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  1. Fm transmitter range

  2. Fm transmitter range

    The particular one I'm looking at can go from 87-107.9 mhz. As for the antenna, the transmitter is labled: Antenna output impedance: 50 OM Antenna Connector: BNC type (I'm quite new to all things radio, and am just diving right in, so I'm a bit clueless.) I'd be broadcasting from a suburb at about sea level.
  3. Fm transmitter range

    About how far do you think a 500 mw FM transmitter would effectively broadcast?
  4. Patriotism

    Okay, then. The principals on which a country operates. The ones politicians have to swear to uphold.
  5. Patriotism

    Patriotism is loyalty to the principals on which one's country was founded, and the space it occupies. Nothing more. A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
  6. Identifying an element

    What about silicon?
  7. Lemon Demon

    Well, there are more songs. I just posted the best 3 available for free. There are over 70 others, but you have to either pay or do sneaky things to get them.
  8. Lemon Demon

    I don't suppose anyone else here listens to Lemon Demon? It's a one man geek rock band. I highly recomend these songs.
  9. BG rendering

    I have one, but it's disabled. I manually block spam. It's less of a hassle. Anyway, I got opera, and that works. I'll stick with it for now. Thanks for all the help anyway.
  10. BG rendering

    Yes. I don't have ad blockers. I just right click and "block images from this site".
  11. BG rendering

    I had some comp trouble, and had to reinstall my browser. I use mozilla, but have also tried mozilla 2.0 and IE6, and none of them seem to be able to display background, along with a few other types of images.
  12. Finally, what I've always been looking for

    That's what she said╫╕
  13. We're back!

    I had been gone, and decided to have a look at the forums again. To my horror they were gone! I thought SFN had closed down completely.
  14. How do I get my crackpot theory into the BBC?

    Not to play the nazi card, but the tall dude looks alot like Hitler.