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  1. "Ultrasound can produce temperatures as high as those on the surface of the Sun and pressures as great as those at the bottom of the ocean. In some cases, it can also increase chemical reactivities by nearly a millionfold" http://www.scs.uiuc.edu/suslick/britannica.html
  2. greg1917


    Scientists have not discovered 'chi' as far as I know. Thats a book Ive been meaning to read for a while, and by the sounds of it you should definitely read it. There's a reason many forms of mysticism and vague, wooly spirituality are shunned by most educated people. Its because they're utterly bunk and simply hold no logical ground.
  3. greg1917


    Got to admit that the post that started this thread is one of the most hilarious non-sensical paragraphs Ive ever read. Personally I thought waching Johhny Depp in throws of an intense ether high in Fear and Loathing was amusing enough but this is ether abuse on a higher level
  4. In the exampke you use, hydrogen and chlorine would be far easier to separate if they were cooled to liquid. Chlorine boils at a not too chilly -34.6 degrees C, so could be easily separated from a mixture with hydrogen in this way.Hydrogen boils at something like 20K (or -253 C) so would safely remain in gaseous form throughout the separation. Dry ice should do it.
  5. greg1917


    There isnt really much of a discussion - the book is flat out wrong. An atom with 1 proton and 1 neutron is a hydrogen isotope, deuterium. Helium usually contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons - this isotope constitutes more than 99.99% of helium found on Earth, with the remaining small amount mainly a lighter isotope with only one neutron ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium-3 ).
  6. http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/jun2000/962225341.Bc.q.html Try the response to this question.
  7. Apologies that took so long for me to reply, i didnt realise Terminator 3 was on channel 5
  8. the reason the phenyl hydrogens are displayed as two peaks has nothing to do with the NH or OH protons whose proximity would only affect the splitting pattern, not the peak integral value. Look at the four hydrogen atoms coming off the ring. If you draw an imaginary line down the ring, going from the OH group to the NH group, you'll see the ring is symmetrical. Ive drawn a (crude) picture to show this: protons A and C are equivalent, as are protons B and D. Thus one of the peaks in the NMR spectrum will correspond to protons A and C, the other peak to protons B and D, both with integral intensity 2 (two protons). This is quite common in para-substituted phenol rings.
  9. Not sure i understand your question about the proton NMR, but having had a quick glimpse at the structure of paracetamol, it should have 5 distinct peaks. Forgive me if this is too basic for you. There are 5 separate proton environments in the structure - the methyl group as you point out, the OH proton, the NH proton and then the 4 protons on the the phenol ring. These last 4 protons will only give 2 peaks. The methyl group should be a large singlet because the nearest proton is the NH proton, and is unlikely to have a splitting effect. The height of the peak is unimportant - its the peak integral you're after, which should be 3, 1, 1, 2 and 2, not in that order. The OH proton peak should (i think) be a triplet as its close to two other hydrogens, and the two phenyl peaks should be 2 multiplets, possibly doublets of doublets. Although if your NMR spectrum is low resolution the splitting patterns may not appear anyway. The coupling constants would allow you to further confirm the structure.
  10. greg1917


    For the benefit of those too lazy to check the other thread with this problem: The green and red triangles are not actually similar. The gradients of their hypotenuses are different - 3/8 and 2/5. Thus neither of the two complete triangles actually has a straight hypotenuse. The one with the filled square has an inward bulge, and the one with the missing square has an outward bulge.
  11. I did focus on it. "So relativity is wrong and they just confuse or ignore you" A ridiculous statement which is in keeping with the quality of the example you cite. Relativity can be observed in any number of situations, none of which you have even drawn reference to, let alone tried to disprove. The thread title of 'relativity is wrong' deserves a thread move to pseudoscience but thats for the Physics moderator to decide (hint hint).
  12. "I'm tired of all these discussions.. " Were tired of people trying to disporve things like relativity and evolution with internet rubbish but you dont see us complaining.
  13. Seeing as everything you've said is conjecture founded on absolutely nothing theres very little anyone can say. The thing is, seeing as theres absolutely no evidence pointing anywhere in terms of what you're suggesting. the only answer anyone can give is maybe.
  14. Seeing as its fake it isnt really an issue. But no, its not ethical, its quite sick in fact.
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