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  1. Thanks, great insight, this explains a lot I wonder if you get overcompensation of adenosine when it is no longer being suppressed? I think I may actually get a big boost of adenosine from coffee and then a lack of it later, sometimes with an elevated level again the next day. The opposite of what should happen.
  2. I've seen this in (computer) gaming. Large companies buy more and more of there smaller competition, consolidating into one. Until one huge and several "small" organisations remain, with few employees, and very strong ideologies, which is why they never sold out, making more profit than the large companies because the large companies are so broken and attract no talent, only now being able to exploit and disgust customers again and again. I don't see this as being sustainable and at some point the large organisations operating like this will collapse, theres no such thing as "too b
  3. Coffee, for being awake, focused and alert. I find it a relaxing and creative experience, but I'm subjective, one data point does not a sample make. Research on Google Image for coffee adds exposed some rather odd results, here are the first 10. Stay awake longer. Tastes good. Sex. Variety and Creativity. Wake up. - Original and Traditional. Prevent your husband from beating you. - However coffee commercials I've seen often sell coffee as being a relaxing, social experience. On the motivation when at work front, I imagine if it was acceptable to have a bear instead at work in the morning,
  4. I hope this doesn't immediately look like spam or advertising, if so I apologise, but nevertheless must publish these thoughts before they become yet again inaccessible. The Island is a highly textural musical piece by the band Pendulum, that I think holds insight beyond the following few easily apart facts, particularly by the time it progresses, a considerable way into the piece: It's a popular piece and therefore will have fans, who like it by accident of finding it appealing. There may be an association (that I do not have) with positive experiences when hearing this piece in club
  5. lol No cracks in the walls issues with the Tri design, however you have caused me think of another potential issue, sea sickness. Can an ifell tower like design really be as tall or cheap as the masts approach? I'm not sure as the ifell tower was built years ago. This is the tallest I can find, it is however really solid looking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Ta Compaire to this, and other only slightly shorter ones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Radio_Mast The thing I don't know that really would matter is carrying capacity of the three together, for floors,
  6. It would be very tall for a very minimal price, this must more than make up for loosing some space for wind. I imagine the insides of the masts themselves could be used, for example one for a lift, one for stairs and one for pipes and wires. Other disadvantages, worthwhile given the advantages may then include it being more difficult to heat or cool and weight restrictions for each story. A good location could alleviate both of these potential problems. There is still tension in opposite (3 total) directions on each mast, I'm having difficulty imagining the bending. Even if it's th
  7. Could three buildings of this type be constructed to form a triangle, where the inner support wires connect between the towers instead of to the ground? http://www.thebigtower.com/live/SandyHeath/Index.htm Floors could then be inserted and thick fabric sheets be wrapped around the structure. To deal with wind the structure could be fragmented, such that only every other floor was used, the wind blowing though the thiner empty stories.
  8. It's a language but must be used with it's IDE or another suitable one, Notepad can't be used. Intelisence in Visual Studio only shows members and the such. Ideas like "extends" in C# go a bit further. However to do sufficiently would require a re-thinking of how programatic elements like objects work. I've never seen an intelisence like system where parameters can be specifed and the system can show you the most appropriate function to take those parameters.
  9. I don't know those systems and would love to know more. I know in order of proficiency best to worst, not order of preference C# (including with XNA), C++, C, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, QBasic and Pascal. I also understand some of the principles behind functional programming like lazy evaluation. It's not just a collection of libraries, it abstracts away the idea of libraries, like a C++ program starting with hundreds of #include lines, one for every library the system knows about. This means that when you run a program it will probably have to download or use directly operations
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gycrYIa2C_iX5YHfDB6NyqxPXKhpQdb1OA77FjSbrvE/edit I've created a design for a programming language, it's in a commentable google doc. Feedback is very welcome.
  11. Whats more being able to code isn't the same as having a high proficency or motivation with confidence, in all the areas required to create the thing you want, or to be able to handle the buisness end. I too would love to know the answer.
  12. Your example code: Car (Name -> "Car", Use -> "Ordinary", ScapeType -> "GroundScape"); Reminds me of C# where functions such as constructors can be used as so. Car("Car", "Ordinary", "GroundScape"); Or like this. Car (Name: "Car", Use: "Ordinary", ScapeType: "GroundScape"); I have this too: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gycrYIa2C_iX5YHfDB6NyqxPXKhpQdb1OA77FjSbrvE/edit All going a off topic though.
  13. My idea is that a raster image file format could be created where the data for the image was interpreted as instructions in an algorythm language. That way people could encode however they liked, PNG, JPEG or some other means that hasn't been designed yet, regardless of if the recipient's computer has previously known about the algorithm or not. Directed search could also be used such as Genetic Algorithm (genetic programming), A* (it's a search too) or a varient of Monty Carlo Tree Search for this task to create the perfect algorythm for the image being compressed.
  14. There unlikely to invite you to there BBQ a 2nd time if they dislike your politics that much.
  15. Possibly it was not the right time or state of mind to post coherently. Thank you everyone for your replies, this really is a good place for politics. I generally like the EFF, but you'r correct. I can imagine there and other similar left wing orginisations views reguarding privicy. Information gives everyone more power if it is open, it only gives the goverment, or at least law enforcement in situations where they can access a companies private data more power if the data is private. A company can only make profit selling your information in a drought of information, misinform
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