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  1. It's not about the worry. It's more about acceleration and direction. It's about creating from nothing at all and understanding the things that are. It's about wonder, modeling and escape, but mostly it's about being. It is most certainly worth pondering, distance faster than light and it's physical ramifications and big bangs and such. To try and make sence of something that seems more like nonsense in the everyday world.
  2. I think that the mass/distance ratio would kind of have to cancel out relativity at a some macro scale level. This might allow distance to expand faster than light which is what happened during the inflationary period. Expansion faster than light might cause space/time to loose its "fluid" like density and create a field of virtual space/time.
  3. I think that a black hole might be the result of the proton, electron, and neutron, all being gravitationaly pressed into the void of the strong (nuclear) force. It just seems that a nuclear exposion has a lot incommon with black holes. A black holes probably a nuclear implosion. What do ya think? IF not, what would a nuclear force field look like floating around in space? and what would it do differently?
  4. A time dialation is a very real and physical effect. Those who think that time is man made or only exists in peoples minds would probably believe that smoking doesn't give you cancer.
  5. I was just wondering, what's preventing another big bang from happening right outside my window?
  6. length, width, depth, and time are all measurments. All four vary according to acceleration and entropy. Perhaps time is a decayed state of energy. We say that an energy field creates a condition in space, or that a field of energy elemintes the true vacuum. Before you jump to any snap decisions about the statement I just made consider this: apply intense energy to a "zone" of mass, let's say we take a cutting torch to a piece of steel just long enough to get it red hot and then put it the yard as an ornamental piece of some kind and wait a few months or so. The spot we heated up will rust (decay) faster than the rest of the piece. One might say that we've changed the molecular structure via a thermo dynamic time dialation. We've changed the very lattice frame work of this particular body of mass. It's as if the proton had a predetermined amount of vibrations that it can exist bound to the other molecules before it deteriorated into rust. Now, let's think about this same scenerio a little differently. Let's say we're in a rokcket ship in outerspace at rest and we decide to visit some near earth astroid to look for H3 for some reason. So we fire our jets and start moving towards it at an accerlerated pace. Most would say the high preasure is moving us toward a lower preasure zone according to the given thrust, but what is happening time wise? We are trading the accelerated decay of the rocket's fuel for a slowing decay for the rest of the ship. The ship moves faster and faster through space. The proton has to vibrate a distance according the entropic state of the atoms and the distance traveled, so in the end you gain a few vibrations relative to the same mass sitting still.
  7. I can imagine the time/energy relationship as it takes energy to move through space and moving objects have a slower time field than a body at rest. I don't think anybody really knows what time is but I'll predict it'll be the key ingrediant that prooves GLT.
  8. It has recently come to my attention that space and time are not the same thing. So I'm wondering if time is an energy that occupies space? Does it eleminate the true vacuum of space? is it some kind of force field residing in and disrupting the true vacuum of space? If so does this field have an associated particle like all fields according quantum mechanics? Are length, width, and depth, dimensions relative to the time field density they occupy? Do you think virtual particles exist in virtual (nontime) space and that when they hit the surface of a timed space they draw together and pop like and air bubble coming out of a field of water? could the universe be described as a time field matrix existing in a nontime field vacuum that existed before the universe began? Is anti-time possible?
  9. I didn't find anything on the electron existing everywhere all at once. I think your mistaken granpa. The only "string theory" I can comprehend is the that everything is strung together by the momentum of time. Infinite possibility degrades into statistical possibility that degrades into a present and definite position that degrades into a line of past instances. All of these things exist as dimensions of spacial expansion except the present time which is the "Lenz" that the other dimensions are relative to (to us) because that's where we live. The momentum line of the past returns to the infinite possibility plane that releases another ray of momentum that will define the future position of the next instant of present time. This is the cycle of reality. The four dimensions are: the all, the probable, the present, and the past. then they repeat or loop. All of these dimensions are conected by momentum loops. Length, width, and depth, are properties relative to the scalar values of these fields. I might be wrong but the perception seems very real to me.
  10. Well, If know body knows I'd like to guess. Perhaps their was a field of virtual space before (and permiating known space) and expanding faster than light. The quantum fluctuations that created our universe probably "banged" a little to the left it's center, Or that the gravity of an already existing universe warped this virtual space expansion a little in it's direction. This imbalance of pre expansion expansion caused more quantum particles spinning clock wise to develop than those that spin counter clock wise. I think charge has to do with spin bit I'm not sure.
  11. I always thought (ans would take some convincing other wise,I guess) that jtime and space were the same thing. It all makes a little better since to me now. But doesn't the higgs boson permiate all space all the time (according to the model)? It is my simple understanding that quantum fields require a quantum particle associated with it and the strength of the field was equal to the density of the particle. Doesn't this at least make the higgs boson the quanta of space? Or is space a different kind of field and not a quantum field. Perhaps some kind of vacuum for quntum fields to disrupt? Is time a field? or just a force? does it have associated particels? and/or force carriers? Is their anti time? What is the current accepted theory? I think this forum is the first time I ever heard that space in not time.
  12. Quote If time is space, then is it logical to assume that the Higgs boson is the very quanta of time? "No". ?
  13. I understand that the Higgs boson permeates all space, all the time. If time is space, then is it logical to assume that the Higgs boson is the very quanta of time? What is the difference between the Higgs and the gravatron? Is it possible that these two things reside in a subquantum space?
  14. So, when I was watching some hickory burn in the ole grill last night, what I was "physically" seeing is: Rapid mass decay due to a chain reaction of elemental particles that become excited enough to transform into infrared energy and some photons. and that which was not transformed into energy was transformed into gas (smoke) and ashes. Now If I burn 1 pund of wood completely, I wouldn't have a pound of smoke and ashes would I? Maybe it's a dumb question but where did the extra weight go? If I blow the coals the air actually starts to burn. What gasses in the air are actually burning? Does humity break down into hho amidst the electro magnetic currents of the infrared energy in the same way that water breaks down into hho gas if you put a couple of DC electodes in it close together?
  15. so an electron and a quark don't really have a tempature but their "state of excitment" is the tempature along with the excited states of the other particles in a given body of particles? I understand that there are hundreds of different kinds of quantum particles, but most of these are made up of a few "prime" quantum particles joined together. I was just wondering how these particles could be bound together wthout some kiind of subquantum structure holding them in place. And if extreme heat or some subquantum variation of heat might have played a roll in their binding.
  16. How hot is an electron? How about an atom's nucleous? do photons expand when they get hot? are quarks hot? and are they considered elementry particles? are there subquantum particles or virtual time and distance? is heat an electromagnetic wave similar to light? If a light wave is made up of photons, then what is heat wave made of?
  17. I do not know. I'll check out the link you provided but perhaps you could give us a breif summory of your understanding of this phenominon. It sounds quite interesting.
  18. let's all run to left side of the boat, now every body run right! Don't worry, it wont roll over as long as everybody is on board!
  19. I've learned that electrons quantum leap from one position to another in a quantum fasion. Here to there w/o traveling through the space (distance) inbetween. So I'm wondering, do they travel through a worm hole? and if so, isn't that worm hole just a momentum of proton vibration snaping back and forth at or near the speed of light?
  20. So the strong force has some center within the nucleous that gets stronger as it radiates out until it defines the very edge of the atom?
  21. So a nuclear explosion is basically the destablization of the force that makes up the paramitter of the atom. and that the nuclear force is that which keeps the things inside of the atom inside and the things outside of the atom outside with the exception of the electron and some photon energy. Are there other things that can penetrate this field?
  22. What's an atoms nucleous made of ? I'm not asking what's in there, but what are the "walls" made of? It must be extrememy strong to contain all that explosive power. Is this shell some kind of dimensional barrier of some kind ? Some kind of quantum force field? The surface tension between the quantum world and the real world? Does anybody know?
  23. Rebang Theory: By Mark Beal The universe is a plane consisting of time and virtual time. Time is the momentum of reality. When these waves break down they release the energy that they've been carrying. These begin forming virtual particles. This is where time and virtual time transition. As expansion continues time, distance, length, width, and depth, begin breaking down as we know them. The virtual particles build up on the edges and turn into violent storms of chaos and disorder as their magnetic polarity attracts aniahalates pushes and heats until quantum fission occurs and real particles are born once again. Then ofcourse the quarks start viberating and creating hydrogen atoms that explode from the heat and cause more heat and more fusion until you get another period of inflation and a new branch of reality is formed. As far as we know some of the galaxies and stars we observe might have come from a completely different and seperate bang. So there it is time, virtual time, and transitionary "valleys" that make up and define the infinite plane.
  24. Perhaps the momentum of proton vibration travels through the velocity time dialation (existing between the nucleous of the atom and the elctron) as a whipping motion back and forth on it's three dimensional paths. Perhaps it even acts like a tunnel that allows fundamentle electic charge to travel in a quantum fashion to the edge. If the photon is, as I suspect, a momentum wave caused by the dance of a couple of quarks, then we will find the gravatron riding the crest of the wave, in a similar fasion to the electron riding the crest of the present time waves, and the photon riding the crest of distance past. I believe that distance is created by the gravity snaping back and forth and shearing off a wave of viscositic degeneration. and that distance (space) is time. ie. the aether.
  25. I have not experienced this. Everybody so far has, at the very least, been respectful. My ideas and hypothesis' get ignored alot but I see know reason to complain about that.
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