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  1. or #include <stdio.h> main() { :1 printf("\a"); goto 1; return 0; }
  2. That is _the stupidest_ thing I have ever seen. I feel really bad for that guy. And that girls mom or whoever charged him with that is a douche.
  3. Oh, sorry. I thought you were asking something different. I am not that great with C++. C is my forte. But yeah, the speaker is more of a way to know whats going wrong in the computer. And you know the "/a" causes it to sound in C and I am sure C++ too right?
  4. Is that during compilation? or when you execute it? and all computers have an internal mic. The frequency of teh beep tells you what is wrong or why it is beeping.
  5. radiohead

    My Idea

    I really don't think they have to charge the dust now that I think about it. Dust is many, many types of particles, all of which have different charges I am sure. The feather dusters just create static and attract the dust particles that do have charges. Since dust is really a big clump of matter, there could be charged and non-charged particles in this clump. The charged particles are attracted and the non charged particles that are in the clump just follow, sorta. I hope that helps. EDIT: And since the dust is obviously already on teh screen, I assume they already have a charge, or they wouldn't stay would they?
  6. radiohead

    My Idea

    I think what happens is that as they (the dusters) rub up against the surface that the dust is on, it creates static electricity. Also the seperate "hairs" on the feather will rub together create some static I am sure.
  7. Heres the Wiki of the Homo Floresiensis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_floresiensis You know, I wouldn't doubt that could could be a possibility. But, a more probable possibilty is that of simple evolution. Many groups of hominids were created from one group. Let's say we have a girl who has a dominant tall gene and recessive short gene who mates with a guy with a dominant short gene. Their kid would most likelt be short and carry a dominant short gene. That kid mate with another with a recessive or dominant short gene, and it goes on and on until a "new" hominid is created.
  8. radiohead

    My Idea

    Oh, lol. Sounds liek a good idea then if you can charge the dust.
  9. radiohead

    My Idea

    I have heard those are _not_ good becuase they create ozone. I don't know how true that is as I can't remember where I heard it, but to each his own I guess. Pat Says: If you place a charged mat on a T.V. you run teh risk of ruining that T.V. Electricity causes magnetic fields which cause the magnets in the T.V. to act weird, just like putting a magnet on a monitor. It won't happen at once, it will take a while and you prolly won't notice it for a couple of weeks, or even months depending on the strength of the charge. But if you have a entertainment center that the T.V. is in and you place the mat on teh entertainment center, the T.V. should be fine. BTW, this is from experience. If you put something underneath the mat that could lessen the amount of field that is being generated from hitting your T.V., you should be fine.
  10. I think I may have what you are talking about. I have these "floaters" and when I am bored in class, I like to watch them. But, these flashes that I have aren't really flashes. Mine are literally billions of specks of light. I can stare at any color of wall or anything and see these. If I shake my head to get my hair out of my eyes, they specks become more vibrant. If I close my eyes, I can see the specks as clear as day. I can even make "pictures" with them. It's kind of hard to explain. If you have this too, maybe you can elaborate more on it. EDIT: Also, if I stare at something for an extended period of time, I start to lose my vision. It starts to go black from the corners in. If anyone can explain these, I would love to hear why this happens. An extended period of time is about 1-2 minutes, usually sooner though.
  11. radiohead

    ice bomb?

    Not necessarily. I know this isn't the effect he wanted, but dry ice and 7-Up create alot of very cold gases that could give you frost bite. If you enclose those gases in a 7-Up bottle, it will explode and the cold gases will be released, though...I doubt that is what he wanted because the radius would be quite small to freeze things.
  12. Oh, sorry. I thought you were saying something else. My bad.
  13. I try my hardest not to take any drugs of any kind, be it OTC or prescription. My mom takes anti-depressants and she is perfectly happy (I think) but all she does is lay in her bed when she gets home from work. I can understand this as she is an elementary school teacher, but I am sure if she wasn't taking the drugs, she would be up and around more. She has been taking the drug since her early teens.
  14. radiohead

    ice bomb?

    It is very possible. Have you googled yet? I am sure anything you ask can be found on google. I am not sure, but there might be something in The Anarchist CookBook (I hope I don't get in trouble for that).
  15. Mostly for a learning experience. I do like Ubuntu. I think it is one of the better and easier to understand Linux distros. But, I feel that there are probably other distros out there that have more to offer. Ubuntu is great for a fast and easy switch from Windows to Linux, but it is only a small percantage of what other distros have to offer, speed and flexibility wise.
  16. Yeah, I do not like XP at all. It looks as if it was built for five year olds. 2000 is teh only Windows I do like. I was also putting Gentoo into consideration. I really don't have the 8 hours to install it though. I might give it a try though. I have also heard many good things about FreeBSD. I might be putting that on my 5-gig hard drive for personal use. I keep that one with me wherever I go as it has alot of data on it I like to keep with me.
  17. This is all very true, except a couple things. Without our intelligence, you're right, we would have no actual concept of time, but before we had the intelligence we do now, like the Aztecs, the sun was their "clock". Same with the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, etc. So, your change part of it is correct. But, if I could add on to it. Maybe, it is just the "conscious" mind that can differentiate between time intervals. When you sleep, you lose track of time. I know that i have slept all day on accident and thought I was only asleep for a few hours. Basically, what I think is there is no such thing as time per se. We have created a system of intervals that creates our days, weeks, months and years because the sun isn't very reliable between the way it rises and falls around the world and how days shorten and elongate as the year goes by. The basic gist of your theory is correct, I would just look into it some more and fine tune it.
  18. radiohead

    ice bomb?

    Yeah, its possible. What kind of effect do you want? Do you want something like Liquid Nitrogen to cause the freezing or the coolness of the air?
  19. How tight was the wrist brace? I have worn knee braces a couple times because my knees are bad and after a game of basketball or football, my calf does go numb and I am assuming it's because of the brace not letting sufficient blood to my calf.
  20. Hey guys, I am planning on moving away from Ubuntu pretty soon. I am leaning towards Yoper as it boasts it was made specifically for i686's and that can't hurt . But, if the timing is right and I don't switch until about the time Longhorn comes out, I might go out, buy it, and test it out. I don't play alot of games, though I do go to a LAN about every 1-2 weeks to have some fun, but that's about it. I would like some input from you guys on what operating system has been best for you. I do alot of programming in C and I host my own site on my comp. That's about all I do. I would prefer to stay with Linux, but if you have another suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  21. I prefer AMD because with Intel, you are just buying the name which is why it is so expensive. IMO, they are both performing at the same rate and the graphics are the same, etc...
  22. Get Firefox. It won't do that and it is much safer and more reliable than IE
  23. Yeah, I know how you feel. I am a sophomore and I hate school with a passion. I find alot of things there are completely useless *coughenglishcough*. Thats why I came here.
  24. radiohead

    Pop ups

    What kind of pop-ups are they? Like colored ones with gif's and everything, or do they llok like a net send prompt? If it is net send, then it is probably a trojan. Ms Messenger does send pop-ups, but more than likely it is a trojan. It is connecting you to a server that is sending you those pop-ups.
  25. Gentoo kicks arse. But, I really don't have time to install for 8 hours...
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