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  1. Just don't start with VB. It teaches you bad habits. I started with C, moved on to C++, then Perl, then PHP. C is great. I love it. Best programming language ever. Dev-C++ is a good free compiler for Windows, and so is lcc-win32. If you run Linux, Anjuta is an awesome IDE, then you can make GUI's with Glade and Anjuta.
  2. I hope. I would really like to know what causes this. P.S. I love radiohead.
  3. They were probably two seperate dreams. In any given night, you tend to have anywhere from 5-10 dreams, or at least that is what I have heard. Just because you don't remember there being a pause or another dream in between them doesn't mean it was just one.
  4. I don't see why people always instist on buying books when ebooks are free. http://www.radiohead.is-a-geek.org/etc/ebooks I have PHP books in there if you do not like your book. Sorry I couldn't help you sooner, I just saw this post.
  5. Ok, thanks for cearing that up. I didn't know alcohol also caused you to use the bathroom.
  6. I recently went on a trip to New York. I was my first time on a plane (it was a band trip) and I was quite nervous. When I get nervous, I tend to drink coffee cup after coffee cup until I stop being nervous. Well, after about 2 cups of coffee, I had to use the restroom very badly. Over teh period of the trip, about 4 days, I had probably 40-50 cups of coffee. I didn't really like New York that much. I was using teh restroom liek crazy. The day after I got back from the trip, teh drug and alcohol person came to my school saying that coffee can't help you when your drunk. I was thinking about that tonight and realized it does help if you use it right. If you drink a beer, and after that drink a cup of coffee, about 5 minutes later, you will have teh urge to urinate. If you do go and urinate, the alcohol that hasn't been absorbed into teh blood stream will be passed reducing how drunk you will get and how fast you will get drunk. Using this theory, you could have a beer and a cup of coffee alternately and become less drunk in more time. Am I wrong in this? EDIT: I am only 16, so I can't exactly test out this theory without getting an adult involved. So if any of you guys would like to test this out, feel free please and post your results.
  7. radiohead


    Yes. Blogs are just a way to communicate with people. It is their opinions and if they get fired for their opinions, then that is wrong. EDIT: Lol, yeah, I agree with them 100%. The blogs was just an example.
  8. That's true. But in our sense, in the way we are talking about it, as long as matter exists and grows and shrinks, our basis of time will continue to go on.
  9. I never said it was a number. I said it was a symbol to represent no limitation.
  10. Infinity + 1 is like saying forever and a day. It's just a saying. Just like infinity + infinity= infinity. Basically, infinity is just a symbol to represent and unlimited amount of something. Like 0 is a symbol to represent nothing.
  11. http://www.alexchiu.com/ This guy. to put it blatantly, is a complete and utter moron. It kept me entertained for quite a while. He also has another site. http://www.superiching.com I hope you get as good a laugh as I had. He rates himself among Einstein, Tesla, and Edison. EDIT: His "philosophy" section is great.
  12. The Apocalypse does _not_ stop time. Time cannot stop. EDIT: Time isn't just something we have on Earth. Time is everywhere. Just because we are not here to experience it doesn't mean it isn't there. The rest of the universe will continue to grow as time progresses.
  13. Why do you think I am switching from it? I know Ubuntu is a little more user friendly, which is why I used it as my first linux distro.
  14. Oh...Gee whiz. Good one Phi.
  15. How common are these animals names?
  16. Yes, I know. But if you say cracker, almost everyone will know what it means. Anyway, I was just using it as an example of how powerful PHP is.
  17. Especially if you have some experience with computers like you say. There are a lot of very stupid people out there who end up screwing computers up or getting virii, or even need a program made to keep up with the times. I am 16 and I fix computers, do web development, and develop programs for people. It was very easy for me to get these jobs because so little people can do the things that I can (around where I live anyway). I would aim a little higher than a mall job. But, if you can find a good job at the mall, go for it. And good luck. :-D
  18. PHP is a great language. It's preferred because it is so powerful and there are so many possibilties that it holds. I have seen people make MD5 crackers in PHP which is quite a feat I think. I love PHP. It is quite sexy.
  19. radiohead

    My Idea

    Well, good luck if you do try and come up with something. I hope I helped.
  20. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_word_in_the_English_language
  21. radiohead

    Zombie Dogs

    If they stayed frozen, couldn't they be revived 100 years from now theoretically?
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