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  1. Ok, obviously, sine is a function. But what I really want to know is what is going on under the hood of sine. What equations and algorithms make up sine? I have searched the web, but I am not sure what to search for and haven't come up with anything useful. I have grepped math.h, but to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Or you can use your BIOs, as long as it is one of the newer ones, like mine.
  3. Well, if someone wants to show me how to set up an irc server with GoDaddy, I have a domain good till the end of the year at least.
  4. Do a DIY. They are cheaper and generally are more reliable.
  5. When the Anglos and the Saxons started chatting it up with each other.
  6. Personally, I think that it is a little out of reach right now to do those types of things. They would still experience lag with the "fake" OS and hopefully would realise that something was wrong.
  7. OpenOffice.org Writer lets you write your stuff as if it is in MS word and save it as a PDF. Just go to openoffice.org. *EDIT* I didn't see Demosthenes said it before me.
  8. Good ol' GNOME Calc gives me a -0. Looks like Linux wins again.
  9. Uhh, Winamp has pretty much any plugin you could ever want. It even had FLAC which I was doubtful it would have. And when I didn't find the one plugin I wanted, I coded it myself. Just a simple away message updater to the song you were playing. Winamp is by far the best.
  10. Mkae sure X is configured properly.
  11. The american education is needlessly bland and very generalized IMHO. I hate english, I know how to write fine (on paper and computer), yet I still have to take English. I make 100's in it, yet they are, you are not smart enough, you must still take it...
  12. No, we are planning on using water as "gas" and separating teh Hydrogen from teh oxygen through electricity, emitting teh oxygen and burning teh hydrogen. No tanks like that.
  13. Or you could host off of your own comp. That's what I do... ;-)
  14. What is up? Me and a friend of mine are going to be attempting to turn his car into a hydrogen fueled car. The way we see it, it would actually help the ecosystem because it would be releasing much needed oxygen into the atmosphere instead of CO2 (I think?). If we succeed we will be entering it in for scholarships and the like. We are both going into a field of some kind of Physics. I know he wants Theoretical, I dunno what I am doing though. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on some ways to do this? Has anyone had any experience in trying to make one and have any tips? Thanks for any help. EDIT: First, we will be working with lawn mowers, then go karts, and if they work out, THEN we will try it on his car....
  15. Hey guys, Ok, I generally sleep in my Algebra 2 class. A lot. The teacer lets me cuz I make 100's in teh class anyway. Well, today, I really got freaked out. Not in teh funny way, but in teh like serious you-need-a-psychologist way. I am not sure if I was a sleep when all this happened or not. I was dozing off and I felt liek I was going to throw up all of a sudden, and soon after felt a very sharp pain in my back. This all happened while my head was on my desk. I don't know if this was a dream or not. I have never had a dream like this. I knew everything that was going on around me, I heard mr. quigley giving his lecture, etc... If this was a dream, it was excruciatingly real. ok, well, back what I was saying. I felt very sick and then a very sharp pain in my back. Then I couldn't move, My whole body felt tingly like it your foot doees when circulation is cut off, everything felt like that. i have never had a dream where I could feel like thing. I couldn't move, I could barely open my eyes. There is a guy that sits to teh right of my namd ryan and luckily that's teh way my head was facing. I tried to say his name, but nothing but heavy breathing was coming out. I couldn't move my face at all and my vocal cords weren't working i am guessing. I tried to stay calm and think about what was going on. after about five minutes, I figured out a way to move my right arm back and forth like inches and that's it, even then it was very hard to move it. Then I could move, I jerked up and was breathing really hard. I wasn't tired anymore, which is why I think it might have been a dream, but the fact that i knew what was going on around me, could feel everything, hear everything has really freaked me out. I am pretty sure that random temporary paralysis isn't good. Could someone please tell me if that could be normal undeer certain circumstances. Again, I am not sure if it was a dream or not. I don't think it was, but I also think it was, I really am not sure. EDIT, this all happened in about 30-45 minutes. Also, when I jerked up, mr. quigley was in teh exact spot he was in before I jerked up. so this whole "dream" was in real-time.
  16. If that happens again, CTRL+ALT+DEL > New Task > explorer.exe.
  17. First, got to start menu and right click on my computer, then go to manage >disk management. Are there two partitions on your HD?
  18. What do they both say? Chances are, one is either safe mode or the recovery mode.
  19. Thanks mezarashi, that link explained it.
  20. I am majoring in electrical engineering. You should look into that, it's fun.
  21. ugh, I get everything but the lim, which I am sure is pretty important. What kind of math is this?
  22. Well, if you don't mind ebooks, PM me and I can get you a list.
  23. BlueJ is good, not sure if it's free or not, I think it is.
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