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  1. The Higgs boson not a particle but conscious thought

  2. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/faster-than-the-speed-of-light/
  3. hey this topic was just about opening everybody’s eyes to some of the inconstancy’s that exist with in physics and mathematics and what a better way to do that than start a topic about on of those problems. time and mathematics its one of the most understood and misunderstood concepts to date. we may all be right in thinking that our own theories are correct and comparing our ideas with other well established theories to be the correct answer but we may never truly know. The inconsistencies in the subject time and mathematics clearly do come up again and again in one form ore another . And as to GR should we go there or not ha ha ha
  4. This is because time is every were at different times and in different time frames. it exists at a different time in my time frame than it dose at rest in your time frame . I don't believe it follows a constant flow 123456 and so on. Like the experiment with the two atomic clocks flown around the world in opposite directions to each other. And the tunnelling laser experiment one gained time on it return this to would explain that time can and is being effected by outside influences. and that if it was a constant every were then there should be no change to the said time on the atomic clocks. And the tunnelling laser experiment is just one more example of time being effected by outside influences There can only be one answer to time. a red car is a red car no matter where it is its still a red car Just like time it is either a constant or not constant . I believe its not constant and that its woven into every single atom /electron / neutron / ????
  5. Hello again I was actually speaking out for other forum members having the option to put up a list of there publications. but I have to agree I think it only fare that I put up some of my work for scrutiny. I have only been published twice and that was in the world physics book. I have given lectures in a number of universities in this field of new physics The book I was published in goes out to only the select physicists around the world. I will need a good few days to put something together and will have it ready for the new year as the mathematics and the symbolism used is quite different to what you find on a scientific calculator so I will have to scan and past my equations. I will include a full explanation of the mathematical formulas so they make some sort of sense and cross references to other known physics findings regarding frequency of all the periodic table elements. As this is quite relevant to some of the work I think it will help you understand the formulas and equations as I have explained in my post the work I do is classified so just to let you know that the information I will release for you to read is still on going research and in know way connected to my classified work. (sorry I have to make that disclaimer ). this work is hopefully the proof that there is a control TAG within the electron shell and within the neutrinos shell and in fact they are not empty and its this TAG that controls the behaviour of all matter and its these TAGS that hold it all together. Including the time space relationship & GR & QM And the proof of there existence. From both scientific method and experimentation & mathematical means. its just a different take on the work being done at CERN The Large Hadron Collider. All I can say is up to date I have had some very very promising results that have proven beyond a doubt that I am heading in the right direction and a large number of my fellow physicists have agreed with my finding so fare. Like I said I will post the work in the new year for you to hopefully pull to bits and find the holes in it if any and I will look forwards to your comments.
  6. I have to admit I am imprested with your daring to think out of the box most physicist in the academic stage are in my opium getting brainwashed into thinking this is how it is and that’s that. its nice to talk with someone who isn’t afraid to go out side the comfort zone of the box and to put forward there own theories. you have a good one to my friend and a fab new year
  7. This in some sense makes sense and in other cases dose not fit the model. this would imply that you are only allowing for certain energy variations to fit the model and the other frequency’s ore vibrations between would not exist and there for would not factor in the equation. but if you was to list say 1 to10 then you have to take into account that say 3 and a half dose exist and if this number doesn’t fit the model then one would think there was a problem with the model in the first place. there would also be other frequency’s of light that would not fit in to the maths but they clearly exist. its of my opium that if all isn’t taken into account then there is a flaw in the maths then only some of the answers will be correct. it doesn’t take into account a lot of the actions on the quantum level
  8. That was the closest answer I have had to date concerning time . if you take it out of the 4 dimensions now and put it into 6 dimensions the two left out mans ability to make a choice in a simple manor of explanation left or right. now do the same maths and factor in the other two dimensions then take into account the vibration distortions between the left dimension and the right dimension pulling from either side of the 4 dimensions L X X X X R Its best to work this out in a cube for the 4 dimensions and place the other two dimensions on either side of the cube. If you apply this maths to your Caesium atom and apply a number of cycles from the past then calculate any given number of cycles into the future. I would just go 2 minutes to keep it relatively simple to start with then apply the left & right dimension this will show you just how time behaves. if you do the same calculations for the electron it will show you how they manage to slip in and out of existence and what one would think impossible in what would seem to be two places at the same time. ha ha ha Time dose not flow in a straight line it resonates with in this six dimensional space constantly struggling against out side influences pushing and pulling it / in and out back and too and side to side . All atoms / electrons / particles have a control tag and using this mathematical formula its possible to work out the position of this tag once you know the tags position you can set about reprogramming the resonant frequency of the matter into a alternate state thus changing the matters properties. And how it exist in what you would call present time . now imagine changing its properties so it has to abide by a different rule it will suddenly exist in a different time hey what do you know back to the behaviour of electrons . Merry Christmas my friend I hope this helps and makes some sort of sense Ps it doesn't actually have any thing to do with mans ability to make choice I just like to say that ha ha That is just how it seem to be One more point I should mention all matter doesn't vibrate or resonate in a strait line either so why would time abide by a different rule from every thing else in this part of the universe. Time exists within six spatial dimensions along with all matter and thus time has a profound effect on the said matter it all abides by set rules and it will vibrate or resonate accordingly . it is easy to see why mankind would get confused with this as he sees that there is only one time split into three planes past present and future when it concerns time if you reprogram the resonant frequency of some matter to an alternate state you can change its place within the order of things (time) it is quite possible to carry out an experiment to show this happen just like the observations of electrons slipping in and out of this time frame you can do the same with matter and it can be instantaneously moved from one point to another point in time with very little power for say 0.1 of a gram of matter. Daedalus & Allan Zade you are so close to the solution ? This is just a brief outline of a small amount of the work I have undertaken. The whole known universe is made is made up off atoms containing electrons which contain neutrons protons quarks ECT and gluons that modern day physicists believe hold them all together. I would like to put forward a new concept based on the last 25 years work involving the research into the behaviour of atoms and there relationship to each other. After developing a new form of mathematics ’ using 6 dimensional space and resonance frequency it was possible to map out the interactions and the multi dimensional space they occupy. I then concentrated on just a few different atoms that make up magnetic material and the behaviour of atoms in static charge it was possible to conduct a experiment where a piece of matter that was alien to the controlled environment was placed in side the apparatus and then the natural frequency of the electrons in the static was put out of phaze and the piece of matter was made to resonate at the same frequency as the electrons in the magnetic material the outcome was the small piece of matter floated up ward in a helix motion approximately 7cm and then moved to the centre of the helix then proceeded to fall slowly down the centre of the helix the experiment was repeated a number of times with different bits of matter with the same result by of setting the static frequency by different degrees has a profound effect on the matters behaviour in the experiment the one most notably was the instantaneous acceleration from one side of the controlled space to a different point within the control space it covered 230mm in an instance the experiment was carried out many different times with the same result the only thing that changed was the direction and distance covered but controlling this was not easy to overcome a millimetre grid was set up 300mm2 and a piece of tobacco leaf strand was placed within the grid reference a magnified photo was then taken of the tobacco strand before the experiment was run and again after wards it was noted that no matter what distance it covered or how fast it instantaneously travelled it would keep the exact position it was in at point A B and C no matter how many times it moved it held it fragile shape this was shown by overlaying photographs many times .this effect was possible due to the interactions of the electrons/atoms that made up the tobacco strand and by reprogramming the resonant frequency of the atoms into a AlterNet state holds them in a 6 dimension stases field that protects them from the journey from point A to B at incredible speeds . All atoms / electrons have a control TAG and it is this TAG that tells the atoms /electrons how to behave and how to interact within there environments it is possible to mathematically work out where this TAG is positioned in relation to its given atoms once you know the position of the TAG you can work out the true frequency of the atoms and then set about to reprogram the TAGS natural frequency thus changing the matters state and its natural behaviour to many different AlterNet states.
  9. Firstly I would like to thank the staff on this forum for the patience they have shown for this subject. The problem with mathematics and time. It is a passionate subject for some people and its quite easy to get side tracked during discussions but that's what makes a good moderator understanding that this sort of thing is bound to happen now and again and I would say more often than not in this case ha ha But that's the nature of all good debates. And I too apologise for the times I have overstepped the forums rules I have to say I feel it was my fault that ALLEN ZADE received a warning as I led him in this discussion and hope he excepts my apology. Now that's been said. Time in two boxes. Well firstly its irrelevant what time is on the watches in the boxes for a whole number of reasons atomic ore mechanical man made devices. 2 you can not see the time in the boxes as to make a reference to mans given reference of time its only important once you open the box to ascertain the time on any given time piece that was in the boxes but I believe this takes one back to my first point man made 3 if time was a constant then I believe that in ore out of the box the time would only vary due to mechanical delay ore fault between the two time pieces and this would be rectified with a simple adjustment once removed from the boxes from a different reference point of mans interpretation of time so all three watches read the same but still incorrect in my mind. 4 there are too many galaxies out in the see able universe and all with there own reference of time I think its quite reasonable to assume that each one of these galaxies has its own time frame that is completely different to the one man has made up for himself in this part of the universe that he inhabits. 5 what of black holes and time.
  10. I think it would be fantastic if the forum had a section for people who have had there work published so they can post their publications I think it would make it most interesting and hey who knows maybe a combination of the published work might fit together and help solve some of life’s annoying problems in the field of physics is this at all possible Hi again my friend I will look forward to reading you paper and I think I would most enjoy having some discussions with you on this subject I to was published this year in the world physics book I was asked to speak at the world physics conference in Kiev as I am working out in the Ukraine I think you would have loved the conference I also had the pleasure of speaking at several universities across the Ukraine and was invited out to Egypt to speak at the follow on world conference there the book I was published in only go s out to key physicists around the world there are only 5010 copy’s published and they are dedicated to these physicists who work in this sort of field. but like your self my work is on the fringe And sometimes taken to be highly controversial but luckily I have all the evidence to back it up to date hence speaking at the conferences you can read about the world physics conference in Kiev on the internet if you like My work involves new types of magnetic energy and static effect it is something you can try for your self we had great results with our experiments and have since taken it to a whole new level
  11. Time is unlike any mathematical equation.You can not put time in a box and just say that is it ( example 12345678910 and so on up to 60 seconds and then say it fits night and day to have 24 x 60 seconds to make night and day ) All this is is a reference to one of your atomic particles you will find later on that new particles discovered do not fit this model and that will cause confusion. we are not saying this is easy to understand it means calculating within six dimensional space and having to apply different frequencies and algorithms that constantly change one moment to the next. ( this isn't speculation it is all being looked at by physicists in present day terms and all information is mostly available to read. They just haven't figured it out yet) time is like that within the whole infer net of the known and unknown universes. as to present mankind having the ability to do the equations I don't think he can at this stage of his development in evolution terms . He has evolved to communicate with language from day to day experience and invented mathematics to try and get some sort of grasp on the space he occupies. The place mankind calls home the earth and the known universe he inhabits. ( this to is true and obvious hence you have physicists biologists chemists and all the other learned faculties around the earth in this present time. Al looking for the one answer where did we come from and how and why are we here ) There is still a long way to go before he starts to comprehend his place in time and overcoming the solutions . But once he dose then mankind will advance to a whole new level with a full understanding of time and space and like we said before if there is one comfort in all this mankind is relentless and a most resourceful species and will get there in the end. ( the mathematical equations just need to factor in the constantly changing subatomic frequencies they will then find the maths will make a lot more sense and start to add up.) and during the course of calculating how time works one answer will keep popping out that is a constant that will be the right answer all the other numbers are just background noise and should be ignored this answer will then give you a true base number to calculate the other variations of time once mankind understands this he will realize the universe that he thought was so vast suddenly becomes not so vast as he thought.
  12. Point taken you are very correct and I will have to agree with that comment but it just goes to show how easy a sensible subject can go off track so quick given the subject matter but all good fun and some very valid points from all
  13. There is no evidence that the brain can or can not inter act with time either lol its still an ongoing discussion but its not for me and you to say we can just have our own thoughts on the subject.
  14. I do apologize I think you misunderstood me I do not think time it's a function of thought I think that by man thinking a mere thought can have an effect on time on the quantum level man just invented the word time and a numerical system to measure it witch I must say is one of his most outstanding achievements to date oh and as to perpetual motion we did that one 3 years ago ha ha ha you have a good day
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