time. They also said that protons are manipulated by this same energy. I don't think it's really called vacuum energy, but that was my simple interpretation of what he was talking about.
  5. I guess what I'm asking is, if time slows down wouldn't space expand? If it speeds up wouldn't space thin? or perhaps, if time dialates in a certain region, wouldn't that region of distance also become distorted? Perhaps a slightly densor region of space?
  6. and to think that I'm considered a less than average poet. Perhaps I should learn to spell. Impossible? What? for to things to travel over half the speed of light towards each other? The time dialation occurs between these two objects so that they themselves do not experience faster than light velocity. An outside observer would see the distance closing faster than light. This discussion goes into great detail on another thread on this site. See: http://www.sciencefo...s-close-at-14c/ and a few others. According to "New Theory" listed above, the two objects moving towards each other would experience a time dialation just like predidicted, and a third party observer would see the distance closing faster than light, just like in Einsteins theory of relativity predicts. But according to "new theory" (still evolving ofcourse) the third party observer would experience the time dialation also, in this manner: Light traveling across the time dialation plane to reach the observers eyes, would bend slightly to move around the time dialation's slight expansion of space. Like throwing a pebble in an ocean it'd be almost undetectable but would occur, at least, according to "New Theory" dynamics. If this is true then it'd probably account for a lot of this "dark" or missing energy needed to explain the accelerated pace of our universe's expansion. To imagine future knowledge, then build it upon accepted theories, or known facts, is the scientific art of evolving conceisness. Gravity: Mass projecting distance in it's own three dimensional image. Time Dialation: The collision of projected distances creating new shapes and distances according to the energy and consistency of the event Space: The matrix of the varying time dialations on projected distances. Momentum: A gravatron wave Dark Matter: A web of complex gravitational shapes that emerge between large bodies of mass over great distances who's momentums (gravatrons) are in a state of continuous collision.
  7. Back to the subject matter, time dialation and matter. accepted theory 1) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction " 2) Relativity unifies space and time " 3) If velocity on a plane exceeds the speed of light, a time dialation will be experienced between the entitiies exceeding the limit, and distance will appear to on outside observer to close or expand faster than light " 4) The doppler affect is caused by waves stretching or compressing. light from a distant galaxie can appear red and blue at the same time by two different observers What is the equal and oppisite reaction that occurs during a time dialation? Is it possible that time could convert into distance?
  8. My interpretation of an accepted theory: When two objects move towards each other at 100% velocity a time dialation occurs as a matter of perception between the two entities New Theory By Mark Beal (an extension of "Jet theory", and "Infinite Theory") State of the art: Time dialation happens on a plane of space when velocity exceeds the speed of light time becomes compressed and converts into distance (space) a gravatron is one measure of past distance space The nucleous of an atom is a quantum feild of vacuum energy gathered together as the result of an influx of light time quantum particles that include states of mass "protons and neutrons" are manipupated by this vacuum energy at near the speed of light the velocity of these particles cause an atomic time dialation ("even if there is only one particle") electrons are massless objects they are pushed outside of this quantum feild by the outward flow of gravatrons being produced the distance between the nucleaous of the atom and the electron perimeter is what I call a flash feild this flash feild is a distance of newly formed gravatrons pushing out against the matrix of past distance space The electrons orbits are defined by waves of gravitrons converting back to time energy as distance is pushed out in waves radiating out from the atom at a very high rate similar to the rays radiating out from the sun gravatrons are polar they face always face there parent object these bands of distance/time intensify as they group and flow from smaller objects to larger objects these waves are the under lying currents that connect all things together from the smallest proton to the solar system from the great rivers produced by galaxies unto the very end of the ocean of this matrix of time we call the firmament, expanse, and universe
  9. Do quantum paritcles move faster than light? It seems to me that if you could exist in two or more places at the same time, and quantum leap from here to anywhere, that you could easily out run light.
  10. The only way I can visualize this doppler affect and general relativity being possible is that: each individual piece of mass must be radiating time and space that is collected and transferred through larger bodies of mass forming a matrix of space/time waves radiating out and to every point in the universe. The space ship and the planet are calculating and seeing the galaxie in their own time frame interfierence patterns. The time wave matrix being observed by the planet are stretched out while the matrix of the space ship are compressed. I guess at one hundred percent compression (velocity = c on the same plane in space) a time dialation must occur. Like water turning to steam time would expand into distance.
  11. If mass is energy moving at twice the speed of light, Wouldn't each and every atom constantly radiate and/or exist in it's own time dialation wave and/or bubble?
  12. GR and I think I understand what your saying. The planet and the space ship are experiencing two different references or "frames" of time, that is directly related to the color of the light and the distances calculated. More Salad: Time and distance must be extremely volitile. Able to divide and redefine itself with any and every motion, relative to any and everything.
  13. So, if we have an energy source emitting a beam of light of low intensity and then amp it up after a few seconds. Would there be less particles (Photons) in the front of the light beam than there are in the back of the light beam. If so than could one say that the light wave is made up of a chain of particles (photons) ?
  14. So, one might reason that the light wave itself does not change. In the instant of time where the the space ship and the planet are the same distance from the galaxie, they both experience different results. Therefore: Distance or space is also irrelevant. Therefore one might reason that: All three bodies must be experiencing seperate moments of present time, defined by the momentum of their own past, that is reflecting a future as color according to the distance direction to be achieved in the next instant of present time. In other words, the color of the light observed is a matter of the interactions of the seperate time dialation waves of the three seperate bodies involved. Or ?
  15. I don't want to interupt or anything but I just have a quick question that I was wondering about when I found this thread. The subject scene: So, we have these things traveling at each other both faster than half the speed of light in this universe, and an outside observer watching the distance close at a velocity faster than the speed of light. Each thing has it's own frame of time reference. It seems to me that all three experience a time dialation. The two objects traveling towards each other will observe the closing distance at a speed equal to the speed of light (or perhaps, slightly slower). Could it be that, time dialation is excess velocity being converted to waves of distance radiating out from the event? The third party observer witnessing the event would only experience the event as a very slight expansion of the universe relative to the time/space dimension of his own standing. If this is, than could time dialation be the dark energy that we've all been searching for?
  16. According to the accepted theories: If we were sitting still in a space ship watching a galaxie move away from us, and then fired up the engine and started traveling towards this same galaxie, would we be able to watch the red shift turn to blue? Would we see the light in it's "natural" color when we reached a velocity of zero? Is it possible that we, (in the space ship) could be observing a blue shift while beings on a planet, that we were passing, could be experiencing the same light as a red shift?
  17. Right now, we are experiencing a present moment, in the distant past. A more interesting questoin maybe, "When did time seperate?"
  18. I have heard of the big bounce. It was mentioned in the video "The History Of Time". Personally though, I can't help but like the idea of a rebang. A growing universe just seems more natural.
  19. I wasn't talking about the electron and the nucleous. I'm trying to understand how can a wave and a particle be both things at the same time. This seems to be the general consenses according to the feed back I'm getting. I guess a particle is no more than the part of a quantum wave that we examine. If so then could one say that waves are a string of particles? Or is that a particle is more of a cross section of a wave.
  20. My Creed: All things are possible in time We have barely scraped the surface of the matrix, that is time. The SPEED of light is probably a prime or base strand of this matrix. Mass equals energy times the SPEED of light squared. Mass affects Time in space. So, gravity is a part of the matrix. When we begin to understand gravity we'll surely come to a better understanding of time. When we look out into space all that we can hope to see, is the past existing and traveling to us. Therefore: space and/or distance is definetly part of this matrix of time. We are right now experiencing a present moment in the distant past. This is probably possible because the atoms that we are made of is a ball of energy. At the speed of light time stands still and the mass (that we are) is energy traveling twice that speed. Nothing can travel faster than light, therefore: mass is an entirely different dimension. I think that particles existing within a quantum field experience speeds that top out at C to the 4rth power. Interesting fact, I saw Stephan Hawkins "A History Of Time" and he did some math and figured out that, if the universe starting shrinking time would still move forward. The way I see it, we are little more than a bunch of three dimensional electomagnetic pixels expressing our family of thoughts with words, attitude, and actions. Suspended in a four dimensional distance as a four dimensional distance, and inside and outside of another distance known as the quantom field(s). I see no reason why time travel should'nt be possible. You can exist anywhere and do anything within your imagination now, why not outside? Everything is just a matter of time. The universe was born out of a sea of infinite possibilities. I like to believe that it is a place that children know well.
  21. Is it possible that the BB we study could actually have been a rebang? In other words, could a cross section of time resemble a hard wood stump? With summer grain being inflation and the dark ages and the spring grain being like the star and galaxie season? Is there any way for us to even tell with our current technology?
  22. I've been processing, and I'm wondering, could one describe the phenominom to someting similar to dashes on the highway. That is that: the dashed center line would be similar to the particles and the wave similar to the blur at higher rates of speed?
  23. me lil head thinks: I read some where that the cosmic radiation back ground displays some slightly varing tempetures. Perhaps the distance that was created in the cooler zones has a slightly different density, or properties, than the space that was expanded in the hotter zones. If this "Fine Line Constant" turns out to be slightly variable. Could it change the way we percieve and/or calculate the speed at which galaxies are moving towards and away from us?
  24. Oh no!, We're all in trouble now, somebody just bought me a subscription to Astronomy Magazine. Ahgggg! Seriously, Here on page 12 of the new Febuary issue I'm reading about the great "Fine Structure Constant" that is always, no matter what, always equal to 1/137. Until now. Back in 1998 astophysicist in New Zealand studied some light from distant quazars as it passed through ancient nebulae. The way the light was absorbed revealed the value of the great constant long ago. They found that in the distant past the constant was slightly smaller than it is today. This info was in large part ignored and rejected until a few months ago when things got real screwy! Scientists using a big telescope in Chilie and the Keck telescopes in Hawaii found that: In the Southern direction the "FSC" was one part in 100,000 Larger 10 billion years ago than it is today. and in the Northern direction the "FSC" was smaller than what we observe here on earth. So "FSC" changes not so much with time, but in what direction we look. According to the article this violates one of the tenets of Einstein's special theory of relativity. Any theories on how this could be possible? At first I thought, perhaps it's just some interfierence with earths magnetic field causing some kind of illusion, But then I thought, The big heads would have thought of that. It's just to simple. So I thought to explain it in my own little head theory where this kind of makes sense but, I don't want to bring that up again. So I was wondering if anybody else has some thoughts or ideas on the subject?
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