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  1. Would a white laser be sufficient? Given enough power? You can combine red, blue, and green lasers to produce a "white" laser. Lasers are collimated...
  2. That assumes that the sail is opaque to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
  3. The rapid prototyping field is progressively moving towards being a viable form of manufacturing, particularly since one can now match the density of a forged part. There are currently a number of different methods by which one can RP a metal part. The general gist of the main ones is: Direct Metal Laser Sintering: This is powdered metallurgy, RP style. The working powder is used both as filler material and as part material. A laser then sinters a very small layer of powder, creating a solid metal part. Electron Beam Melting: Replace the sintering laser from DMLS with an electr
  4. AKA, "Am I doing this right?!" Note: I promise I didn't actually multiple post this many times, I'm just making use of the divider as a logical separation between edits! So, some background: I'm currently doing some design work with pneumatic rifles, and I want to actually go about this the *right* way - that is to say, I want to actually put some engineering skills to work - and hence want to describe the system mathematically. The gas under consideration is compressed air, and the temperatures follow the normal range of ambient outside temperatures in North America during anyth
  5. Hello! We have created a science forum. Researchers, professors, post graduate students and undergraduate students are invited to join/register our forum.


    This is the link to my forum. It is still under construction and will be fully active from 1is august. Last date of registration is 15th august, so please join it as soon as possible. It will be a great pleasure for me, if you join it.


    Nikhil aggarwal

    University of Delhi, India


  6. Funny thing, I once met a guy named Jack Hoff. And my high school health teacher? His name was Dusty Seemans. True story.
  7. Well in Germany that doesn't really matter; fireworks are illegal there anyways.
  8. Plus, sure seems to me like one of the biggest reasons we keep getting taller (ever so slowly) is that our nutrition has improved. At any rate, from an evolutionary standpoint, I don't see any reason why it would be advantageous to be smaller or bigger in today's society.
  9. Just don't swallow it. It doesn't get a chance to evaporate if you swallow it. And that's NOT good.
  10. Not if it truly evaporates - I think dry ice would sublimate under those conditions. However, the visible difference between sublimation and evaporation could be difficult to detect. I think Phoenix has equipment to test for exactly this kind of thing, doesn't it? ... I've always wanted to go to Mars...
  11. calbiterol


    Anybody here participate/compete in FSAE? For those of you unfamiliar with the competition, it'd be interesting to note that there's a new hybrid competition as well.
  12. So that people know what DH is talking about, I made reference to generating electricity by dropping rubbish down a shaft. I actually think I already mentioned this somewhere on the forum, but it's been so long since I was active here that I don't really remember! EDIT: Oh jeez, didn't realize the rest of this thread was so old. I thought I remembered something like it... Scratch that, reverse it. I'll remove myself from what appears to be a buddingly unproductive argument. Cheers!
  13. Cogito ergo sum: Ich denke therefor, der ich bin

    (if German), should be

    "Ich denke also bin ich"




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