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  1. yea but people don't really care about organisms that don't have feelings because it is only things that have feelings that make us reflect and think as if we were in their place. and yea me too, i'll be complaining that my stomach hurts because i ate too much of it.
  2. it mean whatever you wanted it to mean, i'm not looking for a specific answer.
  3. the light that burns the brightest burns out the fastest, and we have burn so very bright, so is life on this planet better off without humans?
  4. what we need, is to find a way to make artificial meat, then nothing dies and people stop complaining.
  5. yes the atoms that make up the bag do move away from the original center, but the volume of the inside of the closed bag has increased, and if it is not filled by atoms, then what is it filled with?
  6. I have two questions, first i want to know if there is anything else other than atoms that can fill up empty space, for example if i have an empty bag, with nothing in it, can it be filled with photons, electrons, or something else? second, if you have an empty bag, but there is a mechanical apparatus that expands the bag, what will the empty space be filled with?
  7. but robots can survive without oxygen, and other things that we need, therefore robots may be our best shot because the chance that we find another planet like earth is not that good, i think that the best way to preserve all the biological living organism from this planet is by storing them in capsules then the robots do space travel to find another earth.
  8. "Probably not as life is generally considered to consist of:" the only difference of what you are describing and what could potentially be a living robot is that one is an organic form of life and the other is not, it's kind of like thinking that DNA is the only way for life to exist, what if there was another type of life form in another planet that didn't run on DNA, would we consider it to be living?
  9. okay, never mind, i guess my new definition for life is the ability to replicate, but my question still stands, because if we are able to create a robot with the ability to create other robots and the ability to better itself, then would it be considered alive.
  10. leugi

    the government

    well, how about this, this new government that i am talking about consist of the board, which might be a couple of people that are extremely smart and make all the decisions, but they do not come up with the solutions themselves they have to be assisted by another part of the government, which consist of experts for all kinds of subjects, and this experts are actually the ones that come up with the solutions for the problems.
  11. i did not mean having a brain, what i meant is that being alive has to derive from movements that are not made by physics, for example, rocks are not alive because physics is able to predict its movements, but intellectual movements are made by being some sort of organism, having DNA, whatever you want to call it and physics cannot predict them.
  12. I was thinking that what we consider to be alive has to have intellectual movements, and that we humans are at the top of this pyramid, but if by this definition of being alive wouldn't an intellectual robot be consider alive as well and if we are able to make a robot smart enough to replicate then wouldn't they be considered a species? if this is true then wouldn't sending robots out into space to repopulate another world be considered as the only way for intellectual species of this world to survive after the sun destroys everything?
  13. leugi

    the government

    "What WOULD help, IMO, is to better educate the public on critical thinking, and to try to move away from this distrust of science and intellectualism we're seeing propagated so broadly lately. Too many people think that their uninformed opinion is equivalent to a conclusion drawn from evidence, and that's just ludicrous and really not good for us as a society. " i used to think that way as well, but i believe now that some people are just reluctant to learning, and even with all the evidence in the world they prefer to believe in their fantasies. "In my opinion, it's not how bright the politicians are, it's how corrupt the system lets them be. The government is a tool, and it needs to be shaped properly so it does its job well no matter who wields it." but then you can argue that a gun is a tool as well but the person that is wielding it is responsible for using it well, therefore a tool that is given to a human to handle is always subject to error, and the accuracy of this tool can be increased by the person wielding it.
  14. leugi

    the government

    The Government of any given country is there to establish law, but lets face it, a lot of the people in the government are not very bright, so if we were to replace the government by a board of scientists that decided laws in a totally un-bias way, do you think that that would be better and improve our quality of life?
  15. leugi


    but normal people should not be taking any sort of vitamins pills or medicines, nor going to the hospitals for checkups every few months, the hospitals should be for people with pathological diseases not for healthy people, therefore it sometimes makes me sad that going to the hospital has become such a normal thing for people now day, and even though i don't want to ever visit a hospital i know that i probably will some day, so sometimes i think do we really need medicine or does medicine need us.
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