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  1. - Joan d'Arc, Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form
  2. I'm not a psychologist or spiritual expert but I think de javu dreams are a result of the brains temporary shut down. When the brain shuts down and reactivates again we have a sence of slight uphoria and refreshment, which may ultimately make the affiliated person feel they have experienced the current envirment previously. Kind of like turning on your computer and turning it off again. Whenever I have a de javu its always when I am relaxed and spaced out so I came to this conclusion
  3. Partly because its just out there but still not within reach. Its a kind of tease, for lack of a better word.
  4. Its just a law of nature, the ones with the better immune system lives, not because you went to the hospital. People are passing away every second as we speak and some from petty ailments like cold, flu, bacterial infections, and malaria. Doctors are just there to guide you through the ordeal, whether life or the other way around. Stupid P.S My neigbour is a medical doctor
  5. You call this horse dung a rebuttal? LOL what about all the family menbers of mine that I mentioned, and the amount of people passing over every minute as we speak. Oh so You are alive so doctors are automaticlaly fully capable all of sudden? What if you were in the otherside of this equation. What a stupid deduction, you should be severely wipped for such LOL
  6. I swear to God if there is one that you are not more than 15 yrs old.
  7. This is getting too funny, I have clarified the opinion like what!...a gazillitron times over now. Looks its 24 hrs since I made this post and I am yet to be excited in any way, I still win. The gabage opinion you label you cannot attack
  8. You are the one refusing to discuss. I will discuss if you give at least one rebuttal, I have given numerous, but no all I ever hear from you is opinion this opinion that. If I am being short sighted why don't you convince me otehrwise, So far you have given me no reason to discuss and further escalading issues
  9. Besides the few med professionals we have, even if we had 10,000 in the world, can do researches and prescribe mass produced powerful and effective antidotes. But wait...thats if they even get the correct diagnosis.LOL
  10. Its my opinion, lets leave it at that
  11. First of all this is becoming childish, I have boldly stated the "in my opinion" at the base of the post so why all the ranting, this is hardly the way to convince me otherwise. You want facts? More people die of diseases and ailments, basically medical failures than many other professions put together, there's a fact. Q.E.D
  12. Okay I may have been too agressive and lacking proper insight, I was just trying to draw arguments. The topic is now mundane
  13. Agreed, but if they did their job well enough we wouldn't have to be admitted to hospitals in the first place. As the saying goes "what do doctors know". To be fair, nature on a meta plane is evolving.
  14. But aside all this accusations, aside all the battering and blabing, you still can't defend your own opinion.
  15. LOL this is getting too funny. I am choking
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