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  1. http://www2.b3ta.com/host/creative/39226/1271285612/pimpmystandardmodel.png
  2. It there a possibility that all the protons in the universe will eventually decay?
  3. General relativity explains gravity. The standard model explains electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear force (a GUT). They were united into a bosonic string theory, but this later turned into five superstring theories (using a supersymmetric standard model). Why have five theories? Because they are all sides of the same theory, M-theory. This is a theory uniting all forces of the universe (TOE) explaining events that are have large gravity and are very small (like a singularity).
  4. Zarnaxus


    Technically, human's had to sin against God to become clothed and were initially intended to be nude. Why don't we follow God's initial intentions and be nude?
  5. I believe that the space between us and those galaxies is expanding faster the speed of light, which is ok because space does not hold information. Also, since these galaxies gave off photons far before they started travelling away so fast, we still may be able to see them. It does not violate Einstein's postulate.
  6. To my understanding, the Higgs Boson is just part of the standard model (a collection of the elementary particles in the universe), but it's theoretical. M-theory attempts to combine the five string theories. Each string theory is an attempt to combine the standard model with general relativity. Although this is all currently theoretical, the discovery of the Higgs Boson would not disprove string theory or M-theory.
  7. So what you are saying is this: An object leaves the earth because it's speed is greater than the gravitational attraction Over an extended amount of time the small attraction of the earth (assuming earth is the only thing in the universe...) will decelerate the speed of the object Eventually, the object will slowly accelerate back toward earth opposite it's original path This should be applied to the universe creating the Big Crunch, but it's not observed Dark Energy pushes the universe apart at an accelerating rate creating the Big Freeze Your defense: This "fuel" will obviously run out someday and gravity will take over Assumations you are making: The matter in the universe is finite Dark energy will run out? The critical density of the universe doesn't exist? I don't know Misconceptions you have: There is no escape velocity? I don't know
  8. What if our membrane collides into another?
  9. http://www2.b3ta.com/host/creative/39226/1271285612/pimpmystandardmodel.png Sorry, I couldn't resist
  10. What are the spins of the Gravitino and Higgsino? 1.5 and .5? or do they not even theoretically exist?
  11. Zarnaxus

    God exists

    Woah! This is the best idea I have heard in a long time... I am going to go try this right now...
  12. God's Cook Book Recipe One: The Universe Ingredients ~73% Dark Energy ~23% Dark Matter ~3% Free Hydrogen and Helium ~0.5% Stars ~0.3% Neutrinos ~0.2% Space Junk Directions: Mix together in three spatial dimensions. Wait 13.74 billion years. Brag to Odin. Watch him take the credit. Cry about it.
  13. can we detect it with how much it bends light waves?
  14. Zarnaxus

    God exists

    It is often a religious reasoning for why people go to war. Technologies made possible by science are just the tools or means of the people going to war. Taking away the technologies is not going to stop a religious feud~They existed far before science was regularly practiced. Although, the total destruction caused during wars is often due to both the reasoning and the method. If I a little boy hits his brother with a hammer, not only will the hammer be taken away, but the boy will be punished for his actions aswell.
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