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  1. I apologize if I wasn't clear on my definition. You see, a theory is indeed an idea that is widely accepted by scientists. It also requires experiments and further testing. Perhaps we have learned the definitions to scientific terms from different sources. If you believe that I have made an error, please state your definition. I have only been a user of this forum for a few days. I have not yet had the chance to learn the characteristics of other users. However, I hope your judgment is not because of the scientific error in his idea about light and black holes. You see, every great scientist in the world has made mistakes in their lives. From all of my research, I have not been able to find a way that could permit time travel to the future. Time seems to be always moving forward, but the past can be remembered. However, there does not appear to be a way to move into the future using less time. That does not mean it is impossible. Perhaps another scientists can come up with an idea that I have not.
  2. Why yes, that does sound like a reasonable idea. Although I must admit that my research isn't what you might expect from a scientist. You see, most of my research was for my own notes. I use it to help me develop my ideas. If I did publish my work, most people probably wouldn't understand what I am talking about. Many people would probably think it is quite sloppy. I feel that I should write my main ideas on these forums. The ideas that I have collected as a result from my research. These ideas are what I want people to know about.
  3. I have pages and pages of mathematical equations, diagrams, and other research that has accumulated in my 50 years of time research. This does not include all of my research before I became interested in the specific category of time. Unfortunately, all of my research is hand-written on paper. I have not spent very much of my time on the computer, although I realize it might be the best way to share my ideas. I am 78 years old, and my days working in scientific research centers are long over. I need to find some other way to share my ideas with fellow scientists before it is too late. This idea is the one that I have spent the most time thinking about. I believe that I have performed all of the research that I can. I summarized my idea, and posted it on these Science Forums. I hope that you all can continue my research, and make my dream of time travel come true someday.
  4. I would like to express my appreciation to all of you fellow scientists that have shared your opinions. I have been studying time for approximately 50 years, and I am still unable to test my own ideas. I'm sure that I will be deceased before technology allows us to exceed the speed of light. I'm sure that the majority of the users here are youthful compared to me. It may be possible that some of you can invent the technology to make my dreams come true. To help you accomplish this, I will try my best to answer some of your posts. My research has determined that space and time are unified. I believe that exceeding the speed of light will indeed reverse the flow of time. You have the mind of a great scientist. You always need to have interest in your category of research. You clearly have that. I believe that you will accomplish great things in your life. You are correct. A new type of technology is required to accomplish this.
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    Time Travel

    Dear Fellow Science Researchers, After much thought and research I have come up with an idea that might lead to the invention of time travel. Allow me to begin by explaining how I believe your speed relative to the speed of light changes the way you move through time. I believe that anything that is moving slower than the speed of light is moving forward through time. Anything that is moving at the speed of light is completely frozen in time. Anything moving faster than the speed of light is moving backwards in time. I do not know how anyone will develop a way to move faster than light. That is not my specific category of research. I hope another scientist will solve that problem someday. Anyway, I suppose an easy way to demonstrate what I am saying is thinking about light itself. Imagine that you are in a space craft that is capable of moving faster than light. The space craft has an extremely powerful telescope. You are facing towards Earth, and the space craft is moving backwards. Therefore, the distance between yourself and Earth is increasing. The space craft is currently moving slower than the speed of light. The Earth is spinning counter-clockwise, and you can see time is moving forward. Now, you increase the space craft's speed to match the speed of light. You will be traveling at the same speed as the light you see from Earth. Therefore, the Earth will appear to be perfectly still. Time on Earth would have appeared to have stopped. Now, continue to increase your speed until you are moving faster than the speed of light. I predict that the Earth will appear to start spinning in the opposite direction. When looking at Earth, you will see time begin to reverse. People will be walking backwards, and you will even see dead people living their lives again. My biggest challenge is finding a way to use this for real matter, and not just light. As a result, you can travel backwards in time, and go back to Earth in an earlier time. To do this, I would need to find a way to make the space craft return to Earth without going forwards again. I need to find a shortcut through space itself. If wormholes were real, that could be a possible solution.
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