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  1. Which TV show do you like the best and why?
  2. ABC reports that the host of a new Dutch talk show says he is going to take heroin and other illegal drugs on air for his TV show. The show premiers on October 10 and the translation of the show’s title is “Shoot Up and Swallow.” The host will go on a drinking binge in a bunch of bars, and will take LSD under his mother’s supervision.
  3. Kate Moss – Cocaine I heard today that fashion model Kate Moss is being kicked to the curb by two more (Chanel and Burberry) fashion companies that have dropped her for alleged cocaine use. Yesterday, H&M let her go too. She does look very skinny –sick even. It seems like she needs some serious help. I don’t blame those companies for letting her go –after all, she let herself go.
  4. The latest report indicates that Rita (once a tropical storm) is now upgraded to a major category 3 hurricane. It’s headed toward the Gulf region just like Katrina did. They say it may it Texas, but Louisiana or even northern Mexico may also get hit. I wonder whether global warming has something to do with the increased frequency and intensity of recent storms.
  5. Many of the politicians there are too corrupt to trust them with that sort of proposal. Most importantly, it assumes that there are no real-world structural barriers to productivity. IMM -- Very well said.
  6. I would like to believe that there won't be a recession. However, I think there will be a ripple effect, and in about six months the economy will be hit hard. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage "realized." >Billions in property damage >Some insurance companies will tank or go "red" >Millions in health claims >Hundreds of thousands of displaced and unemployed people >Thousands of economically distressed and depleted "helping" families and organizations >Likelihood that the oil industry responds with higher prices down the line >Billions needed to fix the environment in New Orleans >Hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars lost from failed and bankrupt regional business I think this is a lot more serious than people think.
  7. Yep, I caught that too. It was still cute. A waste of time, but cute.
  8. Sure, we could build a pyramid. In fact, with our technology we could build one much faster! As others have explained, the pyramid is a very straight forward design. However, I don't think we could build the pyramids faster [under the SAME conditions] without using modern technology. My reasons: 1. New evidence suggests that many of the builders were not enslaved. Instead there were volunteers and paid builders. They had a very strong spiritual commitment. They took pride in being a part of what was believed to be a noble cause. 2. They had the construction process down to a science, with years of experience. One should never doubt just how advanced the Egyptian civilization really was. Everyone else...any thoughts?
  9. Religion can be detrimental to societies. Now "evangelical scientists" have created a theory called "Intelligent Falling" that challenges the conventional theory on gravity. They don't fall because they are subject to gravitational force, but instead they believe a higher intelligence --God --is pushing things downward. These people (radical Christians) are totally lost! I can't believe they believe this crap.
  10. Science and the theory of evolution makes more sense. Religion is not only an opiate for societies, but it's also a hallucinogenic.
  11. Viruses already invade a cell and modify the contents of the cell, so I think it is theoretically possible.
  12. How could it expand if it goes on forever, and it does not have an ending? Everything that expands does so because it has room to fill a gap. There would be no gap to fill b/c space would already be ubiquitous and without end. Awaiting your response.
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