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  1. WINE is crap. VMware is nice, and Cedega is nice to. But Dual-Booting is much easier and much more efficient.
  2. Chatha, I do agree with you that there are "syndromes" and "disorders" that are total bull eg. Beaten Woman syndrom*, ADD, etc... and I also think that we need to have higher standards on what doctors consider "mentally ill". But depression is a true disorder. It is caused by an irregular balance of chemicals in the brain. But, the way you talk about doctors, it sounds like you think all doctors are the same. Doctors specialize in different fields. Yes. Pediatricians really just sit around and just sign prescriptions. So do some dentists and alot of medical doctors in general. But the REAL doctors that spend years studing, compiling data, etc.. are hardcore. They aren't at all like what you describe. They are the ones who tell the medical doctors what to prescribe for what ailment or disease. Before you go on a rant, get your facts straight. *I am not sure ifthat is what it is called... :-/
  3. That will never work. At my school, I think it would be safe to bet at LEAST 1/3 of the kids have had at least one type of sexual relationship. You won't stop the spread. Stopping the spread of HIV would be just as hard as stopping the spread of Christianity. As said is an earlier post, HIV will end up killing itself. It could be in a few years, it could be the day before the sun expands into a red giant and kills us all. But that is the ONLY way HIV will stop.
  4. I don't play many games...unless you count Dev-C++ and Visual Studio games. :-D
  5. I love Linux. But not many things are compatible with it. CAD won't work on Linux unless you find one on the internet. What I would do is make like a 5 gig partition and put Windoze on it, then on the rest install Linux. It is much more stable and a hell of a lot faster than Windoze because it doesn't have to deal with the Win32 API. You can leave Linux running for weeks, maybe even months, and it won't crash. I would suggest Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog distro, but thats just me. It's free (as are all Linux distros). All you have to do is burn it as an ISO image and boot to it to install it. EDIT: But there are many OS's out there. BeOS, OS/2, etc.. Just test them out and see which one you like best.
  6. you need the shoutcast plugin and if you are expecting moer than maybe two peopl eto listen, then you will need a server or something.
  7. I host my own site off DynDNS. But the comp doesn't have internet on it at this point in time. I would be happy to host something for you.
  8. I have recently fixed my wireless router and now have aquired a wireless adapter. The router is NetGear, though that is irrevelant. The adapter is a Motorola 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter. It runs fine on Windows XP, and I have even picked up a couple other wireless networks in my neighborhood with it. But, on my Ubuntu HD, I have no internet. I did have to install drivers for it on my Windows HD, but I have always thought that Linux would automatically config it. Does anyone have a solution to this? Ubuntu recognizes the adapter and everything, but the link LED on the adapter only comes on when I am running Windows. Any ideas? And in response to the post on the home page, I do not care if side conversations are started.
  9. its because when you squint, you can't read the text as well and you go by what color it is since that is what you are looking for.
  10. A broken table that gets fixed at the top of the hill.
  11. Ok, there aren't many things in this world that grabs my attention, but a chance for some free cash isn't something I want to turn down. Its only been around for a couple of weeks now, so yeh, get in quick before they start restricting it. http://netbux.org/?r=109369 Here is the basic gist. You need a paypal account (which is free to get, no cc needed) is the main thing. Sign up for one of those, then go register here. http://www.paypal.com The persoonal acount is the free one. You signup, and you use their homepage (netbux.org) to forward your way to google. All that is different (and what actually is the catch) is that they put ads up the top of the page. What happens, is that every search you make you earn $0.02 and thats it. Only restrictions is that you can only do one search every 15 seconds, and a max of 40 searches a day. Just make a PHP script that does it for you. But make it randomly generate a time between a minute and 2 and a half minutes so it doesn't look suspicious. So pretty much, while your searching, you could go through those 40 searches in like an hour without paying attention, like i haven't been lol. Or you could go hard out and do the whole one search every 15 secs, and have it all done in like 10 mins. The other main catch is that you have to hit at least $50.00 before they pay you, but the way i see it, is if you do the 40 searches a day, it will take you just a couple of months to get that $50.00, if not more. So yeah, good incentive to set up a paypal account too, they are very handy. Anyways, here is the link again: http://netbux.org/?r=109369 Any questions and what not, just post them. And before you ask, no its not some lame pyramid scheme lol. Check it out, take a look, there is no harm in getting a free paypal account, even if you dont go ahead with the netbux earning opportunity. Check it out, you might find it rewarding. Just for the record at the time of posting this site is not a scam site. If however something does happen out of my control, eg. some loser ruins it all or whatever, then i am sorry. But at this stage, it is not a scam site and doesn't appear to be heading that way! This cannot hurt you because all you give is your email, and that email can even be fake. Same thing with teh paypal account. I thought you all might enjoy this because I know I google alot and if I can get paid for it, then what the heck. I am sure you can benefit from this too. Since this is so new, they people who are running the site do not have very good servers, so it isn't up all the time. But it is up a majority of the time. Sorry if this is considered spamming. I figured this is the most appropriate part of the forums to post this in.
  12. This is a little fun thing that I have found to be a little tricky. Read what COLOR it is, not the WORD Blue Black Yellow Green Red Grey Purple Pink
  13. I prefer proxies, especially when i am getting my free, legal downloads. http://www.secure-tunnel.com is a good free one. So is proxify.com.
  14. Then it sounds like the capacitor you got can't handle as much as the original one. See if you can find out what kind it is.
  15. Yeah, the first is good, the rest are like...ok, your fight bad guys...big deal.
  16. Yeah, unless Microsoft started making hardware, or Sun, then they would probably start doing that. It's a very good idea. It would make booting up so much faster and save HD space. Hey, I think you started me on my next project for school. Thanks.
  17. You got the BSOD on XP? Thats kinda bad. The BSOD doesn't appear unless the user says it ok for it to come up. Otherwise, if XP gets locked up beyond repair, it will restart itself. Sounds to me like you have a virus, and that goes along with the booting up thing to. What virus protection do you have?
  18. Well, some programming languages, like BF (or Brain****) are meant for very small programs. That is teh only reason I can see a new language coming out. To fulfill what others can't. C can do everything that C++ can. Assembly can do anything C can, and so on. But C can't make as small of programs as BF can.
  19. Java is crap. I think that all we need is one versatile language like basic, or C. If we had stuck with one language, we could have found ways to use it for everything. We could have found ways to use C for web graphics if Java hadn't come along. We could have used C to make incredibly dynamic webpages istead of writing PHP or ASP. IMO
  20. Well, I have actually regenerated like 2 teeth. You probably won't believe it, but yeah. When I was 8, the dentist said that under my first molar (which was a baby tooth at the time), I had no adult tooth. Well, about 5 years later, the tooth that they said had no adult tooth under it began to loosen and fell out. The dentist was astonished. A year later, the same tooth was loose again. It wasn't rotting, I keep very good care of my teeth. A couple weeks later, it fell out to yet another tooth. I am 16 now and am starting to feel it loosen again. I dunno what is going on, but more money for me...
  21. What operating system? And be more specific. What exactly are you trying to do? EDIT: I run Ubuntu (Linux Distro) and it has four different desktops that you can save icons to and have windows open on. I don't know if that is what you want, but it was the closest thing i could think of that sounded like what you want.
  22. radiohead

    Science Fair

    Well, me and some friends did a project on how you can make potentially lethal weapons from common house-hold items. We used a disposable camera to make a tazer and modded it a bit. We fixed it to where it used a 9-volt battery instead of AA and it worked quite well. We then showed how with enough smoke detectors, you can create a nuclear warhead. I think you would enjoy the tazer one. That was really fun. Before we added the 9-volts to them, we would shock each other with them while the other wasn't watching. It only costs at max 10 bucks. PM me or email me if you want some more info.
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