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  1. thanks for the link. It is very interesting but stated that: "Protons and neutrons jiggle inside of the nucleous". I was specifically asking about the the nuclious and what is it. I see that there is a lot of "empty space" between the nucleoos and the electron but it seems the space that the protons "jiggle" in is different from this space. Vacuum energy refers to the positive and negative energies that "wiggle" the proton/s.
  2. What divides the dimensions? What defines them ? I can understand length, width, depth, and time, and these are all just a matter of perspective and relativeity. How are these extra dimensions linked together?
  3. I read a lot about empty space in this forum. It's my understanding that time is space and that before the big bang there was no time. Therefore there could not be any space (as we know it) either.
  4. I read somewhere that protons are made up of eight quarks. So, now I'm wondering what are quarks made of? Is it probable that we'll discover something that was made from nothing at all? What will the math look like? 0x0=0 but 0+0=2 zeros? How many layers of infinite zeros does it take to equal a single instant of time? What kind of energy could exist where there is no state of reality? that is to say: Zero length, width, depth, and zero time? The energy of infinite nothing? If we say, "Everything came from one big nothing". Then nothing must be at least somthing and there was one of them. if nothing is nothing and one of them is something then there are two of them, four of, eight and so on and so on. so 0/1=everyting. Nothing itself must have divided into it's smallest part or form. At wich point it must have inverted into the momentums of a time line and the subatomic particles that make up and define the speed and electro magnetic pressure of light.
  5. What is an atoms nucleous made of ? What makes it different than the space around it? Does it have a definate shape and size ? How is it's huge nuclear force contained and what keeps the protons and neutrons from wandering off outside of it ? Is there a larger concentration of "vacuum" energy inside the nucleous than there is outside of the nucleous?
  6. Time flows through the atom at the speed of light. the past present and future are strung together by the time flow momentum if you walk across the room you will experience an acceleration time dialation the time will extend from where you were to where you went and if you run and stop real fast you'll feel it's momentum catch up to you. gravity is a time wave that radiates from the atom at the speed of light the present time is like rock falling in deep water time has to move around the proton that is vibrating slower than the speed of light this causes a time dialation and new point in present time therefore every atom has it's own time frame in a body of mass time flows in paths of least resistence inbetween the atoms in harmony with the other elements within the body a body of mass is a system of time frames creating fractile patterns of waves governed by the different time dialations acting upon them if you move a body of mass from one place to another time will slow down during the motion when it sits still again time will speed back up but not all the elements within the mass will reach terminal velocity at the same time because some of the elements might be heavyier than others. If you had a piece of carbon steel sitting on a table and a way of making the steel molecules transparent and the carbon molecules solids, and you could view them in slow motion, You'd see the effects of gravitational time dialation on an atomic scale. The heavy material falls at a slower frequency than the lighter material. Every atom affects the time frame matrix as movement, tempruture, and weight affect the atoms within the body of mass. A body of mass is a "present time frame matrix". The universe and the time waves that define it are a "past time" matrix. It pretty much works the same way and seperates our universe from others.
  7. If we are to expect to get out of a time machine and explore the past, then must also have expeceted our time machine to alter the outside while preserving us in our previous time state. If you (and the things inside the time machine) went back in time there might not be anything there. Unless we expect that: the interduction of present time mass force matrix might cause an instantanious chain reaction, that could reproof the momentums of time past. You will have created a new past radiating from your presence. Within minutes the new past should start seeing small changes from to old past. And the longer you are there the more different it will be. You could go and kill yourself and still exist because you are not the same person or mass that you were in the past. Your presence in the past will have created a new present moment in the past.
  8. Personaly, I send a different person to handle the different situations as they arise in life. Me and my subconcious are pretty good freinds. I think all those who think deeply about things spend time in an almost subcious state.
  9. It'd probably be a waste of tme to time travel into the past. You might find a new meaning for the phrase "Ghost Town". To go backi n time like in the movies you'd probably have to resurrect a solar system out of black hole. We might could do this by some how reflecting the magnetic force streaming out of the center of a black hole while somehow dialating it's center. While this might be possile it is'nt very probable or feasable. Except maybee in the movies. If we had enough information we could probably model it on a computer. The main idea here is that : "The magnetic stream probably does contain information,within it's structrure, about the solar system that was and the things inhaled over the years. Waves of quantum history. The magnetic information of every atom that was imploted by it's force.
  10. I totaly disagree. In time, we are standing relatively still here in the present. As time moves though us at the speed of light. In my opinion, we do experience accelerations in time. But they are in large part relative to everything else that we know. If you went back in time your presence there would effect the future. So to navigate between the two futures you would have to go back past the point of your previous return and make a uturn without leaving any gravitational imprint on that time zone. and even then, you'd be lucky to get back to the original time zone that you left. One cannot move into an empty space. This is an illusion. Mass defines it's own present time continually. The past is a form of time radiation we call space. You cannot move into an empty space, but you can move towards it and start pushing out the old past and start filling it with your new past until the dimensions that you are, fit into that space. Mass is a real distance, space is a fleeting ghost of the ever expanding past.
  11. Time dialation is much more prevalent on a very small atomic scale. A magnet is probably caused by an unstable condition of time frames. If the hypothesis above is correct, We should discover that along with the known causes of time dialation that there is also chemical time dialation and electro magnetic time dialation. We should discover more electrons in the "scaffolding" of dark matter that exists between the galaxies, and large gravity objects, than in deeper pockets of space that exist inbetween this scaffolding. These are caused by the same thing that causes the doppler affect when viewing celestial bodies. Shape changes in time frame momentums. Time frames are governed by the denser and usually larger time frame matrixes and their relative distances. Present time is govened by the vibration rate and distance vibrated by the quantum particles in it's nucleous. Quantum time is governed by the rate at wich the nucleous shrinks into the future.
  12. The Gate keeper By Mark Beal Electrons a frame around time the past a gentle hug expand or contract the nucleous Q E Dynamicaly the speed of light is a stroll in time forward If my model is correct to date, then time travel may be possible. Brief synopsys of the model: Light is an electro magnetic disturbance on a wave of time Present time is a small time dialation that exists between the nucleous of an atom and the electron. Space is the after shock of present time. The cycle is continuous and these shock waves are the momentum that holds everything in it's place quantum momentums determine the position of the present time. The band width of the present time is determined by the expansion rate of an atoms nucleous. We are standing still as time moves away from us. We can only see down our own "pipe lines" of time and how they mix, in the momentum matrix. How to time travel: To time travel we'll have to expand and contract, the nucleous. The present time band width is relative to the expansion/contraction of this quantum field. And, we'll have to do this faster than the speed of time (light). I have a couple of ideas on how to this if your from Hollywood
  13. You could do a lot, if that point existed within the foundation of the universe and yet, was not a part of the universe. A tree is highly dependent on it's foundation but, the foundation it'self can exist perfectly fine without the tree. In fact, some might even say that: With the proper knowledge and understanding of the foundation, we could bring forth a tree with no seed to start from. Just some very percise quantum fluctuations and perhaps a little luck, and some water.
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of a black hole large enough to posses an inner event horizon wherre gas and energy comes spewing out in the middle. slide'm in on vectors intersecting the gas escape and gravity pullation LOL. I wander if it'd be wise to shock such a large area of quantum space, if that's what it is. Mass squeezed down into the quantum state from wence it came
  15. What would happen if you sent a chain of nukes into the middle of a black hole and exploded them in a manner of frequency? Do you think it'd cause some pretty cool waves? Think we could slap them together and get her to spit out some mass like an atom ejecting a photon?
  16. Nice pic. GIGO garbage in, garbage out. If I put that bar magnet on the end of a helicopter blade woud the shape distort?
  17. All bodies of mass can absorb time frame fluctuations. These are rifts in the time frame matrix. The more mallable a material the "looser" the matrix. [center]Echo Theory[/center] I beleive that the electrons in a body of mass are surfing the crest of an echo of time (gravity) wave. I think this is how it might work: "Vacuum energy" vibrates the proton/s. They only move a tiny bit, but they move very fast Fast enough to cause a signifagant velocity time dialation for it's mass weight, and size. The time dialation expands space creating an orb of distnace radiating out from the nucleous. The "space expansion rays" are literally distance itself, space The distance is radiation outwards, therefore it has a cone shape This size of thise cone is relative to the energy governing the protons vibration. This sphere of expansion is the present time for that atom. So I call the field between the nucleous of the atom and the crest of the rods "The Flash Field". as the cones loose energy they convert into waves of momentum. as this conversion takes place single and/or multiple rods fly out whole. This would be a gravaton. the graveton bounces around the border and perhaps some electrons flowing around the body of mass. these generaly find there way back to their parent atom and record information in the quantum field. They leave on one side of the orb and return on the other. This action causes a distubance on the surface, where the other rods are converting to waves, and the cycle continues. The disturbance on the surface of the flash field causes the "negative vacuum energy" pused out by the expansion to pool and creates an electron and/or an electron vortex cloud The electrons flow and form patterns of time frames. They are three dimensional currents defining time frame pattens in relative shapes according to all of the time frame energies acting upon them constantly from outer and inner dialations. The best way to test this theory would be to find water molecules in a deep and still spot in the ocean, in a constant temprature. Because gravitrons in water should travel primarily in level lines and define the shape of the ocean, along with currents, and tempurature variations. If this theory is correct we should be able to take a sample body of water, slightly divided by a vacuum from the other ocean, and find a higher probability zone in the probability cloud of the electrons circleing the atom. A cross section of the ocean should even show band widths of electrons and rifts in time similar rifts in wood. Every proton on earth is creating distance through time dialation. As an inward force it will cause the apple to fall from a tree. At equilibrum it will hold a satalite in orbit. As an outward force it will cause a lenzing affect on star light traveling the cosmos.
  18. if opposites forces attract, it seems to me that the magnetic force in a bar magnet would have an "0" shape near the center of the magnet, But what we see is more like a figure 8. Why don't thes forces attract each other? And what's going on in the middle of the magnet? are the positive and negative energies canceling each other out? It seems like magnetic force would burn out pretty quick if this is the case.
  19. Based upon information recently shared and/or learned I would like to suggest that a body of mass is a field of particles and particle structures (atoms) that share a unified time frame. Me and chair do not share the same time frame. Niether do we swap or share electrons. I can get up and walk across the room without breaking the chair because we exist on two seperate frames of time. I'd like to propose a thought experiment. We'll use the divisions of earth time for easy understanding. If we place two steel bars next to each other for a few hours not much will change. their independent time frames will not change much. We could pull them apart using a pretty much eqaul energy that we used to put them together within an equal amount of distance on a level plane. Their time frames will remain seperate and not "cold fusion"will occur. If we pour salt water on the steel and give them a few months they will fuse together in their decay. It will take more energy to pull the apart because their decay was accelerated at the same time. The time frame of the atoms affected by the salt water start fusing together as a result of a unified field of decay. A chemical time dialation. The rust can be brushed of the steel bars because they are no longer a part of the orinal time frames place together. We can "blend" the time frames of these steel bars by running an electric current through them. Wherefore they the two pieces of steel will start swaping electrons because an excess of electrons being introduced. The structures that stick together share an electrical time dialation according to the energy tranmitted from the electrical force. When the electrical current is stopped the time frame transfer will begin to be absored by the original entities. If we weld these steel bars together then we have an instance of thermo dynamic time wave dialation and these two bars will become a single body sharing a unified time frame and a swaping of electrons becomes normal. an electron pops in and out of a cloud of probability. This Cloud seems to be defined by the energy of time, motion, and entropy. It's as if the electron itself "frames" a unified time matrix that exists between the atoms within a body of mass. If you heat up and pound one end of the steel bar you can deform it's shape. If you pound on one end it will not really affect the other end. The atoms heated on the one end will rust faster than the unheated ends though. Therefore the atoms heated have gone through a time dialation but is still connected to the body of mass. Therefore the electron swaping continues even though the body of mass seems to be no longer within the same time frame. This would mean that the electron travels through time to hold the bar together.
  20. My philosophy on the subject is one of a Christian perspective. Read at your own risk, for I surely wrote it at mine. To resurrect the physical you, would only be to create a twin fully capable of rejecting your mind in favor of his or her own. The only way to truly live forever is to redirect your own thoughts and actions to ones that honor and respect the Father of all things. All else will be disassymbeld and cast back into the chaotic realm of Nod. Those who find favor in the Father's eyes, will probably find themselves in a world full of their own thoughts, and ones discarded, that will exist as physical beings capable of choosing thoughts on their own. And when you decide to go and live among the fruits of your own thoughts, they will attempt to destroy you. And out of love for them, you will certainly let them that when their reckoning day comes, you can judge between them. All those who live, are the children of the Father and we will do what his child did. This is the cycle of worlds, life, free will and consequence in my opinion.
  21. We all tune our televisions, radios, and computers to our favorite stations. We then communicate our perceptions of these shows to our freinds and workmates. The mind is very similar. We are a collection, or some would say, "a family" of thoughts. We receive and transmit our ideas and thoughts like a radio. Our mind is a host unto the thoughts and perceptions we decide to keep or explore. Our body is a home for these things. We become a "genre" of thought through the psychological rythems and echoes of our mind.
  22. Personally, I define nothing as everything existing everywhere all at once in some wierd chaotic realm. "Everything" is literally every possible thought. The speed of light divides the realm of chaos from the realm of time. Time is the stage where thoughts play out in a line. (This too, might be considered chaos by many). Humans are conciesness at liberty. We pick and choose the thoughts we think. Time is the singularity. Everything that is real is matter of time dialations and expansions that came out of the chaotic void. When we study the quantum realm we are studying the surface tension membrane that exists between reality and chaos. Objects are continually being positioned and repositioned according into an exact mathamatical present position, and condition, according to the momentums and entropy that act upon them, according to a previous instant of time. It takes energy to think and it takes energy to act. True wisdom is to use this energy in a spiritually responsible manner.
  23. I am such an idiot. I can't beleive I posted that. To time travel back into the past will be a colossal, possibly intergalactic endevor. I'td be easier to put the sun's rays back into the sun than to go back into time. And even then it'd just be a present instance of the past. If we go into the future by traveling a loop near the speed of light, we have only altered our own time frame. And what good would this do if we could never go back? Perhaps, it would be good, to go back and study a lost solar system that once hosted intelligent life. Maybe we could learn from their mistakes. Maybe, it'd just be nice to posses that kind of power. First, we'll have to realize time as a physical entity. Einsein unified time and space as a physical entity. Time is space, or one might say, the expansion of distance is time at work. We need to know how to define the present time of a given time frame. Time is releative to motion. One might ask, the motion of what?. It seems the simple answer is matter. Time dialation is an attribute of matter. If we are to look for the present time with in a given time frame we'll need to examine the matter within it. We'll need to understand something we do not yet unserstand. The origin of the time, the expansion rate, and motion relative state, of the matrix within a subject time frame system. I'd like to propose a possible state of present time within a single atom's structure: The distance between the electron and the nucleous is equal to the distance vibrated by the proton in a single cycle of present time in any given time frame of matter. I wonder if there is any way to prove or disprove the statement. Mathmatically or otherwise. I wonder if anyone else has a theory on "What is present time".
  24. We are all traveling in time already. There are many ways and means allready available to manipulate time. There is thermo dynamic time dialation, there is gravitational time dialation, and there is relative velocity time dialation, and acceleration time dialation. Light in water slows down, therefore time in water slows down, just a fraction but still. Time traveling into the future is no mystery. Time traveling into the past should be just as easy. If we take off and accelerate to one quarter the speed of light relative to earth say for a two month loop in space. The earth would be older than two months old upon retutn. We've traveled into the future. Simple and agrees with the known theory of relativity. To go into the past, we'll take off in our space ship and travel one half of this same loop at one quarter the speed of light and on the second half of the journey we'll accelerate to one half the speed of light. Half way back we'd be at the present moment that we left, therefore we should arive back on earth a little in the past. We probaly wouldn't have to make such a long trip. We could probably recreate these time dialations just outside of our planets gravitational pull in a lab. yeah, I got a couple of ideas but first I want to see what everybody thinks about the above loop concept. I'll call the above Loop theory "whip lash theory" so it's easy for me to remember and for us to refer to.
  25. I don't know much about QED but I watched some youtube videos on the subject and I have a couple of questions. So far it is my understanding that + & - energy pops up pretty much out of nowhere, in pairs, and quickly anialates itself within the nucleous of an atom. This action vibrates the proton and nuetrons and so on and so on. My question is: Is the nucleous of an atom literally a quantum field? and: Is it possible that this slight electro magnetic eneregy could come from a static electric field caused by the friction from the surface tensions of a "light time dimension of space" and a "quantum time dimension of space" OR, are there any other theories? OR, would you like some dressing for the word salad presented?
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