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  1. Ok, when my biology teacher gave us a big lecture on teen pregnancy and STD's, she said that the lubricant emitted from the penis during sex has more sperm than the ejaculate. I have a hard time believing this because she is _very_ biased in this area. Can anyone verify this for me?
  2. I love floppy's. I keep all my programs that I use at school on them. Plus, the floppy drive at school is the only drive that isn't locked.
  3. I play a couple instruments. Guitar, tuba, trumpet, and some sax. Muscle memory is kinda like touch typing. You don't have to think about it, you just do. If you practice scales or chords, you gain muscle memory.
  4. yeah, include pics, etc...
  5. I doubt that the people that are cryogenicly frozen right now will be able to be revived. Unless they are frozen at absolute zero, then their blood cells would have deteriorated by now along with the other bodily organs.
  6. Well, a lot of people seem to think that history is recorded in the light that has passed us. When you go passed teh speed of light, you start to catch up to the past through the light. It is absurd I think. Because you are only going back in light, not time. So even if things did start going backwards, it would only be the light, not matter.
  7. To tell you the truth, that theory has been out for a couple years, you just added a scenario to it.
  8. Well, I have never had a rash on my skin. Despite chicken pox, I have never had any problem with my skin.
  9. EDIT: found a better pic http://myspace-758.vo.llnwd.net/00151/85/77/151687758_m.jpg
  10. Plus, magnets lose their magnetism after a while don't they?
  11. You can just use the partitioner that comes with teh Windows disk. That's what I use. Or Ubuntu.
  12. Well, if you want to go all scientific and stuff, you could go into the amount of lead in the water that you poured out and the amount of lead in the new water and compare them.
  13. I have tightened one of those pretty tight before. Also, what kind of material are we screwing it into?
  14. Hey, my mobo just fried and I will not be getting a new desktop PC. My next comp will be a laptop. So, I am left with a bunch of parts that I am selling partly because I am a poor white boy who needs laser parts . Ok, what I have in stock right now is. AMD Athlon motherboard, works fine. I am just not bothering to hook it up and use it. Too slow. 15-20 bucks (american) 6 sticks of PC-100 memory. I think all are 128 meg, though I think two maybe 32 meg. (free, just pay shipping) 1 40 gig hard drive, 30 bucks. It's a Seagate, so it's pretty good. 1 5 gig HD, great for a slave drive. Also a Seagate. A couple ethernet cards, 5 bucks each. A CD-burner by Yamaha, pretty nice. 15 bucks A couple various brands of CD-ROM's, work fine. 5 bucks each. and if I get enough for it, 19" CRT monitor, almost perfect condition. No base though, it's flat on the bottom. If you don't have any american money and would like to buy some stuff, that's cool, I can figure out approximations on what is what with the currency. Contact me on AIM at x0xsqlissexyx0x or on IRC (irc.blackcobalt.net #sfn). Please help a brother out? EDIT: If you are interested, but would like to see some pics first, just ask and I will post some.
  15. Install apache on your desktop and connect the two comps via a router. Put your whole C:/ drive on teh web server and just transfer the things you want, you get like 4-8 megs a second and it seem steh fastest and most reliable to me...
  16. That's when I watched it. Well, it was more about 1, but I had to sleep with some lights on... It's isn't that scray in the daylight.
  17. Lol, yeah. But it was meant to really freak out people and I am sure there are some subliminal messages in there because it's an advertisement for some techno music.
  18. I watched the whole video at about 1 in the morning. If anyone else watches the whole thing, please say you did.
  19. nope, I couldn't get it. But, I did the ones over at HTS (I'm radiohead). I would suggest those, they pertain more to what security is like today.
  20. just, wow. This is just...I have no words http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/rubberjohnny.html EDIT: I am guessing that I should put a warning here. This video is very psychologically un-nerving. If you don't like things like blair witch project, this is about 10000000x times worse. This has no gruesome pictures, no scary pop-ups, it's a video some very talented and twisted guys made. If you think it will be like the faces of death videos, it's not. It couldn't be farther from that. It is scary in the same way the X-Files was scary. This WILL give you a nightmare or two... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_Johnny
  21. You can install Visual Studio on WINE...or even Point2Play if you are feeling like a GUI. Also, if you in desperate need of only a few Windows applications, VMware should suffice quite nice. No 3-D acceleration, though, so only RTS games and games liek Metal Slug are playable.
  22. Yeah, that's pretty easy man...if you need a walkthrough, PM me.
  23. Haha, I never even saw this thread... Hey, I am radiohead. I am a computer guy and know a couple programming languages, not including HTML and CSS as they aren't programming. I really am good in all areas of computers and anything that has to do with them, electrical stuffs, math, physics, etc... I also am pretty good at chemistry and everything else on teh forums, I am basically pretty good at for my age (16) besides atronomy...but not good enough to post as I usually have to go look something up on google before i know what you are talking about .
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