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  1. Hi: I believe every1 should get all their basic needs met regardless of how much money they have. Here are my basic needs: 1. Live as long as my genes program me to 2. Live with the least amount of discomfort [be it physical, psychological, tactile, olfactory, or gustatory] I'll give you an example of this "regulated Marxism": If a myopic patient needs eyeglasses, he/she get everything in the process free of charge [including the eye exam]. However, if the patient wants laser-eye surgery, he/she should have to pay for it with his/her own money. Why? Because a myopic patient can see properly if provided with eyeglasses. Laser-eye surgery is not necessary to restore normal vision. My regulated-Marxism cater -- without charge -- to *needs* but ignores *wants*. *Wants* must be paid for if they are to be provided. In my hypothetical system of regulated-Marxism, you are entitled to be free of discomfort at the expense of society. However, if you want luxury and pleasure, you must pay with your own money for it. Also -- if you are born into a richer family, a higher-percentage of your income goes to taxes than if you were born into a poorer family. In this system, the rich will not get richer unless they work harder AND the poor will not get poorer unless they are lazy and give into costly pleasures [such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling]. Regards, GX
  2. I now have a hypothetical question the relates somewhat to this thread. I hope no one ignores it. Please answer it. The question involves computers, data remanence, and the law. Let's say I go onto ICQ chat rooms and vent my extreme dislike of the gender-discrimination I spoke of in this thread. I get into obscene detail over how I want to retaliate against society. However, all my activities are text-only and do NOT involve any "criminal threats". Have I violated any law? If so, does the punishment include incarceration? If so, is there a "name and shame" policy after my release? Once again, none of my activities involve ANY threats. Nor do they involve anything other than text. In addition, my text is in the entire chat ROOM -- in other words, I don't send PMs or IMs to N E 1. Let's say, I post my rants into the ICQ chat room and the readers are very disturbed and offended by my disgusting messages. They report me to authorities. Will I pay a visit to the grey-bar-hotel, even though my activities are free of threats, PMs, IMs, & free of anything other than plain text? Why do I ask? I become delirious and psychologically-dissociate whenever the following facts are reinforced to me: 1. Society perpetrates the gender discrimination I spoke of earlier in this thread. 2. All cultures of society [east and west] have perpetrated this horrific prejudice ever since humans formed a society separate from their non-human ancestors. 3. There is nothing I can do to eliminate -- or even decrease the intensity of -- this vile sexism. Whenever the above 3 facts are reinforced to me, I feel like getting on a computer and going on the aforementioned chat rooms and psychologically-punishing society with my rants. As angry as I may get, I will never cause physical harm to N E 1 or N E thing. Nor will I ever threaten to cause such harm. At worst, I will vent my spleen on chat rooms thereby causing society to want to burn me alive. Fair is fair. Society upsets me by perpetrating the aforementioned sexism and making me unable to change that sexism. I fight back by upsetting society via my perverse chat room activities and wish to be untraceable. Can you blame me? Now here is my question about data remanence. Let's I get paranoid... ... I remove the HDD from my computer and vaporize its platters and other storage components using and oxyacetylene torch ... ... will my computer still contain viable traces of my chat room activities? I ask because of what I read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_remanence#Data_in_RAM I'm now daydreaming of a form of Dynamic Volatile RAM in which ALL traces of data [even at the most elementary physical level] will completely-disappear sooner than a 100th-of-a-second after the power is cut off even if the temperature of the RAM device and the rest of the environment is as low as absolute-zero. Is such RAM equipment possible, given the state of today's technology? If so, I'd like to use it as a substitute for and HDD and use an OS that does not require Non-Volatile RAM to operate. Windows OSes are out of the question, since they are programmed to require NVRAM.
  3. I'm now fantasizing about using fresh green coca juice as a topical-anesthetic. I don't actually plan to do this but I'm just daydreaming about it. Fresh green coca juice is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant, when these leaves are their greenest. Next, these leaves are chopped down to the molecular level. After this, any molecule that is insoluble in water is removed. Finally, a sufficient amount of "drinking" water is added to the result to give it the viscosity similar to that of fruit juice. The goal is to use this juice to relieve the pain caused by shaving and the sticky feeling caused by not wearing socks when wearing slippers or walking barefeet. Other uses are to relieve any itching and symptoms of nasal allergies. This juice can be used for the aforementioned purposes by spraying it onto the skin around the body or -- in the case of allergies -- it can be streamed into the nose to eliminate that nasty tickling sensation caused by seasonal allergies. My question is, will this juice lose it's affect with continual use? Also, is the coca-induced vasoconstriction sufficient to prevent dangerous amounts of cocaine from entering the bloodstream?
  4. No need for anything past the 3rd drug. I just want to be awake, alert, and energetic to the point of hyperactivity WITHOUT the nuisances of tachycardia and increase urine production.
  5. Now I'm daydreaming about a pill that contains caffeine, propanolol [to cancel out the tachycardia caused by the caffeine], and a kidney-relaxant. Caffeine excites the kidneys causing an increase in urine-production. The kidney-relaxant drug cancels out this effect, thereby restoring urine-production levels that would be produce without the caffeine. What medication would act as the most efficient kidney-relaxant? Why don't drug companies currently make a mix of the 3 substances? IIRC, propanolol is a beta-blocker that slows the heart rate.
  6. If the cocaine is removed from coca, will the "de-cocained" coca have any significant medical effects?
  7. Hi: I've heard that most types shock of any can cause diarrhea because the autonomic nervous system responds to the hypoperfusion by constricting blood vessels that supply the colon. This starvation of oxygen irritates the colon, leading to diarrhea. However, in septic shock, all blood vessels around the body dilate due to chemicals released as a result of the infection. So how does septic shock cause diarrhea, if intestinal circulation isn't impaired? Thanks, GX
  8. Non-human mammals didn't steal N E thing from N E 1. All non-human entities are entirely innocent and incapable of evil.
  9. I wonder if something like this can be achieved with caffeine by administering it directly into the brain via the nose. There is a part of the nose where objects small enough can be inserted into the brain.
  10. No humans should be allowed to reproduce. It's time we give back what we stole from non-human organisms.
  11. Yes, the world -- if not the entirety of all the universes -- would be better off without humans. Humans are the stinkiest creatures to pollute reality. Human kakaa stinks worse than non-human kakaa. In addition, humans are the only creatures capable of sadism. When a non-human animal attacks something/someone, it does so out of fear or the need to eat. Only humans attacks other living things [animals and other humans] just for sick pleasure. Humans are the only animals who are monstrous enough to harm others just for the sake of causing harm. Humans are the only organisms capable of being evil.
  12. Hi: I'm currently thinking of a substance that has similar medical effects as caffeine [such as increased sense of energy and the decreased perception of exercise-induced pain]. However, this hypothetical drug does not have any significant or direct effects on the urinary system, sweat glands, digestive system, respiratory system, or circulatory system. What actually-existing substance most closely fits the categories I'm looking for? Thanks, GX
  13. What would happen if I filled my stomach up with "coca liquid" at 5:00 AM every *other* morning?
  14. Hi: Here is my opinion about the use of cocaine HCl [a deadly toxin] vs. that of coca liquid [obtained by pureeing fresh green coca leaves into as fine of a paste as possible and then adding a sufficient amount of "drinking" water to this paste to dilute it into a bright green liquid]. No one could ever pay me enough to take cocaine HCl. This is a nasty monster than spikes your blood pressure to the point where your nose sprays out a fountain of blood. If you do survive and stop cocaine-HCl, you will likely up with a crash of dysphoria that will force you to end your own life. Avoid at all costs. Coca-liquid, on the other hand, contains a mix of different compounds [some psychoactive, some not]. The concentration of cocaine in coca-liquid is such that it is just high-enough to produce a mild stimulant effect, ease nausea, pain, and altitude sickness but not higher. There is little -- if any -- addiction resulting from drinking coca-liquid. In addition, there is no depression after quitting "cold turkey" from coca-liquid. Use at your own convenience, where legal. I live in SoCal, where any and all entities containing any amount of any form of cocaine are illegal. So I would steer clear of any/all of them. Those exploring Machu Picchu often drink coca-infused tea before the punishing hike. This tea isn't exactly "coca liquid" but its physio/psycho-logical effects are similar to it. Regards, GX
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