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  1. How effective is carbon filtration for removing "hot" particles and radioiodine? I live in a non flouridated ar.ea. Ove always used a 4 stage seriea carbon filter to make my drinking water seeing as its very effective on pretty much everything but fluorine. But what about reactor debris? I live in california.do i need a RO system to be certain of purity?
  2. Im making a propane cannon (like a potato gun, but i will shoot anything that fits) and ive already built the barrel and fuel intake and air mix blah blah blah parts. So i was going use a simple piezo igniter from a barbeque to light this but it seems that is very inadequate and troublesome. I cant seem to lihgt my mixture of gas with this! I miniturized the thing (meaning i put propane in a 1 inch Cu pipe and sealed one end with a hole for the ignitor wires) and even thouygh its spars inside it seldom is successful in ignition. I weant something relieable. Im thining if i can make maybe a 12 kilovolt PSU i could just use a solid arc for an ignitor and that would be a sure fire. But i dont have a 12kv psu. i cannot even find a schematic for a very simple one. I have a 500v psu from a small flourescent light for a gameboy accessory so im wondering if i can further step that up with a transformer to get my voltage. I would like to just build somehting with minimal parts. Maybe a 7.2 v batery and two transistors and a cap and a transofmer. Would a trigger coil provide me with the neccessary voltage? I jst need to build a cheap HV supply.
  3. i mean the extent to which you could do this is probaly ery limited, like dreaming about a lawn mower outside or something
  4. I got this idea when i set my alarm (on my pc for big sound as i have them conencted to a home theatre setup in my room) to play killer queen very loud at 5 in the morning. I was dreaming during the alarm sound (for about two seconds before i awoke). I remember talking to my uncle then i heard the tapping of the drumstick on the rim of the drum for about a second and i remeber being startled by this phantom sound comming from know where. I woke almost immedietly. So i got this idea. Im sure were all familiar with the fact that an outside stimulus can influence a dream if it isnt enough to wake you. So im wondering if i set my pc to play a sound file with some kind of sound that describes an event that happens in normal life (for example a sound file of a lawn mower that sounds like its going outside your window) and played it a few hours into REM sleep. one site noted that an outside stimulus will affect a dream but will inevitably always wake the person up. Im thinking ill try it this saturday but i need ideas for a sound file. Maybe some sounds of cars or an engine as im taking my first driving lesson sunday afternoon. Maybe this will make it rwealy easy for me to dream about driving or something
  5. When i built my pc i bought a realy high end mobo, but the strtange thing is that it has a bunch of other port (2 pci-x, 2 pci x1, and 1 pci x4) and only two standard pci slots. I have in one an xfi soundcard, and in the other a network card ( i also have dual lan on my mobo, so i dont realy need it, but i do like it, as its nice at lans). SO no more pci slots. But now i need a wireless card and i dont want a usb one. USB adaptors never seem to be as fast and my friends is always buggy (he has a name brand linksys also) and also i like having internal things, as oppesed to the usb substitute. SO im wondering if they make a wireless card that uses either pci x1 or x4. I cant seem to find any on google.
  6. does it realy matter? I mean its not like its gonna kill the human race. Animals will continue to evolve, realy as far as i see it we dont realy have a reason to evolve. And nothing bad can possibly come to the human race from not evolving. If our enviroment drasticaly changes all of a sudden, we jsut make tool to adapt to it. We dont need to evolve
  7. nylon netting would probaly be lighter than paint i dont know why but i think it would. But it might affect it areodynamicaly or even maybe a lightweight nylon netting would just get obliterated by a high speed piece fo foam.
  8. H2SO4

    Human Babies

    it seems hard to believe us humans actualy made it to where we are today without being killed of earlier.
  9. make it electric. Then it would be an awesome grocery getter
  10. or a fuse or im sure you can probaly buy a standalone GFI plug which would be much more effective.
  11. H2SO4

    Teen Repelent

    this reminds me of the circle k convenient store gas station down the street that plays classical music outside to discourage teens from loitering. I actualy like the music. I find it relaxing. I wonder if it actualy works though.
  12. H2SO4

    Teen Repelent

    wow nvm i had it on mute ya its lame.
  13. H2SO4

    Teen Repelent

    im 15 and i cant hear a thing, not even after turning my reciever all the way up and playing the sound through my jbl l100 centurie (actualy my dads) studio monitors, and without any bass enhancements or anything. Lol owned.
  14. how would you accelerate a photon, traveling at the speed of light, faster than the speed of light, using particles traveling at the speed of light (from the lasers). Centripical force? And even if he did do this, who the hell is he gonna know if a particle the size of an electron went backward or forward in time.
  15. well if the universe is expanding, but slowing down, then that means that the whole things gonna come back together and probaly create anpther big bang so it probaly wont stay cold forever. If this is indeed what happens, i wonder how many times this has happened. It hurts my head
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