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  1. During some more research, they used rollers and used water, i think, to make the path easier.... O.o wet sand and rollers seem like a minus wouldn't it? Or is it that the path from quarry to pyramid wasn't sand >< EDIT: Hey.... a mystery, >< mayb i mentioned it b4 How can copper tools cut and shape limetone and granite which are higher on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness?
  2. >< gonna sound dumb but what they hey~ Where'd they get their wood if they're in the desert? Or are they actually trees out there? ^^" too much cartoons hey? plus the wooden pulleys they had, they say in most sources that they weren't used in the construction since they weights were too heavy for the job Oh and to correct that last post, i think u may have misinterpreted the other guy, ^^" soz 4 not callin u by ur names, either that u already know what he means and not show it, The floods would have made the blocks lighter, u know jus imagine some boulders underwater ^^" u prob already know this but if u didnt ^^"
  3. ^^ would we use concrete these days to make our own modern pyramid instead of quarrying the granite and limestone miles away, right? Oh yeah, they weren't slaves, they were paid, looked after *treated when wounded* egyptian craftsmen. I believe that they did it so they could secure an afterlife for themselves ^^
  4. Heeyyy,.... during some research I found that the copper tools that were found were lower on the Moe's scale of hardness than limestone or granite~! That makes it impossible for these tools to have actually quarried these stones, let alone in one Pharaohs life time~no wonder the Pharaohs were kids ^^" EDIT: Oh woops the cost was a bit off Today we would use concrete right? *not rhetorical question* http://express.howstuffworks.com/mb-pyramid.htm Well it seems that the cost is in the 250-300 milliions of dollars if using concrete + human labour + other.
  5. Well, there were 2.3 million stones average about 2.5-3tons each, inside some weighed more than 16tons the roof slabs of the pharaohs room was more than 50tons Pyramids are about 146m tall, 228.5m is one side of the square base Think they used wooden pulleys? XD i doubt it *a question in my hw* Lime stone would be 12.8km away, and the granite would be 966km away THIS is the real feat that people are truly amazed about! The fact they only knew of copper and gold metals, they chose the copper obviously, and used copper chisels with wooden mallets *>< ? how'd they get the wood in the desert?* Copper saws, adze with a copper blade, The base of the pyramids are perfectly leveled Well the size of blocks could be about, hmm... its a guess from pictures i've seen......60cm*20cm*30cm..... the ones used for temples made a grown man look small XD Well, i kinda agree with you people..we could build one with todays knowledge the cost would be in the 10-13millions (i cheked a site ) The slaves weren't acutally slaves, they were craftsmen that wanted to earn an afterlife. Well that would mean a lot to them WITH ONLY the technology they had, I honestly don't think anyone would be willing to do it, unless they were paid XD, But i still don't see how the egyptians did it in the first place . Thanks for replyin, you can keep replyin and help me get through this one ^^
  6. Could we build one today in the same time limit they had? >< Probably sounds stupid but I want another opinion ^^" With todays technology and the time limit of one Pharaoh's lifetime. And without todays technology ^^" if that's not too much.
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