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  1. People need to learn that it is best to lose one life and save many than save one life and end many. I voted no.
  2. lol, your supposed to put what you see first. My bad.
  3. What do you see first? GODISNOWHERE
  4. Most proxy server's these days are honeypots. Plus, you can track down a proxy /very/ fast nowadays. I would suggest just use a neighbors intermet.
  5. radiohead


    lol, you know, you could set that .gif as your avatar too.
  6. I couldn't edit my post, so here is why it can't be an energy. Gravity in a sense can be created. If you have a planet, and it starts to grow, adding more mass as it grows, more gravity will come. I haven't studied general mechanics, so if thats wrong, just correct me...
  7. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed.
  8. I wrote a program that did my English homework for me in C... After I did that, I learned some VB and made a small calculator. It's calculations were very dirty. I don't think it's really that great of a language. Plus, C is just a great language all around. It's fast, makes small programs, etc... It's not meant for OS's or games, though it's great to program them in.
  9. I would suggest C first. C++ is more object-oriented than C and can teach some bad habits. With C, you actually learn how to code things by yourself.
  10. You can't read the book. It's just like "free preview". And if you make your resolution smaller, it should make the text bigger.
  11. http://www.olive-drab.com/od_nuclear_suitcase.php If you google a question first, 99% of the time you will find your answer...
  12. doesn't work with everyone. It depends on their router. Mine is, my neighbors is (don't ask me how I know). And what operating system are you running?
  13. In National Treasure, the fact that at a historical showing of antiques and such, the thing you would most want to see was underground with one security guard. I am talking about the Declaration of Independence for those of you who haven't seen it. Also in National Treasure, you notice they are /extremely/ careful with the Declaration when it is out of the tube, yet the tube gets thrown around and battered with th Declaration inside.
  14. No, it's not. I am glad it's not. I would end up seriously pissing off some people if it were by proving 3/4ths of the stuff they say wrong... I live in texas.
  15. I understand where your coming from, but, yes, that is a bit irrational. You make it sound like almost every parent is out to beat their child and defile our minds, but that's not the case. To my understanding it is quite the opposite. I don't know how old you are, but I do know that the punishments of today are different than what they were 30 years ago. My dad suffered through child abuse and he has tried so hard not to turn out like his father in the way he punishes us. He used to spank me when I was little, then he realized I was becoming afraid of him and stopped. He said he was sorry and said he would never spank me again and he hasn't. I know that most parents, and people in general, would not abuse a child if their life depended on it. The people that do have mental issues that they need checked out.
  16. First of all, please don't triple post, there is an edit button for a reason. Second of all, my parents let me live my life fine. They are not restrictive at all, they allow me to make my decisions and learn from my mistakes. But that doesn't come without it's prices. I have shown them that they can trust me not to do things that could seriously harm me or do drugs and things like that... And since when is it a rule that you are not supposed to attempt to save a childs life? Haven't you ever heard the saying women and children first?
  17. My parents have always gotten me books about science (not that I am complaining). But I think the thing that really got to me was when I was four or five, we had an old 386 in our garage that no one used and I asked my dad to help me put it together. After that, I just wanted to learn more and more about computers. I also like proving teachers wrong...
  18. Like I said before, intelligence is the ability to make connections. These people with social skills made connections to what makes them likeable and what doesn't while people like Einstein didn't, but they make connections that lead them to think of things like E=MC^2. I don't think it should be based on knowledge....
  19. Bettina took mine. Maybe I will think of a new one...
  20. Intelligence is the ability to make connections. It probably is genetic, but I really have no clue about that.
  21. Well, you have to be creative to solve something don't you?
  22. My mom says intelligence isn't really knowledge, it's figuring out a way to solve something that no one else has thought of... I don't mean to sound like the Waterboy...
  23. http://www.radiohead.is-a-geek.org/etc/ebooks Have fun. PHP, C, C++, Perl, COBOL, JAVA, Bash scripting, etc...
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